Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Local Mother Has Mental Breakdown In Dressing Room

Authorities were called to Target on Main St. Friday morning after they received a call about a situation the store had in their fitting rooms.

Officials arrived after a call from a frightened fitting room attendant came through saying there was screaming, weeping, and what sounded like things being thrown at the mirror coming from the large fitting room where the woman had gone in with her children, ages 7, 5, 5, 2, 2 and 2 months.

Come to find out, the weeping and screaming was coming from the mother who was found passing out snacks of all sorts to tame her children, and attempting to rip several swimsuits to shreds.

It appears that 30yr old Kate, mother of 6, had gone in with all the children to try on swimsuits. Why she would do that to herself, we don't know. As the officer pulled her from the dressing room she was heard yelling, "It was a last resort! My husband works all the time, I just can't seem to get out of the house alone these days! Who has time for the gym!? Don't blame me, swimsuit shopping isn't healthy for anyone! It should be illegal!!"

Innocent bystanders stood and starred.

She was released after promising to never, under any circumstance, enter the fitting room to try on bathing suits with all the children again. The police officers called it, "irrational" and "unnecessary torture" to put yourself in that kind of situation.

They are hoping that this can be a lesson to all mothers out there.


Well, not really. But that is the story I feel could potentially surface after I take all the kiddos with me today to find a swimsuit. Sweet Mercy, it has to be done.

I had to re-post this from last year, I never did find that perfect suit, so we're off today before we hit the pool to find it...

(you know, if the perfect suit existed after having 6 children)

(which it doesn't in case you're wondering)

Wish me luck!


Sarah said...

Ha ha! I remember reading that last year! Good luck!

Jen said...

Good luck.
I know how you feel. :) SOmetimes I just purchase all the possibilities and then just try them on at home and return all that don't work (like yesterday ;)
Have a great day~Jen

*Ross and Katy* said...

HA!!! I love this!

And I agree-swimsuit shopping should be illegal...and I'm not a mother of 6.

I especially hate when they hang those teeny tiny bikini's up front and stuff the "mom" suits that actually cover some flesh way in the back...I'm dreading having to buy a bathing suit after baby gets here. Because I can assure you-I will not be fitting into my bathing suit from last year :)

BTW-I just read Jen's comment and I agree with her. She's a smart woman!

the yaney's said...

Try Lands' End...I swear by their suits. They are made out of thick forgiving fabric that will actually support your body in the places that you need it most. Plus you can return it to Sears if it doesn't work out. Your Sears may even have a Lands' End shop inside it! Good Luck!

cowartclan said...

Let me just say "thank heavens for the tankini" after twins. YIKES! Swimsuit shopping is so stressful to begin with, after babies a near disaster, and after twins a near breakdown (and that is without kiddos even in the dressing room). You are brave lady!!! :) But I figure as long as I look decent (not great, but decent) that is fine because everyone will be fascinated by how cute my adorable kids are anyways. They are always the show-stoppers!

vwiller said...

I am a fan of the skirted tankini, I love the skirt bottom I bought a while ago but the top never fit right (nursing or not) so I found a different top and really that is just the way it is!

trooppetrie said...

this is too funny, as of 2 weeks ago I know have 6 kids, i can hardly believe it. I think i would swim in clothes before taking them swim suit shopping

susan said...

Kate...... I recognised this recycled post and laughed just as hard as I did the first time I read it. You are just 100% brilliant! Oh I laughed & laughed

as a fellow mother of six, including multiples and I do believe I am more than a decade older than you... so I have age agin me also..... *weep.....


there. find one. pretty colour, one that makes YOU feel smiley when you put it one. Buy it, get thee to the beach/ocean/river/pool/swimming hole and HAVE A BALL..... who cares if you you have lumpy bits {husbands LOVE them!! }

I have two... because we live at the beach... a charcoal grey one & black... because it's slimming! ha!!

enjoy your summer you hilarious lady XX

Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

I stumbled on your blog a few weeks ago and read this post. As I stood in the Target dressing room yesterday, surrounded by my 3 littles, 4 and under, and tried to find a suit to fit my 30 week pregnant protruding belly I totally related to this post. Throw in varicose veins all the way from the top of my right leg to the bottom and I seriously had a meltdown. : ) If it weren't for not depriving the littles of pool time I would probably never put on a swim suit again!!!!!