Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You Are More Than A Swimsuit...

Just had to share these words of wisdom from the Gypsy Mama...

It is good, good stuff. I needed to hear this today...

"My boys officially smell of summer. And to me summer smells like sunscreen.

The ritual has begun – the spraying and lathering and rubbing into scalps of sweet smelling SPF 50  on blond hair and pale white bodies. {Sorry, boys, you may have got my blue eyes, but you also got my British genes.}

They love it. They stand – arms akimbo – and rotate slowly as I mist them. Teeny tiny waists astride gulping swimsuits that all but swallow their cute little patoots; hide their calves and brush just short of their ankles.

I could literally eat them up.

We wade into the water together.

Their tiny selves next to my not-so-tiny-self. And it makes me proud.

Because this body of mine that can’t ever seem to find a flattering suit, this body birthed those two boys. This body has seen life that the adorable taut, toned and tiny lifeguard girls on duty couldn’t possibly dream of yet.

This body has housed 3 miracles and it turns out that miracles need room to grow.

This beautiful amazing body has stretched to accommodate three sets of feet, three heads, three hearts, three sets of flexing limbs. This body is round where some say it should be flat; soft where some say it should be hard; and full where many others are running on empty.

This body knows what it is.

And it is much, much more than a swim suit."

I could not have said it better myself - those were beautiful, true words. I often fail to remind myself in the fitting room that God used this body to house 6 little loves, and that is beauty beyond measure.

Nice reminder, isn't it?


Sarah said...

Good stuff. I was just reminding myself of this the other day...this body is beautiful because it has grown and carried 4 precious babies. Thank you for sharing this!

susan said...

perfect.... your timing with this is quite simply perfect.
I am sitting here in my living room in Australia, today having paid for airfares x 8 for our holiday to Fiji late November..... and I am trying to figure out how on earth I can get my butt into gear about finally doing something about my two year old baby weight that sits quite contentedly around my hips.

I want that swimsuit to look nice, I want that energy I know I can find....... but I think my mind's eye needs to shift. I am not going to look like I did when I was 20. I've had six gorgeous children.......

but I still want the "hippolas" to shrink back to where they were maybe after baby number two????????????

what do you think ;)

Beth W. said...

Love this! And a great reminder as I will be spending the summer months growing a little life in it's third trimester :)

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

This body ...

... birthed 10 children (including twins that weighed a combined 15 1/2 pounds).

... was in a very serious car accident (hit by a semi-truck).

... survived thyroid cancer (which totally messes with the metabolism).

... has survived 27 years of chasing after children, and has many years left "on duty".

... is nearly 50 years old, and has accomplished a LOT during those years.

... is not ashamed to put on a swim suit and play/swim with my children, even though I wish it was a much smaller swimsuit.

:) :) :)

Sarah said...

That is a great reminder. :)

Jen said...

Hi Kate,
I always LOVE to read all your posts.
. . but ones like this especially. You have lots of great insights. . It's a good reminder for me. . to remember what REALLY matters.
Hope today's a good day for ya, jen

Amy said...

Wow... thanks to whomever published this!!

This was amazing and yet, made me love my little ones even more!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Love this! I also love the saying, "Tan" makes everything look good! :)

Marisa said...

So good! This brought a tear to my eye. How quickly I forget that I have experienced a miracle each time my body nurtures the life of another. What would I rather have in this life? The chance to look good in my swimsuit for a few years longer or the amazing blessing of carrying and loving another life inside me?

Amy@My Front Porch said...