Sunday, June 9, 2013

Baby #7 (And What This Means For Our Foster Journey)

So, I am pregnant! No one was really that surprised, right?? This could not be any sweeter of a surprise than it is. God is so gracious, and we are really excited :).

I am,

almost 10 weeks...

due in January...



then sick some more.

But oh am I thankful.

I have had a pretty rocky first trimester with bad sickness and some spotting episodes - which is always scary. But my levels are fabulous and the ultrasound shows ONE strong little heartbeat!

Such grace!

I am so thankful for your encouraging words and excitement. We are excited for this little one to join our family!

So what does this mean for our foster care situation? Nothing, really.

We are still moving forward with God's calling for our family and with our little C & A. Our plan is the same, to love them and be their voice. We still don't know anything new about the whole relative situation. We are still waiting on the courts and in the same "take it one day at a time" mode.

So basically everything is pretty much the same. Only now I'm growing a sweet little love, and I'm just a tad more sleepy and pukey (Tad = A lot).

So that's that. We are so thankful for this new life. And the kids are SO thrilled! They are split down the middle - half want a little sister, and half want a little brother :).

Friday, June 7, 2013

Guess What??

 Looks like it's time for a new babe :).

Such a tiny picture of grace right there!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

She Is Nine

She is sweet, and smart, and loving. She loves her siblings, is great at being the oldest, and loves to bake with me on rainy days.

And today she is nine.

She is my biggest helper, my sanity on the crazy days, and the breath of fresh air that I need. She is becoming her own person, and is way ahead of her years, and has her own stories to tell.

And today she is nine.

She is growing so fast, and is the one who made me a mother, and in my mind she will always be that same baby that I held on my chest at 6:22am all those years ago.

And today she is nine.

Happy 9th Birthday to my Ella!

Love, love, love you my sweet girl!