Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This isn't going to be exactly "Wordless", but mine never are. At the grocery store last night, I found this, the Easter Candy Aisle. And yes, people stared as I stood there and took a picture of it with my phone. You may remember from this post, that I have a deep, faithful love for peeps. Please, for your viewing pleasure, go to the peeps website....I laughed quite a bit. Apparently there is a big following, and let me tell you, they mean business. You can play games, join the fan club, and even order online. Peeps are a big deal people.

Anyway, you might also remember from this post, that I am dedicated to getting totally back in shape, completely toned, and in the best shape of my life...never going to happen, but it's fun to think about. So...that means I am staying out of the holiday candy aisles...a girl can try can't she? I had to be strong, I had to resist the temptation, and I couldn't let myself be lured into their goodness by the new colors that they come in this season. I have a rigid "get in shape plan", and peeps just don't fit in at the gym. (ok, it's not that rigid, but it's working.)

And then it happened, happiness took form in the shape of a yellow marshmallow chick when I saw this:

Is it true? Peeps with no sugar, and half the calories?? After I pulled myself together, I cleared the shelves into my cart and checked out. Well, not the entire shelf, but I thought about it. So there it is, wishes do come true, the candy companies are listening, and now I can enjoy my peeps this season guilt free. It's a wonderful thing.


bass family said...

This made me laugh! I saw the Easter candy display at the store this week too. WHAT? Give us some time to breathe between holidays is what I say!! Hope you have a great day :)

Miss said...

1. the jolly good music on the peeps website made my day

2. I love that you cleared the whole shelf....or half at least...I can just see your arm (you know, the one I have never seen) brining them all in ontop of all your kiddos without even blinking your eyes

3. I am right there with you getting into the best shape of my life! =)

4. I LOVE that your wordless wednesdays are NEVER wordless!!

EH said...

Thanks for the comment ... he got a hold of a tube of lipgloss.
I am not a fan of anything made of marshmallows so you are welcome to my portion this Easter.

Robin said...

I love peeps too...but the sugar is the best part!@# Do you prefer them fresh or stale?