Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wild Days

Well, maybe not wild, but busy.

After preschool drop off yesterday, we headed over to Target...I know, big surprise. And although it is one of my favorite stores, my crew and Target aren't always a great match. But I had to pick up a few things, and the girls had to use the restroom, why not?

Ella has a birthday party coming up and I was looking through the invitations in the party aisle. The girls were looking quietly at all the favors, the babies were sleeping, life is good.

You know what I would do if I worked for Target? If I was a marketing expert for Target? I would put 30 cans of silly string on the bottom shelf in the party favor section. That is a great place for them! There is no way a 3 yr old is ever going to understand how to remove the lid and start spraying her sister down...never.

Sweet Mercy

Oh, Target. We have had an interesting season haven't we? Our local store has received a full dose this preschool year on what shopping with multiples is like...well, more on what shopping is like with 2yr old multiples. (just turned 3) They are sweet, but they are also...uh, well...adventurous.

Chaotic situations sometimes calls for Starbucks.
I'll have a Grande Mocha Frappucchino Light, please.

One thing is certain, and always consistent though...even on my wildest day...

Whether they are coming...

Or whether they are going...

These 2 little girls are like 2 peas in a pod. And that, is well worth the chaos.


bass family said...

Good times! I do love watching the twins grow up... fascinating and maddening and endearing all at the same time! :)

Leslie said...

I teach preschool and have a set of twin girls in my 3-year-old class. We don't dare leave out the basket of glue bottles when they're around! We also have to be sure that our plants don't get overly watered. Today, one of them was fascinated with giving the guinea pigs an abundance of hay! Oh, they're busy!

4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

they are so so cute! Having twins is such an amazing blessing!


Jeremy and Jeni said...

Seriously, that was a great post! You are a very good writer. I love the pictures at the end. So cute!!

Laurel said...

LOVE this post. It bring back many memories of the chaos ... and the FUN.

Love those grande mocha frapps too ... i still need them even though my crew aren't little ones anymore.


mama of 13 - writing from Africa today :)