Friday, April 13, 2012

Taking Care Of The Inside

I've taken some deep breaths. I know, you're so proud.

And I literally poured over your encouraging words. For real. They kinda made me think of this quote...

I love that. And oh is it true.

So I've been thinking. You know, after I confessed that motherhood was about to send me off the deep end - I tend to think a lot after publicly declaring my insanity.

I started thinking maybe its not just the kids. Maybe it's not just the housework. And maybe it's not just my endless to do list that's making things a little nutso. 

Maybe a good portion is due to me not taking care of myself on the inside as much as I do on the outside (that outside part includes the house and children).

Isn't that just like us women? We are always quick to hit that class at the gym, on time for our hair appointments, and fast to fill our bags with "fulfillment" at a clearance sale at Kohl's.

(They do have some pretty good sales though, don't they? And their return policy?? UNBEATABLE.)

(Sorry. I'm passionate about good deals. Moving on.)

But finding time to spend with the Lord? Well, I've been a bit of a slacker here lately.

I fill my calendar with lots of things, yet I still struggle with fitting in my quiet time with the One who gave me all I have, and the One who can help this chaotic feeling I've got going on inside.

I am known to set my alarm for that morning run and my feet hit the floor right on time because heaven forbid I miss that "me time".

I'm quick to complain that I get no time to myself when I can't get out for that run, an appointment, or a relaxing stroll through Target. But I don't seem to talk about how I missed my quiet time and how that might be affecting the 'ol attitude. I don't know, sisters, I'm just convicted about it.

A friend reminded me recently that while it's good for us to take care of ourselves on the outside, it's most important to take care of ourselves on the inside. What is going on in my heart is what matters most.

I need to be setting my alarm to spend some time with Him before I set myself loose on the battlefield of motherhood.

Filling my heart with His promises is top priority. And you know what the bottom line is? My kiddos need a mom whose heart is full of Him. Because that is where my patience, love, hope, and grace will come from.

So that's what is on my heart right now. Not profound, but the truth :).


On a side note, we're off to the store today to get ready for Lincoln's 1st birthday party this weekend. I CAN'T believe it! And am I going over the top with our theme?? Um, absolutely! Pics to come!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Aimee said...

Just started reading your blog and love it! Thanks for sharing your life and wisdom with me :)

Jeni said...

Over the top is fun :)) ENJOY every minute of celebrating your little guy!!

Miss Moe said...

Girlfriend! Let me tell, minus time with Jesus = disaster! i am a monster without that time in the morning. a lot of the time i just have to ask God for wisdom for the day and life and how to be a good mom to the two he gave me and a good wife to the husband he blessed me with. i am not even sure i am a respectable citizen if i don't get my time with Him first thing. and i still blow up, but it usually leaves less carnage, i am quick to backpeddle, quick to apologize and less likely to go off repeatedly. the battlefield of motherhood...i like that. it is fitting. :) have a fabulous birthday weekend with your little man.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Miss Moe, "I'm not even sure I'm a respectable citizen..." seriously cracked me up! Goodness, that was funny :).

Nikki said...

Those days when I don't have time (meaning that I slept too late) to spend time with the Lord, well, I can tell. My fuse is shorter, and I'm more stressed. I definitely need that "me" time, first thing in the morning, to remind me what is really important: my relationship with my Lord.

Drew and Kristin said...

You hit the nail right on the head!! That's EXACTLY how I've been feeling lately. I know when my "fuse is short", I can directly link it to my lack of time in God's Word. And what you wrote is exactly how I've been feeling. I need to make God a priority and I know myself and the kids will reap the rewards of it. Thanks for the motivation!