Friday, February 24, 2012

I Am More

Spring is almost here, I can feel it and hear it as the birds have started chirping again outside our window.

Time to clean out the closets, pull out some warm weather hand me downs, and see what clothes still fit those little bodies from last year.

And alas, the shedding of the clothes has begun. In the stores, on the magazine covers, and its on the face of every woman at the gym. Those comfy sweaters and sweatshirts have been replaced on the racks with wispy tanks and low cut camis.

I stand and look at myself in the locker room mirror before I head out for my daily run. I battle with the instinct to pick apart every imperfection I have. A run is something I always enjoy - it has become a healthy release, and a way to reclaim a healthy version of the body that carried 6 kids.

I remind myself when I walk away from that mirror though that I am more. More than the imperfections. More than that reflection. And more than any exercise routine or plan.

We can easily let a reflection and a routine consume our mind. But the saying, "true beauty is on the inside" is not just a saying, friends, is it something that He tells us in His Word is true.

I look over my shoulder at the small college girl running behind me in her intimidating teeny, tiny sorority shorts. And instead of comparing myself like us women often do, I smile. Cause that little figure trotting behind me has yet to even dream of the miracles that my baby birthing figure has housed...

This body has seen things that the little bride in my wedding picture hanging on our wall could've never imagined. My young mind and fit self wouldn't have been able to even scratch the surface of the grace that would grow inside me someday.

Our bodies were made to stretch in ways your mama never told you - all to grow a love that gives us a glimpse of how He loves us.

Getting healthy is great, letting it consume you is not.

Each time this body swelled with newborn goodness it changed forever. I bare tell tale signs of motherhood and have incisions that will never welcome a 6 pack again.

At least not that kind of 6 pack. He replaced mine with a much better version.

I have a body that I am commanded to respect and love, and I have a responsibilty to teach 5 young girls about healthy bodies, Godly images, and what is tasteful and not. Not to mention I'm also called to set a presidence for what my son will look for someday. It's a high calling.

I am more than the short shorts and the bikinis. I am more than the pressure of the season. I am more than the trap of comparison. And I am more than a fashion statement or fitness regimine (as are you).

I am more because He says so.

And that's all I need to remember.


Marinewife1111 {Marcella} said...

LOVE the 6 pack part!! I also think you have the best 6 pack possible now!! :)

Marva said...

Great post and inspiration! Thank you!

Marisa said...

I read something not too long ago that stated although we should take care of our bodies, it is a tool to be used not a trophy to sit on a shelf. I like that because when I don't like what I see I can look back in life and see that my body has served a good purpose, and it's OK that it's not perfect.

Katy Shaw said...

Thank always seem to hit the nail on the head...we definitel have a lot in common!! :)

Ruth said...

Kate, I love this so much.

The tummy wrinkles bother me now and then, even though I know I've traded my young, toned body for 5 somethings MUCH better!

(I'm working on a 6-pack like yours!) =)

*Katy* said...

I LOVE this! I hate going to the stores and seeing the skimpy clothes out everywhere. I think it's awful that young girls are tempted so much :(

And btw, my hubby saw a picture on the internet of a woman with stretch marks after her pregnancy and the picture said "Tiger Stripes" across it, so now my hubby always hugs me when I look at them and says, "I love your tiger stripes" :)

The Beaver Bunch said...

Beautiful and completely true.

I asked my husband once if my stretch marks bothered him as much as they did me. He assured me that the result of the stretch marks was worth every one of them.

And now, they don't bother me quite so much (I mean, they still do, mind you, but not nearly as all consuming as they did 3 kids ago).

Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

Thoughts for the day said...

This is really a beautiful writing and powerful in truth, God gave us a miraculous body and it is a gift we need to appreciate and be grateful for as long as possible.
Good encouragement, thanks.

trooppetrie said...

you just made my year. I am officially going to say i have a 6pack. so stinken smart

Ruth Anne said...

So true! It's so good to remember that all the aches and pains, the swelling, the gaining weight... it's all worth it for the new little treasure growing inside.

I saw a saying on Pinterest, and I have to say I agree.

"Comparison is the thief of joy."

Amen. :)

Mama D.'s Dozen said...


:) :) :)

Robin @ Pink Dryer Lint said...

Love, love, love this!