Saturday, July 25, 2009

Changin' It Up

The girls have been asking me to go to this Indoor Playground that is about 20min from our house. I usually like to keep our activities outside in the summer, but I thought, "why not? It will be a change of scenery for us :)."

This playground is inside a church...isn't that a great idea!? It is like a huge, clean, McDonald's play land - but it's inside a church.

Fantastic - need more of these!

Well the girls could hardly contain themselves when they found out we were the only ones there and they had, "the whole place to ourselves!!"

I loved this. They had taken all the chairs and put them in this little car...and for some reason, I thought it was so funny. They kept taking turns being the "driver" and then riding in the "backseat." I tell ya, the imagination in these girls is growing like crazy - I am having so much fun watching them "pretend play" together.

And here is my Ella girl in one of the tunnels. It doesn't look like she does much posing, does it?

We always have to get some pics of us in the little mirrors at the playground. The girls love doing this. Maybe next time we can squeeze all 6 of us in :).

Hope you all had a great week!!


Eva said...

Is that you? Very beautiful.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

I laughed out loud at, "is that you?" - I guess I don't put many pics of myself on here...I'm usually not one to get in front of the camera. But thanks so much, you are sweet. So, yes, that is me with Ella :).

Amber said...

where was this? we're always looking for fun, new things to do!

bass family said...

LOVE the picture of you! hard to find time in front of the camera, isn't it?! And how fun... oh how I wish we could've come and played with you! :)

Sugar and Spice said...
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Anonymous said...

Looks fun! We have such a playground 2 blocks away from us in a shul (synagogue). It's SO much fun! Unfortunately, it's always insanely packed. But the kids manage to enjoy themselves, and ask to go back constantly!

I was also wondering if that's you in the pic :) You need to post more of yourself! :D


Cute children! I love that they have such an imagination! Tana

Anonymous said...

Ok.. you have put me to shame. I have two children. You, my dear, have had, what....5??? And you are so thin!? How do you do it?

Looks like lots of fun and giggles to me! :)

Miss said...

you are gorgeous (as I have said before) but, are you...ehem...naked???


Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Alright, alright, keep it clean :) Hahaha. I don't remember a lot these days, but I do remember to put a shirt on prior to going to the park!! No, I was not naked, I had a strapless top/babydollish/coverup on...geez ;). lol.