Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Addition, Article, And Mama's!

First, someone has finally bought the photography camera she has been saving...and saving, and saving for :). (my other one was old and begging to retire) I am so excited, and having sooo much fun learning the in's & out's of my "new addition." I can't put it down.

.....maybe I'll be taking pics of your kiddos soon :).....

Oh, you probably have noticed that I loovve my babies feet...look at these little toes...

Second, Go here to check out the latest Savvy article at Blissfully Domestic.

Third, and most important, Happy Mothers Day! To all you Mama's out there, hope you have a relaxing, fun, and awesome day. Enjoy those little one's that make you the crazy, stressed out, pushed to the limit sweet, loving, and amazing mama that you are! Can I just share 5 things I love most about my mom?

1. I have said it before, she is the strongest woman I have ever known. She has the kind of strength that can only dwell inside a mother.
2. She makes me laugh, always, no matter what. She helps me find the joy in all circumstances.
3. Mom taught us, and still teaches us, to believe in who we are. God made us exactly the way He wanted, embrace it.
4. She is a lover. She loves my kids, loves my husband, and loves me...just for who we are.
5. She believes in me. Always. The one thing that a child can always count on their mother for...she believes in my passions, my me.

I love you, mom!

I look forward to hearing how you spent your day!



Kelly said...

I hope you have fun with your camera. It's an important investment in your children's lives.

What a sweet tribute to your mom. I'm looking forward to when my kids can articulate all their love towards me.

susanc said...

Happy Mother's Day....

what sort of camera did you get??
I liked what you wrote about does kinda undo you when someone says something nasty....good idea to smile and say nothing....I was nice to a man yesterday struggling with his young boy...I asked if his child was four....and then went on to say that I had a four year old to...and that I found him challenging sometimes {a lot} kinda diffused the situation a bit for the man...and his son.....I felt sorry for them both . We all have days when it does not fall into place and we do not need complete strangers passing judgement on us then!! {well I don't need it!}

Susan :):)

Amber said...

you finally got it?! which one did you end up getting? once the adoption is complete...then i will start to save. i can't wait! love those cute baby feet :)

Marisa said...

I too am curious about which camera you bought! Happy Mother's Day!

bass family said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Great article, by the way.