Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Because Sometimes List's Are The Best Option

So many random thoughts, so little organization.

1. People, I'm not watching the next season of the Bachelor. They always pick the wrong one. Don't try to talk me into it. I think this tweet said it best, "You'll always have a life friend." I believe that's the official motto of Dumpsville. Population: Tenley.

2. Kinley had a busy day. She played peek-a-boo, grew some more curls, and has started carrying around this Hello Kitty purse. It is, hilarious.

3. I tackled the laundry. I lost.

4. Raya has a new love for books. The way she lays it in my lap, then backs up to sit on my leg melts my heart completely. Ella is filling the Oldest sister role wonderfully, she loves reading to Raya.

5. I may or may not have pulled through a Chick-Fila drive thru twice today. Sometimes your day just calls for 2 visits.

6.Reese and Charlotte were given the privilege of brushing their teeth by themselves tonight before bed. I am still unsure how or why pink princess toothpaste ended up on the toilet seat. Honestly, I didn't ask - I wasn't sure I wanted to know.

7. Marriage takes a lot of work. A lot of prayer. And a ton of humility.

8. I received an incredible book in the mail called One And The Same, by Abigail Pogrebin. (A review will be coming.) I have loved chatting with her - She is super sweet, and a phenomenal writer. If you have multiples, or are just curious about them, you must check out the book. You can also get to know Abigail here!

9. We close in 2 days. 2 days!

10. I am trying to decide whether to go really bright with the girls rooms, or more laid back and pastel. What do you think??

Alright, list getting long, time for sleep...


Laurel said...

BRIGHT ... and FUN ... they will LOVE it ....

We have a LOT of BRIGHT rooms at our old house ... and I can't wait to decorate a new house ... when we find one.

mama of a dozen

Lenae said...

Bright is definitely fun, but my style is more laidback and pastel :) Maybe let them have a say....? (Which is an absolutely terrifying option to me; what if they picked fluorescent orange?! Maybe give them some choices you pre-selected ;)

Regarding #5- You are not alone. Chick-Fil-A is the remedy for oh so many things.

And can I just say, I love your daughters' names! So classic and pretty.

Tina Michelle said...

Bright for a playroom but laid back and relaxed color for a sleeping room to promote calm and good sleep.

Those pics are adorable! I am so excited you are closing on your house!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Totally hear ya on The Bachelor. I mean, seriously Jake? SERIOUSLY? I honestly thougt better of you.

As for the rooms, I love pastel and laid back but bright can be fun too. I think bright for the older girls, pastel for the younger maybe? I don't know :)

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Well, Nugget's room is pretty bright right now but I was thinking of more subtle next time. I keep seeing these subtle rooms I love. At the same time, if you look at my house the chances of me going subtle is probably next to nil. :)Basically, I have no advice. :)

tabby said...

I couldn't agree more about the bachelor!!! To me it was all about the x appeal for him. I wonder if they will actually marry....
I vote one bright one pastel room

bass family said...

I love your list... mainly because I identify SO MUCH with it! SO here's a list of my own

1) I find it ridiculously ironic that Jake rejected Tenley for the same exact reason Jillian rejected him... "too perfect". Bless his heart, there's NO WAY they'll work out.

2) If I had a Chick-fil-a in town I'd totally go all the time. However, I have found myself going to Sonic more than once a day!

3) All my girls ADORE purses and it seriously cracks me up to see them carrying them.

4) I'm ALWAYS behind on laundry too.

5) I'm more laidback and pastel, but go for bright if you want!

6) Have a fantastic day. Wish we lived closer so we could have a playdate!

Anonymous said...

you have the most absolutely cute kids......and i love the names you have picked!

Joan said...

Your tiny pizza's were a hit! I couldn't make enough!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Such sweet pictures! I love a good list before bed to help clear my mind. (And I'm identifying most with #7, *sigh*)

It was so nice to see you at Blissdom, I hope we can get together sometime soon!

Rana said...

Do their room bright and fun. I have to say AMEN! to your #7 and Congrats on closing.

Sarah said...

Oh, you know you will be suckered into watching the Bachelorette with Alli. I always say "no more!"...but then I see a preview and think "Maybe just the first episode to see who the options are." Well, and then it happens. I waste another 2 months of Monday nights watching it...again.