Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Never Ending Party

Well it's final. After much consideration, prayer, and advice on homeschooling, private schools, and public schools, we decided to enroll Ella in a Private School that we love for Kindergarten. I took her today for her "interview", and to turn all our papers in. I decided to take all 5 girls to the meeting...why not, I might as well get a small glimpse of what my new morning schedule will look like - coming in just 5 weeks!?! When we walked in, I didn't know whether to say:

"Hi, I'm Kate, and these are my many girls..." or "Private School, meet the Never Ending Party - Never Ending Party, meet Private School..."

Not only will Ella be attending, but Reese & Charlotte will go there for preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings...that's right, Target can sleep easier now knowing that they will get some relief from our morning shopping trips, w/ my "multiple multiples" at least twice a week. You're welcome, Target.

I thought that I'd throw in my wordless Wednesday pics here too...this little girl is sooo much fun right now - just a sweet, sweet joy.

Happy Wednesday, all!


becky said...

LOVE IT!! Reese is SO photogenic! Give them all a big squeeze from me. I'll be home soon... :)

Anonymous said...

Yay!! This is exciting stuff, mom. Get your camera ready for the "1st day of school" photo session.

And did someone say.. Target?? :) I (heart) the $1.oo bins!!!!

Cute, Cute pics! :)

-When are you coming to TN?

Eva said...

Love the first pic... great in black & white. Have fun on your Tuesday & Thursday mornings.

4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

so cute!!!!!


The Emersons said...

Those pictures are adorable! Love them in Black and white!
Good luck with sending them off ot the first day of school!!!

bass family said...

I think that will work out really great... Maggie goes to a small Christian school that has a preschool as well... and since the twins want to do EVERYTHING she does, I think it's going to work out quite nicely when it comes time for preschool :)