Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Please tell me she's not going to hop on that tricycle and ride away...

Alright, she's only 16months old, I guess that won't happen for awhile :). But seriously, she looks so big standing there!


Time, please slow down a little, ok?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jillian, We're In A Fight.

The alarm goes off this morning at 6:30am, I roll over, and it hits me.

Like a ton of bricks.

I did Jillian's new workout video yesterday. Let me just tell you what went through my head as I woke up...

Can't move legs! Muscles hurting!
Muscles in places muscles shouldn't be are hurting!
Pain! MUCH pain in the thighs!
Thighs actually feel on fire!
Fire in muscles in thighs!
Abs not working!
Can't sit up, Ab's rejecting movement!
Inferno feeling in all muscle areas!


Don't worry, I'm ok. But could we jump a little less during the next workout? I mean, I will jump, but this whole knee to chest thing 1000 times in a row? Well, it's just downright painful.

Effective, I'm sure. But Painful.

I am hoping to be able to lift my legs high enough to get in the car so we can go to Target.

Be afraid of Jillian, my friends. Be very afraid.

UPDATE: I do have the Shred and love it (in a love/hate kind of way)! This new one I got is the "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism." Both are great!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Little Mohawk

Sometimes when you take the rubber band out, your hair just doesn't want to lay down...

and you might end up with a rockin', but sweet little Mohawk...

you know, it happens...
Oh I could just squeeze her :)!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mama Likes Wontons

I do, I love them. Who doesn't??

I looked around for recipes in hopes of finding a way to make them, that would be a little healthier, and I ended up finding one that I just had to share tonight.

Healthy? Not completely. Delicious? Absolutely.

1. I put some Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the pan.

2 I pulled out my Wonton Wraps that I picked up at our local grocery in the Natural Foods Section.

3. And I grabbed the Nutella and cream cheese.

Nutella. Is amazing.

4. I layed the wraps out and dropped a small amount of filling on each. I actually made some cream cheese & spinach ones - they were yummy.

5. I layed them in the pan and let them cook for about 20 seconds (I flipped them), until they were crispy.

6. The Dessert Nutella Wontons got some extra attention. After I cooked them, I rolled them in Cinnamon & Sugar.

I know. Alot of sweetness in one item. They were amazing.

They were fun to make, and the girls loved them!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Beautiful Couple, Target & Popcorn.

I was just walking down memory lane, and laughing at some old times. So I thought I'd do a re-post today, you know, just for fun. This is from over a year ago, when I had just started venturing out with all the kiddos. Oh, the memories :).

A Beautiful Couple, Target & Popcorn.

Well, it all started when the alarm didn't go off this morning.

Or did I hit snooze? Either way, we're late.

Oh preschool, are we ever on time? Are we ever completely prepared? Sometimes we are, most times we're not...or I'm not...or, whatever. I ended up getting Ella to the door and realized we were missing a game that she had brought home that was ready to be passed on to the next kiddo. So the 4 younger girls and I are on our way back home to pick up the game that I shamefully forgot.

Because that's the most convenient thing for me to do.....It's not like I have 2 babies to feed.....and two 2 yr olds that are now crying because they thought we were going straight to a playground.....It's exactly what I had planned.....and that next kid is going to need counseling if he doesn't get this game to take home today. Ahhhhhhh!

Alright, enough complaining.

We get home, get the game, and return it. Preschool is back in order. And where do we go?? Obviously, Target.

I get them all out in the rain, and hauled them into the store. Just when I thought I had completely lost my mind for taking all 4 of them in, I saw it...the reason I had gone there in the first place...Starbucks. I started doing my "happy dance" for the girls. They thought it was hilarious. The employees on the other hand? I think they thought I had lost my mind for good.

Thats ok though, I am for some reason, completely fine with the "she has gone a little crazy" label. I will wear it like a crown.

I buy the largest Latte they will sell me. Why doesn't it come in "super size" or "mega size"? I decide to appease the girls with some popcorn - at 10am. Nothing like a bag full of "Blast 'O Butter" popcorn this early in the morning. I head to the back of the store to rummage through the 75% off Valentines Day stuff...I love 75% off sales. I will run, tackle, and fight for a good 75% off sale. There are deals to be had my friends, and I am a woman on a mission.

And did you think we were going to get out of the store without spilling a whole bag of popcorn all over the floor?? Clean up in the infant clothing section, please. Tell me, what does a mom that has 4 children 2 and under with her in Target do with the popcorn on the floor? I can't walk away, there is a fellow shopper standing right there watching the whole show. I can't pretend that it didn't happen.

You know what I did? I picked it up, and looked for a trash can...but no such luck.

So I ate it.

Right off the floor.

And that concluded my preschool morning. I figured eating popcorn off the floor was a good sign that I had reached my limit and it was time to check out and go home. So with one baby screaming, I paid for my items, and loaded the bags on the stroller.

The check out lady actually said to the customer in front of me, "this lady has 2 sets of twins, and another one in preschool!" The Target employees know me now. "It looks overwhelming, but she has it under control."

Oh if you only knew lady, if you only knew.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can I Get A Little...

Pribacy? Oohh, I get it - the older girls want some Privacy...

Oh, my little loves. You think you're going to get Privacy? In this house? Not a chance ;)!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Do you ever have "one of those weeks???"

The past couple weeks for us has been a little hectic.

I'm overwhelmed, maxed out, and I just don't feel like myself.

Our marriage has seen better weeks,

The house is far from move in condition,

And the girls aren't listening.


Do you ever feel frustrated with yourself?

I need to be a better mother,

A better wife,

And a better example.


I feel like my brain is in overload,

I'm saying things I don't mean,

And my mind is just plain blurry...


I feel like we're in some kind of fog,

Life feels crazy,

And I want a break.

I need to relax,

I need to take a deep breath,

And I need to get a grip!


It's just one of those days,

One of those seasons,

And tomorrow is a new start.

Ahhh, deep breath in, long exhale out...

Alright, sorry for all the complaining. Just wanted to be honest. It actually feels good to just get it all out!

Thanks for listening...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hoodie Use #158

Just because you can't carry an Easter basket and walk at the same time, doesn't mean you can't Easter Egg Hunt with the best of 'em.

Kinley represents Hoodie Use Number 158...

I know, she's resourceful...

That's my girl.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wrinkled Feet

I think I found the first picture I will hang in the girls new bathroom...

Sigh, just look at those little "after-bath-wrinkled-feet." Love them. I am going to hang it right next to their little bath towels. I can't wait.

Oh I have been waiting almost 5 months to move, and decorate, and just be a normal family again...

Well, I guess we're never going to be a normal family :). But it will be amazing to just get back to our regular life.

I need patience. And a team of renovators to help my husband get this house back in shape.

Or I might just need a girls night out.

Anyway, no more rambling, I've been doing too much of that lately. I am off to the store and then to a movie & dinner with one of my favorite ladies. It's much needed.

Tomorrow we are cooking all day - Mexican food - it's going to be yummy. I hope.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We Have It

Spring Fever. I think everyone has it!

I'm finding myself wanting to use the saying, "Get out there and get the stink blown off ya!" Ever heard that? It's from one of my favorite movies...any one recognize it?? It's such fitting quote for kids who have been cooped up in the house all winter.

The weather today was absolutely beautiful. I know it will get cold again before Spring really arrives, but it's nice to just pretend it's here to stay :).

I was totally in the spirit today. Flip flops, windows down, picnic, and a trip to the park...

The girls played their little hearts out.

Isn't it so great when they can get outside and run off some of that energy???

They were so worn out, they could barely keep their eyes open on the way home.

I think little Kinley was asleep before I even turned the light out...

Sigh. The way she lays her sweet little head on "Monkey" is just the cutest thing I've seen in a while.

Not that I'm partial.

Alright, maybe I'm a little partial :).

Anyone else really ready for warmer weather??

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Which I Get On A Soapbox

Can I just say something? Is there any way the fashion industry could make the swimsuits any smaller? Is there another shape besides a triangle that would cover less?


Every time I pass the new swimsuit section, I feel pressure. I hate it, but I do. It’s like every time the summer clothes come out, I all the sudden feel the need to come out of my winter hibernation, and run for the gym.

But I can’t bring myself to get up at 5am and head for the treadmill. Maybe I have no discipline, but you know what I do have? 2 extra hours of sleep. And every minute counts. Right, moms?

You know what other time I could head for the gym? After the kids are in bed, around 8:30ish. Not happening. I am so tired at that point. I even refuse to do laundry after 8pm, so chances are, I’m not workout bound either.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be in amazing shape, and I would love to have the time or opportunity to hit the gym every day. But at this stage in my life, spare time is almost non-existent. I do some Jillian videos now and then, but that’s about it.

I’m so over the medias pressure on women (not to mention my young, impressionable girls). I’m telling you, friends, I’m this close to flipping the magazines over at the checkout lane. If I see one more cover story about another celebrity mom, and how she lost all her baby weight just 2 days after delivery, I’m going to scream. Please stop shoving Hollywood in my face when I’m checking out, and grabbing some Starburst off the shelf. And maybe a Twix.

Here in the real world, c-sections don’t come with tummy tucks. I’m just sayin’.

I think those magazines fall into the same (trash) category as the saying, “I guess she just let herself go after she had the kids.” Wow. Maybe she didn’t “let herself go”, maybe now she just doesn’t have the time to work out like she used to. Maybe she’s not top priority anymore. Maybe, just maybe, she has taken 2nd place to her little loves. It’s a beautiful, selfless thing.

So I am going to go ease up on myself. Do I want to be in better shape? Sure. But am I going to beat myself up if it doesn’t happen overnight? Nope. I want to try my hardest to set a good, healthy example for my girls. It's not easy - that's a whole other post.

I love what Deborah Newman said in the book, Loving You Body; Embracing Your True Beauty In Christ,

“I think God would like to ask you to stand before the mirror with Him by your side. I know He would show you the beauty that is there, the beauty you overlook. He wants to acknowledge the parts of you that go unappreciated by the culture you live in. He would show you that indeed you are beautiful.”

Love that book.

Alright, I’ll stop my ramblings.

For now :).

Monday, March 15, 2010

Things I Love Right Now

1. My blue flip flops

2. OPI's "Light My Sapphire" nail this color.

3. This place. Always. A bowl, no rice, black beans, chicken, extra mild, corn, light cheese, lettuce, and guac on the side. Just in case you were wondering.

Random, but speaking of Chipotle, have you all seen Food, Inc.? That link will take you to the trailer. It is a great documentary on today's foods, supermarkets, farmers, etc. I will admit, it scared me a little, and I had trouble eating for few days. I got over it. But the info is fabulous.

4. Anyway. This Spinach & Artichoke Hummus? Amazing.

5. Fresh flowers.

6. These little toes soaking up the warm weather we've been having. C'mon Spring!

7. The new hoodie I bought yesterday. Yes, I wear a lot of Hoodies. And that's putting it mildly.

8. The way that my 2 3yr olds have started this new thing. It's called "don't listen to anything she says...and when she tells you what to do, laugh at her."

Alright maybe I don't love that last one.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh Crazy Day

It has been a busy few days...

Eric leaves tomorrow for a week for work - so I have been trying to get all the grocery shopping done, and the laundry under control.

I know. I will never get the laundry under always wins!

My "attached" little lady has been a little under the weather...

which also means, she is a little more needy - which can be sweet at times, but also hard at times :).

Hopefully she is on the mend...

and hopefully I will be back to our normal routine very soon!!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

She's With Me

That's just the way it is right now...

This wide eyed love will not let me put her down...

In fact, I'm carrying her as I type this.

Call it attachment, call it crazy. But when I put her down, she does this...

It breaks my heart. She is more attached than any of the other girls ever were...

She is the definition of a "mama's girl."

I know I can't hold her all the time - I do have 4 other children running through the house. I will wean her off the carrier little by some point, not yet.

For now, she's with me.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Just Wanna Say To All Bystanders...

That I will never roll my eye's at a young mom in the check out lane.


Shopping is never an easy thing with kids. And when I say shopping, I mean throwing things in the cart/stroller at random while trying to tame my many small children. With multiples, and in our case multiple multiples, my #1 goal in any store, is to just survive. I've got 1 hanging on the end of the stroller, 1 crying, 1 sleeping, and 2 fighting over a coloring book that we're not even buying. I'm checking my list, and I'm begging them to behave. After all, we are in public.

As I'm scanning down my list, I'm asking myself, "what can we do without…what items are not worth another multiple meltdown?" I know, you've been there right? Pleeaase tell me you've been there.

I announce that we are leaving, and to my surprise, they are equally as upset about leaving as they are about being there in the first place. Strange, aren't they? Very cute, but very hard to please at times. I guess the popcorn euphoria had worn off, and I have no more tricks up my sleeve. It's time to make an exit, fast. The shopping trip is over, no matter what we are leaving without. We are check-out bound.

Why do I have to deal with the woman behind me huffing and puffing because my kids are pulling candy off the shelves, and asking for just "one more fing!"

I tell you, mothers - I refuse to huff and puff when my kids are grown.

I want to say to her, "remember when you were (kinda) in my shoes, and apologizing for everything your kids were doing?"

You don't? Well I will.

I will offer a hand, instead of an annoying glare. I will never say, "are they all yours!?"
I will never ask if you had fertility treatment. Your ovulation is your business. Sheesh.
"You know how to stop that, right!?", will never come out of my mouth!

These kiddos are a blessing. That they are God's Grace in my life. An actual picture of His love. Thankyouverymuch.

I will look back and be thankful that I squeezed my little ladies every chance I got. I will be thankful that I didn't let bystanders useless comments get to me.

I'm over you, bystanders!

I'm over the fact that you think these little angels are an inconvenience. I'm not going to worry about one of my Little's asking how old you are, or why you have sandals on when there is snow on the ground. They're kids...they are curious!

I'll never come by a set of multiples and ask 100 questions while I ignore the singleton standing there. Do you not see this eager, sweet, little 5yr old standing here? I will make a big deal about the "singleton." After all, they are our helpers...she, is often my sanity.

So don't worry. If I see you in the store and your kids are opening every door in the freezer section...I will smile.

And maybe laugh.

I will always remember these sweet, crazy days - here in the trenches of motherhood.

Monday, March 8, 2010

What We Cooked This Weekend

I have found a couple new favorite recipes. Seriously, yum.

I was looking for lunches that I can make on school days, which is when lunch time is usually stressful. We don't get home till around noon-ish, and everyone is always hungry - so I need something, fast. I want them to have good lunches, that are good for them. It has just gotten way to easy to throw nuggets in the oven when meal time turns stressful. Nothing like processed chicken. Yuck.

So first up, Homemade Hot Pockets.

Hot Pockets are a great concept. However, the ingredients...questionable. So here is a great alternative that I have found.

1. First, I rolled out some pizza dough, and cut it into rectangles. I bought mine at TJ's, but you can buy dough at most grocery stores if you just ask the deli. I bought both white and wheat dough. The wheat was really easy to work with, just FYI.

2. I put shredded cheese (any kind works), and some Ham (whatever deli meat you like) on half the dough.

3. Then I folded the dough over, and sealed the edges. Placed them on the (greased) baking sheet and cooked them at 425 degrees for 20-30 minutes.
4. And here we are. I let them cool, put a batch in the fridge, and bagged 2 batches for the freezer.

The girls loved them!

Next is a recipe I have been wanting to cook for awhile, but have been putting it off. It doesn't have the healthiest ingredients (ahem...crisco), but sometimes you have to branch out, right!? And let me tell you, these are a must, my friends. By far, the best "dessert" I've had in a long time.

1/2 C sugar
1/2 C brown sugar
1/2 C shortening
1/2 C creamy peanut butter
1 large egg
1t vanilla
1 1/4 C flour
3/4 t baking soda
1/2 t baking powder
3/4 C strawberry or raspberry jam

1/4 C real butter, melted
2 C powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 T hot water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, bake for 20min or until golden brown. Enjoy!

Let me know if any of you try either really should :)! Anyone else have easy, healthy lunches for kids? I am needing some new ideas.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Week In Pictures

Hope you all had a great week!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Worst Display Ever


I don't want this to come between us.

You know you're my favorite.

But this is an incredibly tempting display. Not to mention a pain in my side every time we stop by.

You must know that in 30 seconds my 3 yr olds can go from normal preschoolers, to destruction master minds. It's a gift.

I don't understand how someone who can't tie their own shoes, can unhinge a metal display. I can't spend anymore time trying to figure that out.

This contraption says 3 things:

1. children, pull ball from cage - scream till one is in cart.
2. the more you pull out, the more fun you will have. Take out as many as you can, and do it while she's not looking.
3. charge parents $5 for something that cost .05 cents to make.

I took my eyes off them for like 5 seconds, I don't even know how one (or two) can pull that many bouncy balls from the display in such a short time.

Now I have to go fetch the ones that rolled all the way back to your automotive section.

Target, get rid of this. Please. For me. For all mom's.

Stop making mothers stand here and explain why they can't buy another one...since they have like 100 at home.

This display is your decision...

Not mine.

Next time, I'm not going pick them all up. You might end up with 50 giant bouncy balls in your electronics department - sometimes, you just have to learn the hard way.

Target, you know I love you, we just need to work through this.



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Because Sometimes List's Are The Best Option

So many random thoughts, so little organization.

1. People, I'm not watching the next season of the Bachelor. They always pick the wrong one. Don't try to talk me into it. I think this tweet said it best, "You'll always have a life friend." I believe that's the official motto of Dumpsville. Population: Tenley.

2. Kinley had a busy day. She played peek-a-boo, grew some more curls, and has started carrying around this Hello Kitty purse. It is, hilarious.

3. I tackled the laundry. I lost.

4. Raya has a new love for books. The way she lays it in my lap, then backs up to sit on my leg melts my heart completely. Ella is filling the Oldest sister role wonderfully, she loves reading to Raya.

5. I may or may not have pulled through a Chick-Fila drive thru twice today. Sometimes your day just calls for 2 visits.

6.Reese and Charlotte were given the privilege of brushing their teeth by themselves tonight before bed. I am still unsure how or why pink princess toothpaste ended up on the toilet seat. Honestly, I didn't ask - I wasn't sure I wanted to know.

7. Marriage takes a lot of work. A lot of prayer. And a ton of humility.

8. I received an incredible book in the mail called One And The Same, by Abigail Pogrebin. (A review will be coming.) I have loved chatting with her - She is super sweet, and a phenomenal writer. If you have multiples, or are just curious about them, you must check out the book. You can also get to know Abigail here!

9. We close in 2 days. 2 days!

10. I am trying to decide whether to go really bright with the girls rooms, or more laid back and pastel. What do you think??

Alright, list getting long, time for sleep...

Monday, March 1, 2010

How Many Do You Have?

How many do you want?

How many is too many? Is there such a thing?

Lately I have sworn up one side and down the other, especially when we are in the fitting room, that I think I'm done having children. For real. I am in love with our crew, and am so thankful for 5 little loves to share this life with. It is incredible, it's rewarding, and it's a privilege.

Oh, not to mention it's totally exhausting. And draining. And humbling.

This is a really stressful season, so maybe this isn't the best time in our life to make any drastic decisions. You know, since we do have a little going on. Even in my most maxed out moments, it is easy for me to think, "maybe we are supposed to have more...supposed to be a large family...maybe it will be hard, but it's our plan, for our family."

And then when I get to spend an afternoon with this little sweetie...

And these little toes...

and this smiling face...

That "done" feeling drifts to the back of my mind, and all the sudden I don't remember things like - being peed on, getting asked questions that should not be asked in the checkout line at the grocery, having no privacy, money being tight, and wondering what car will fit this many carseats. Speaking of things not fitting...oh never mind.

So anyway, I would love to know...

How many kids do you have?
Boys? Girls? Multiples?
How many do you want?
What are your thoughts on big or small families?

Is this to many questions? Sorry :)...