Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekends At Home (And Homemade Chocolate Granola)

I adore lazy weekends. We usually have more on the calendar than we need, so a quiet weekend is always nice.

I packed the kiddos up and ran some errands yesterday. We went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some craft supplies and such. I was actually looking for a new frame, but by the time we got to that department we were in pre-meltdown mode. You know the stage right before the actual meltdown happens? Yea, that's where we were. They're little, it's expected.

I do love going to Hobby Lobby.

Except for that one time when one of the girls put a handheld fan up to her hair at the checkout, which resulted in an interesting hair cut. Ah, memories.

They've had fun with what we bought. You won't find decor like this in your latest Pottery Barn catalog :)...

They might not match our color scheme, but OH how they love them.

The kiddos are always a fun bunch to run around with. I might come home with a few more grey hairs, but I love 'em. Some of you might have seen this cell phone pic on Facebook...

I don't know why we make the employees so nervous. Ahem.

But anyway, we are just relaxing at home this weekend, soaking up some chilly sunshine in the trampoline, and making some of our homemade chocolate granola bars...

Oh, and little Lincoln will spend a lot of time doing this...

He loves to stand at those doors and look outside. I think he is just as ready for Spring as we are :).

Till later!


Marisa said...

My kids love the suncatchers too! The Pottery Barn years can wait :)

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

I "tagged" you in a Blog Meme. Pop on over to my blog for details.

Hope your Weekend is BLESSED!

:) :) :)