Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Thoughts, It's A Gift

Formally titled, "Friday's Aren't For Forming Full Thoughts".

-It's been insanely unseasonably warm around here, I'm assuming that's the case in a lot of places. On Wednesday Eric and I went out to dinner and I wore flip-flops. In February.

-We've been eating some of these, they are new around here. I never have had them before and they are wonderful! Blood Oranges, anyone?

-Flash cards and word searches. That's all Reese and Char want to do right now. And it makes me smile so big because I am a word search nerd. Like I buy the giant books of them.

-I gave up caffeine. I know. It's almost like giving up Target. So I've been making my water fancy and I love it...

-I'm also kind of on a smoothie kick. Green smoothies that are just so great for you and taste yummy too! I'll share our favorite recipes soon.

-Lincoln. Is. In. To. EVERYTHING.

-We made some of our homemade salsa that we adore, you can get that recipe here!

-Laundry. Need I say more??

So I guess that's it for now :).

Hope you have a great weekend!!


Jen said...

Dear Kate,
Sorry I can't help it....You gave up coffee? How are you doing it? Like how do you get anything done without it? :)
I am so so addicted, obviously!
Glad you are sounding well and happy. I always enjoy reading your posts, Jen

Ruth said...

I tried peas in a smoothie once, and it was gross! I stuck to the kale and spinach after that, if it's going to be a "healthy" smoothie. Oh, and I throw in powdered probiotics if my kids need an extra immune boost! My husband is fond of heavy whipping cream in place of milk... SOOO rich and creamy! I just smile and ignore all the calorie numbers dancing in my head.

wonderchris said...

No coffee - and you have six young children - you are such a Supermom! :) Really impressive.

I could word search all day!