Monday, January 3, 2011

Sleeping Pills Needed


I am for some reason back to the "no sleeping" stage of the pregnancy.

I'm always, no matter how early I cut my water off, up around 3:30ish...and then I'm wide eyed with nothing to do!

Well, I could do the laundry...but laundry isn't fun during normal business hours, so I only assume it's even less fun at 3am.

And have I ever told you what I do the next day when I'm really tired? I cry. By 10am I could be in the drive thru at Chickfila crying into the speaker as they tell me they are done serving breakfast for the day. I'll let you know if that happens. :)

I will lay there, and lay there, thinking about everything...from problems I can't fix, to decisions I've already made and regret, and then on to whether or not I should cut my hair again - or if I should give up on finding a pair of maternity pants that don't make me feel like screaming.

(It's a length issue with the maternity jeans, I'm tall, and apparently the fashion industry doesn't think tall people get pregnant. Boy, could they be more wrong!?)


That's all the rambling I have for now :). I'm off to start our school week again! The break has been great!

Back later!


Amanda @ My Everyday said...

I've had a few maternity jeans that I had to let out the hem to make them long enough. Not sure that would help but :)

And Tylenol PM saved me. SAVED ME. I was up all night with horrible nightmares with Claire.

Lenae said...

I'm sorry! I've been chasing the ever-elusive good night of sleep as well :( Hope your week goes well, full of better rest and lots of Chick-Fil-A!

Marva said...

Sending prqayers for a more restful night!

I too am on the tall side 5'10". I found great jeans at Old Navy and they were long enough! I thought it was a such a miracle!

Go get yourself a chic fil a shake! No breakfast needed! :)

Hugs and Blessings!

*Katy* said...

I'm glad somebody else has the same problem! I always have to get up around 4am and can NEVER fall back asleep :( I've jut gotten in the habit of going to bed earlier.

Also, I have the exact opposite problem with the maternity pants-I'm 5'3 and all of the maternity pants I've been generously given by people who no longer need them are having to be hemmed. They say they make petite maternity clothes, but they're never short enough for me :(

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I'm still in the--why can't I just sleep all the time--mode of pregnancy! I need to wake up!
Maternity jeans are the one single thing I'm dreading most about this pregnancy. Hello sweatpants!
Hope you find a good pick-me-up and have a great Monday!

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

Gap maternity jeans are the only ones I can wear. I need a 35 inch inseam. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hope you get some rest soon and that you can find some jeans to fit.

Amber said...
if only these came in tall :)

Nikki said...

I had the same problem with sleeping with my third pregnancy. Have you tried Benadryl? Although I have to admit that it didn't work for me.

Anonymous said...

What does it mean when you are not pregnant and can't sleep??

susan said...

I was always like that with not sleeping..... I used to think it was SO unfair that you begin life with a newborn utterly exhausted. It should work that you get the best sleep of your life ever in the weeks before having baby... now that would be nice :)

I used to take a mild headache med that was safe during pregnancy just as I climbed into bed that helped me when I was at the crying form tiredness phase too...... just remember none of this lasts XX

Melissa said...

I understand about the maternity pants not being long enough. I am tall too and had to pay a pretty penny for some of my pants when I was pregnant.

Rana said...

Sorry about the lack of sleep. When I was pregnant with my twins I lived on the couch from 1am until 4 or 5 am. I was up watching "Nick at Nite". Maybe a soothing cup of hot tea would help. As for the jeans I'm only 5'1" so I'm the opposite when it comes to length. Hope sleep comes to in the weeks to come!

Marisa said...

Oh, that's a hard stage! I'll pray for you when I'm up nursing Ethan.

I feel your pain for clothing woes. Apparently small rib cages and a large chest are not the norm... unless you have mad cash to drop on a bra. So frustrating!

Hope you find those jeans!!!! And I second Marva... go for the Chick-Fil-A shake!

Sarah said...

oh gosh I know that feeling! Unisom!

oh and the crockpot mac & cheese was delicious!