Friday, July 3, 2009

The Library, The Lavatory, The Letters, And The Laundry

Since the weather has been a little to chilly for the pool, I decided to take the kiddos to the library to sign them up for the summer reading program - I know, 5 little girls, the library, a place where everyone whispers...

I live on the edge, people. (not really, but it's fun to think I do.)

I'm starting to believe that my girls have a future in inspections, since there isn't a single public restroom that they can pass up.

"girls, we are here to check out books, not to check out the facilities..."
But they insist.

So yes, I did take a picture in the library bathroom so I could document this specific situation that I speak of often - here we are, the 6 of us in the stall, at least some part of each of us showing in the pic.

Good Times.

I took all your amazing ideas for crafts & activities and headed to Hobby Lobby. It only takes me a minute after entering this place to remember...

Hobby Lobby is from the Lord.

All the crafts, decorations, ribbon, flowers, frames, pictures, and useless items my little heart can handle. And the sales!? Well don't get me started on the sales.
I bought canvas bags, paint, and foam letters so the girls could make their very own "library bag." It was a huge hit, and the bags have already been put to use. Thanks again for all the ideas :)!

On a busy & fun day like this, it's only natural for something to suffer - for something to be neglected. And if you stop here often, you will not be shocked too find that it was the laundry that got the bad end of the deal. Oh well, I can always do it tomorrow, right? Or the next day, or the next day...

I hope you all have a beautiful & fun filled July 4th! Anyone have big plans for the holiday?? We will be heading to the parade and then a cookout with family. Expect pictures :).


Miss said...

great idea on the library bags! I just may need to copy...

and, btw, I don't see the issue of all the laundry? Isn't that it ALWAYS looks like??

blink blink


Amy said...

Great alliteration in your blog title!

I hang my head in shame as I say that I love bathrooms too. Although, library bathrooms don't thrill me but I do love to see how people decorate.

We do have plans for the 4th. BUT!! You will have to read about it in an upcoming blog post! Stay tuned..... ;)

Happy 4th!

becky said...

Look at you with your creative little library bag project. I bet they're too cute, and I'm sure the girls love them! Your bathroom pic was funny, too. Miss you, my dear!

Heather Marie said...

What a cute photograph of all you ladies in the bathroom! :) You can't even tell that is where you are! Too cute!

susanc said...

I'm thinking we need a pic of the bags......where do you find the time to get crafty?????

Hobby Lobby sounds awesome

Susan :)

Marisa said...

I'd love to see pics of the finished bags! And Hobby Lobby is the best, isn't it?