Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm On A Mission...

To clean the whole house in hopes to wipe out every germ that is lurking around here.

I'm gonna pull out the big (disinfecting) guns around here, my friends. I'll be on a Clorox Wipe binge if you will.

As soon as I get better, that is. It's no good when mom is sick too.

My poor little ladies. They have just been passing the bugs back and forth. Ella is the only one who hasn't caught anything (knock on wood!!).

Poor Reese hasn't had anything to eat in over 24 hours, except for some Gatorade.

Could someone send me a memo next time we're sick and remind me that RED Gatorade is just as red coming back up as it was going down...and that it stains carpet...and that its also not easy to clean off the bathroom wall? Was that to much info? Sorry.

(Oh and this is random but I spilled a huge candle FULL of hot wax on our carpet. RED wax oddly enough!)

(Help a sister out, how do I get that out of the carpet??)

(Red is now my least favorite color.)

Oh well. Just small things in the big picture of life, I guess :).

So anyway, needless to say, I have a lot of disinfecting to do around here. And I have some little loves to hold and rock till they feel better. I am willing to do that whenever they need it.

Here's hoping everyone starts to get better soon, and I can start playing catch up on everything!


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Next time you re-carpet, just buy a red one.

Hope you are all up and feeling better soon.

:) :) :)

*Katy* said...

put a paper towel on top of the wax, set your iron on low and iron over top of the paper towel. repeat as many times as necessary to get all of the wax out. works like a charm! not that I've ever spilled wax all over a carpet before ;)

victoria said...

First to get the wax out iron over the spot with some either brown paper bag or newsprint until keep doing it until there is no more wax....but do not do it hot enough to melt your carpet! Then about red Gatorade and carpet (you can Google this) get a spray bottle with half water and half Dawn dish soap (not with bleach or antibacterial just the regular stuff) spray the spot then take a white something and again iron over the spot...the red will transfer to the white towel/washcloth/papertowel and ruin it unless you are better with bleach then me. This works and does not ruin your carpet!

I did it with red powerade and beige carpet and in college I was always the one who cleaned up the candle wax after sorority stuff off the carpet. I hope this helps....and most likely you will never forget (even with mamabrain) that red gatorade is bad......but so is blue and green and orange! Feel better!

cowartclan said...

Ahhh... I am so sorry. We are S*I*C*K here too. STREP plus the flu. Seriously!!??!! So I am snuggling little ones, giving medicine like a drug store, disinfecting like a maniac and praying that we are almost done.

Good luck and sent up some prayers for you and the kiddos.

hang in there!

Romberg Family said...

EMERGEN-C!!!!! Its the bomb! Im living on it right now and i havent had anything..knock on wood! I will say i stopped taking it for about a week and a half and thats when i got strep. I hear they have it for kids too.

susan said...

oh my goodness..... it all sounds too awful. The brown paper & iron are what I was going to advise...... because I don't know what colour your carpet is...... all I can say is try something? laundry liquid would be my first guess.... they are all different to ours so..... good luck.

then yeah, make sure you pay close attention to the door handles coming OUT of the bathroom/toilet and the flush buttons on your toilets!!

GOOD HEALTH to you all... pronto!! XX

Thoughts for the day said...

Praying for you to get good health soon for all of you.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

I am so sorry! We've had a mess of sickness and dr. appts. here too. I finally went to Costco in desperation and bought all sorts of big bottles of vitamins, berries, orange juice, spinach, yogurt...we're going to smoothie our way right on out of those germs! Hope everyone has perked up so you can have a great weekend!