Thursday, February 9, 2012

We're A Pretty Good Fit

We've been sick with the flu here, as I already mentioned. And in our house, like yours I'm sure, it spreads like wildfire.

I have it. The kids have it. And it's ugly, sisters.

BUT, today is better than yesterday so that's a huge blessing. I've graduated to sprite and graham crackers. God is good.

You know those weeks when the hubby can't take off work cause of a big project and that whole "he has to work cause you need a roof over your head" thing takes precedence over the sickness. Well, that's this week for us. Of course.

But God always teaches in the ugly moments (as well as the good moments).

Its been amazing to see through these achy eyes how He has created our family to work together like a well oiled machine. That our "normal to us, big to everyone else" family was put together like a puzzle. Everyone has a place.

Everyone brings something unique to our table that we all need.

This group, this crew, this rowdy bunch...we need each other.

Ella. Oh my sweet Ella. How she is growing fast. I've said a million times that she's ahead of her time, an old soul, and was kind of thrown into a leader role because of how fast our family grew. There have been moments when I've even felt bad about that.

But that was Gods plan to put her first in line. I cant help but think of my miscarriage before I got pregnant with her that devastated my 22yr old heart - but ultimately led us to Ella. She is specifically wired to be my oldest. She's a gift.

In a really bad flu moment of mine, I turned around and saw Ella standing there. I swear she could feel my pain. And when I looked at her I guess she could see it in my eyes because she said, "I know, it's ok...".

Melts my heart that she said that.

When did she start comforting me? When did she pick up that motherly vibe that came out of her so naturally?

Kinda brought tears to my eyes when I thought of it later :). I guess even on our worst parenting days, something is going right.

Reese is a words of affirmation kid and also has the most tender heart I've ever known. Char is strong and a huge cheerleader. Kinley and Raya keep us laughing with their 3yr old humor and innocence. And Lincoln is a constant reminder of the fresh grace of God, and that a drooling grin can help cure a bad case of anything.

All of them are pieces of our puzzle.

All of those characteristics are things God knew this family needed to make it run as it should. I'm not sure there is anything more important than cultivating a strong family unit inside these walls, one that works together like a team. I hope by God's grace that we are somewhat on our way to that.

We sat around the table tonight eating chicken noodle soup and talking about our day and how we hope that we all feel better tomorrow. Sometimes I'll ask, "Ella, what is your favorite thing(s) about Reese?", and so on, and so on with each kid. It is such a great dinner convo, I love it. They eventually get silly with it and we have some good laughs.

This little tribe is a breath of fresh air even in the midst of a chaotic week. A sweet reminder of His love during a few ugly days.

We aren't a perfect puzzle, but I'd like to say we're a pretty good fit :). I'm just hoping we're all on the mend soon!


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Love it! Brought tears to my eyes this morning. I feel the same way about Arwen that you do about Ella. Since Greer came so soon after she did, I feel she had to "grow up too fast." However, she thrives on it and often wishes she was the Mama, she spends as much time cheer-leading her sister as she does bossing. ;0) Greer is my tender one, always there to comfort whoever is crying. It seems when I am at my weakest as a Mama is when they have time to shine, when I can't insist on doing it all they get time to help and do, cuz you know it just takes them longer. Not a bad lesson for me. :) Praying you are all on the mend today!

Marinewife1111 {Marcella} said...

Love this post and it also brought tears to my eyes.
Love how you talk about your "babies!"
God knows exactly what kind of kids we need and I know He shows me every day how much I need to be a better Momma for them.

G said...

Such a beautiful post. Thanks for brightening up a really lousy day and reminding me that God always has a plan!

Marisa said...

Love this! I think you have a pretty fantastic puzzle. So sorry its been such a crummy week!

Ruth said...

Aww! My eyes had tears in them too... I guess Ella blessed a good many mamas today. My oldest daughter is in the same boat as yours, and I sometimes feel bad too. But God knows what He's doing, right? My daughter seems to enjoy her "oldest of five kids" role just like your Ella does. And there is NO WAY I could do what I do without my girl! I try to remember to tell her that all the time, because I never want to take her for granted. She's *exactly* what I imagined/dreamed of when I first found out I was pregnant!

Robin @ Pink Dryer Lint said...

Kate, you have such a beautiful family. And YOU have such a beautiful spirit -- you're bringing out the best in those kids of yours!

Get well soon!

Steph said...

Get better soon! I am dreading for the 'big one' to enter our household at the same time!

Hang in there!

Sarah said...

I hope you guys are feeling SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!