Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Beautiful Couple...Target & Popcorn

Well, it all started when the alarm didn't go off this morning.
Or did I turn it off? Either way, we're late.

Oh preschool...are we ever on time? Are we ever completely prepared? Sometimes we are, most times we're not...or I'm not...or, whatever. I ended up getting Ella to the door and realized we were missing a game that she had brought home that was ready to be passed on to the next kiddo. So the 4 younger girls and I are on our way back home to pick up the game that I shamefully forgot. Because that's the most convenient thing for me to do.....It's not like I have 2 babies to feed.....and two 2 yr olds that are now crying because they thought we were going straight to a playground.....It's exactly what I had planned.....and that next kid is going to need counseling if he doesn't get this game to take home today.

Alright, enough complaining.

We get home, get the game, and return it. Preschool is back in order. And where do we go?? Obviously, Target. I got them all out in the rain, and hauled them into the store. Just when I thought I had completely lost my mind for taking all 4 of them in, I saw it...the reason I had gone there in the first place...Starbucks. I started doing my "happy dance" for the girls. They thought it was hilarious. The employees on the other hand? I think they thought I had been eating my make-up...and that my mind was completely gone for good. Thats ok though, I am for some reason, completely fine with the "she has gone a little crazy" label. I will wear it like a crown.

I buy the largest Latte they will sell me...why it doesn't come in "super size" or "mega size" or "why would anyone need a gallon of coffee size" is beyond me. I decide to appease the girls with some 10am, nothing like a bag full of "Blast 'O Butter" popcorn this early in the morning. I head to the back of the store to rummage through the 75% off Valentines Day stuff...I love 75% off sales. I will run, tackle, and fight for a good 75% off sale. There are deals to be had my friends, and I am a woman on a mission.

And did you think we were going to get out of the store without spilling a whole bag of popcorn all over the floor?? Can we all say, "clean up in the infant clothing section." Tell me, what does a mom that has 4 children 2 and under with her in Target do with the popcorn on the floor? I can't walk away, there is a fellow shopper standing right there watching the whole show. You know what this mom did? I picked it up, and looked for a trash can...but no such luck.

So I ate it.

That concluded my preschool morning. I figured eating popcorn off the floor was a good sign that it was time to check out and go home. So with one baby screaming, I paid for my items, and loaded the bags on the stroller. The check out lady actually said to the customer in front of me, "this lady has 2 sets of twins, and another one in preschool!" The Target employees know me. "It looks overwhelming, but she has it under control."

If you only knew lady, if you only knew.


Marisa said...

SOO funny that you ate the popcorn off the floor. I actually laughed out loud. Hey, you gotta build you immunity from time to time!

jenny said...

Oh I am laughing so hard reading this! Nothing like an eventful Target experience and I love the eating popcorn off the floor! Love it!

mandbrid said...

Now I feel guilty for all the popcorn we have left on the floor of're too funny!

Jenn said...

I'm with Marisa! That was too funny! I remembering using the diaper bag for a trash can for a whole cup of Cheerios spilled all over the floor at a store.

{The Christian's} said...

The best combo....Target & Starbucks in one!! I have bribed the kids many times with popcorn and icee's just to enjoy my strolls through the isles! We have dropped numerous pieces of popcorn and spilled an icee or two also!

bass family said...

Love it!! You are such a great storyteller. Oh and thanks for the birthday wishes. Overall it was a normal day... but there were a few treats and a couple of hours of relaxation! :)

Kelly said...

Hi Kate! You're so funny. I enjoy reading your blog and getting to know you a little bit!

Membership Required said...

I am in stiches over you "eating it."
It's a good thing that it was early and the store was clean or better yet that the ole story of "there are children starving......" worked on you at a young age other wise you might have left that popcorn on a shelf. Thanks for making me giggle.