Wednesday, June 5, 2013

She Is Nine

She is sweet, and smart, and loving. She loves her siblings, is great at being the oldest, and loves to bake with me on rainy days.

And today she is nine.

She is my biggest helper, my sanity on the crazy days, and the breath of fresh air that I need. She is becoming her own person, and is way ahead of her years, and has her own stories to tell.

And today she is nine.

She is growing so fast, and is the one who made me a mother, and in my mind she will always be that same baby that I held on my chest at 6:22am all those years ago.

And today she is nine.

Happy 9th Birthday to my Ella!

Love, love, love you my sweet girl!


Marisa said...

Looking a lot like her momma! Happy Birthday, Ella!

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