Thursday, January 20, 2011

In Which I Prove That I've Lost My Mind

I never cease to amaze myself.

So I accidentally posted a name poll yesterday morning that I had been playing around with. That's right, accidentally. Yep, I'm now posting things to my blog and not even realizing it.

It's a new gift I posses. Try not to be jealous.

We have zoned in on 2 names that we do really like. But I deleted the poll (well I thought I did) to save it till we were sure those were the 2 names we loved the most - and because Eric says I tend to change my mind after fully committing to a name. The man sort of has a point.

Have I ever told about the name debate of 2004?? Eric thinks that I waited till he left the hospital to name Ella. He says we had a different name in mind, in which he thought we were definitely going to use, but then he says I put "Ella" on the birth certificate instead when he went home to take a shower.

Not true, friends. Not. True.

He does still hold me to that, and he is still wrong. Ahem. We had come to a conclusion to name her Ella, he just forgot that at some point during my 24 hours of labor. That's my side of the story people, but like Dr. Phil always says, "there are 2 sides to every pancake."

I'm rambling? I apologize. Bear with me.

So in my crazy pregnant mind, I have realized that we have a pattern in all of our names:

Eric, Ella - Kate, Kinley, - Reese, Raya - and then Charlotte...we NEED another C name, right??

We don't? It's really not a big deal? I am crazy??


SO, let's just entertain the C name thing for a bit and see what we can come up with. THEN, I will do a poll :)

Can you help us out? What are your favorite C boy names???


Baby Mama said...


The Sneaky Mommy said...

Our boys are Carson and McClain--but we call him Clainey. I love them to pieces...and their names!
(My husband's whole side of the family is actually named with C's--or K's...Cody, Carolyn, Calli, Cory, Cloe, Kipp, Katie, Kamden, Kolby, Kiara, Kimi...crazy! I'm just Londa...such a misfit!)
Good luck!!!

Elizabeth said...

Ok, since we OBVIOUSLY like the same names, both having Kinleys! If we ever have a boy he will more than likely be name Canon. I first I didn't love but I do now!!! I also like the name Carter! Good luck!

Tina Michelle said...

Hey, that makes sense to me! Here are some ideas from me!
Hope I helped!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha I was going to say Carson/Carsyn. :) Three other people said it. I saw your poll earlier. lol. pregnancy can make you lose your mind.

Beana said...

I have a weird thing w/ patterns too! My 3 kids have 4, 3 and then 2 syllables in their names--all 1 syllable middle names. I didn't do that on purpose, just my style I guess. If we ever have a miracle 4th (vasectomy!) I'd feel obligated to find a 1 syllable name!

A couple names I like:

Cruz (this would be a son's name! we have 3 girls already)

I like Canon, Caleb and Connor too--also mentioned.

Good luck finding a name!! It's fun :)

Kathleen said...

Connor, Christopher (Chris), Carter, Caleb, and Colin.

PS I agree you need a C name :-)

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Yes ... definitely in need of another C name.

Caleb is my favorite C name for a boy.

When naming our 6th boy ... it was pointed out to me that we had a pattern I needed to follow. We have 3 boy "J" names ... and then 3 "other" boy names. However, what I had not yet realized was that the 2 older boys without "J" names, both had "J" middle names. So, my older children told me that our youngest boy needed to be the 3rd "other" name, but that he must have a "J" middle name. So ... our 6th boy is Elijah Joel.

Choosing names is always fun ... especially when it was twins. We did not find out in advance if our twins were boys, girls, or boy/girl ... so we had to have 3 combinations picked out.

:) :) :)

Marinewife1111 said...

Cooper, Carson, Carter

Kathy@House of Hills said...

Oh my goodness, you're cracking me up.. can't wait to meet you in person.


Those are all good ones.

Anonymous said...

Cruz, Collin are my favorites. I also like Carter, Chance, Caleb, and Caden (said like Cayden).

SnoWhite said...


*Ross and Katy* said...

HAHA! Thank you for making me laugh and realizing that other people do crazy things too! My very favorite boy name is Charles. It might have something to do with the fact that it is one of my Godsons names... :)

7th heaven: 4Chinadolls 1gentleboy said...


Sarah said...

Carson, Cole, Carter


Kate @ Bliss and That said...

My fav boy "c" names would be Carter and Christian. :) I've also heard Cash and Colm that are different but neat.

Marva said...

I put Caden on the poll. LOL I also like Cole! Blessings!

TwinsanityMom - Janet said...

Colton, Carson, Caleb

tabby said...

COHAN also spelled Coen is my all time favorite C name. Colin is also cute.

Jackie@Our Moments, Our Memories said...

Caleb, Christian, and Carson. Christian was one of the names we had picked out if Leah had been a boy. :) Can't wait to hear what name this little giy will end up with!

Jennifer said...

YES!!! You to-tally have a point with the C name thing. We have Natalie, Nathaniel and then, we were suppose to have Nolan....but it got voted down HARD. So we have Aidan, who I love deeply....but there has been something that always makes think, should we have....So do your thing. You have a VERY valid point.

Jennifer said...

oh, and I love Cohen!

Anonymous said...

I love C names for boys:)


Can't wait to see what you name your little guy:)

Anonymous said...

Just had a grandson born named Kannon but would be cute as Cannon as well! I like Cullen for a boy! Have fun deciding

Amanda @ My Everyday said...

Cullen, Chase, Ciaran, and I LOVE the name Calvin

Thoughts for the day said...

My son's name is Christopher which means Christ Bearer... I also like Caleb...or Micah...(I know it is not a C name)

Anonymous said...

I like Colton and Camden :) I have two boys and both their names are S names so I don't think your weird at all! My boys are Shay and Sage :)

jenny said...

Oh the name game! And even more fun when there's a letter in mind! Looks like you've gotten lots of suggestions....but here's a few more...


I think a C name would be great with your "pattern" but if you decide to go with another letter, you could always just say that since he's the special boy he got a special letter all his own :) I'm sure whatever name you choose will fit him perfectly!

Susie B. Homemaker said...

So I'm not the only freak when it comes to names, lol. All our girls names had to meet certain criteria. ;p

Anywho, C boy name ideas (I'm sure most have already been listed):
Cody, Corey, Carter, Caleb, Colin... good luck!

wonderchris said...

I voted in your poll and that is one of my all-time faves for a boy. It is so darn cute, but would be a great name for an adult too. And how adorable would it be when he is three and the "w" would be right in the middle.
Co-wen. So cute!! :)

mandbrid said...

I like Cash and Cooper. But one of my favorite boy names that my husband will never agree to is Owen.

mandbrid said...

Oh....I have to tell you that Charlotte is one of the girl names we are considering. Our 20 week ultrasound did not reveal gender so we have to wait another 4 weeks to have another peek.

Jennifer said...

My oldest son's name is Camden and I LOVE it!

Marisa said...

Well, judging from all the comments I do not have any new "c" names to share. I do like Chase, Colt or Colton,and Caleb. Whatever you pick will be perfect!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is Charlie.

But I also like
Carter, Conner, Coby, Carson and Campbell.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I also like Carter.

Anonymous said...

Cael (Like Kale)

becky said...

Oooh, I love all of the suggestions! There are so many C names that I never would have thought of! I still think that your favorite is my favorite, too!

Anonymous said...

These are all listed so am voting for my likes - :)
Have a nephew named Christian Jeffrey-funny story is they were going to call him CJ BUT his 3 yo sister would not let them so he is Christian who is almost 15 now. Like Cullen,Cohen,don't know if I saw Corbin.

Gift finder said...

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Double the Giggles said...

Charlie! (Charles.) Some of the other names mentioned just seem sooo common and trendy to me. To each, his own, but oh, how I love the old-school names ;)

Rebecca said...


Tina Michelle said...

Oh yeah, I love Corbin! Cade is super cute too. Cullen looked adorable as well. Charlen would be cute, a mixup of Charlie or something like that. Oooh, I am getting excited to find out what you will name him!! So excited for you!

Anonymous said...

charlie clark carlon

susan said...

Oh man there are some C names there I just hate...... it's funny how we can instantly love or hate a name.... but when the decision is done and the babe is named it ALWAYS seems so perfect :):)

Good Luck... we cannot 'do' C names because our surname starts with a C.... but I do like Charlie......


Membership Required said...

Looking through the names and only once was my daughters name mentioned as a boy name so praises for it being still pretty exclusive.

I like Chance....after all there was a 50/50 "chance" he'd be a boy.

Here are some others.

Collier (which I think would complement Charlotte really well)
Channing (but I have loved this for a girl ever since the dynasty spin off...yes I am that old...and it was a boy name...which leads me to the last name)

Whatever you pick I am sure we will all oooh and aaah over.