Wednesday, April 25, 2012

These (Sweet) Feet Were Made For Walking (And Some Other Things)

Ella and I are getting ready to fly to the other end of the country - my stomach turns in knots a little when I say that.

I am so excited though, it will be great for the two of us. I love to go, but I loooove to come back to all my babies :). You feel that way too, yes??

Lincoln started walking the week of his birthday, which is actually the earliest of all the kiddos. He's not walking all the time, he's still in that "looks like he's had one too many" phase, and it is so cute. Here is this little video for my mommy memory and for your viewing pleasure...

I'm just glad that he'll eat less off the floor now. Mercy, its like a buffet under our kitchen table for that child.

I should mop more. If I had time. Or the desire.

He's been a (sweet) stinker lately when it comes to sleeping. He thinks that we should all rise at 5am or maybe even just a few minutes before. His clock is stuck my friends, and we must come together and do something about it. He wakes up bright eyed and ready to roll, though. I on the other hand tend to roar and breath fire before 5am.

Not really. But I feel like I could.

Did I mention we are having a Glamour Birthday party this Sunday for Reese and Charlotte?? Oh yes, the weekend is packed full :). They are almost 6, can't believe it!!

So anyway. I'm off to pack a bit more (yes, I am an over packer). I will be updating Twitter and Facebook with some of our adventures. Pray for a smooth flight and a fun filled trip with my girl, ok? I would SO appreciate it :).

Till later!


Jenn said...

Is it sad I read that and thought "yay! I'm not the only one whose son eats off the floor!". Mine CRIES when I sweep. I wants it to be around for a snack later. Oh my..

Marinewife1111 {Marcella} said...

Have a blast, say hi to all my relatives for me!! :)

Thoughts for the day said...

Have a wonderful time here in Portland, hopefully the weather will show some sun for you. It has been rainy and cool. The weekend was in the 80's.

wonderchris said...

Safe travels!! And I don't think you can over-pack for Portland...the weather is always up in the air (pun intended). ;)

Hoodies are a must!

Ruth said...

Mop? What's that?

You're a better mom than I, because I DO roar and breathe fire before 5:00am!

Jeni said...

Wow - - R and C are turning 6! I can't believe it.

Have a great time with Ella!!