Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's A Crazy Life

To say the very least. Crazy, yet wonderful.

Our huge SUV that fits 5 car seats and usually drives us around town, is in the shop getting worked on. Not Good. We really need to hit a park since they are kinda tired of playing out back...we did that all weekend, and there is no way to get us anywhere together without that stinkin' car. But after 22 meltdowns, 17 fights, and one bowl of applesauce that got tossed against the wall (accidentally they say), I found myself in the kitchen saying,

"Deep breath in, long exhale out...
now repeat till bedtime..."

These days I usually can't even hear myself think, or speak...hmmm, you think that's why they don't listen all the time? Maybe they don't hear me either? Right.

I knew it was time to get out of the house no matter what I had to do. I should mention that my double stroller is in our SUV, that's in the shop, 45min away. And should I go ahead and also mention that maybe we should have bought that white 12 passenger van instead of this gigantic SUV, because now that I actually have all 5 small children, practicality beats looks...and now I totally want need that van instead...

Sorry...the van that I shamefully turned my back on is a whole other post. Sigh. "Deep breath in, long exhale out..."

Anyway, I took them out back, and let them loose. The babies enjoyed being in the sun and they love watching the older girls run crazy.

Here is Kinley watching them swing

Raya lovin' her new exersaucer

And I decided to pull our old side by side stroller out of the garage, and take them all for a walk.

So it turns out I didn't lose my mind this afternoon...or lose whats left of it for that matter :).
Hopefully this post sticks. My blog had a little meltdown of it's own this afternoon :)


mandbrid said...

12 passenger van....yep, I'm wishing we had one of those also. We cram the 7 of us into our 7 passenger minivan. My kids have been stir crazy too - but it's been so rainy we haven't spent anytime outside. I hope you enjoyed the walk and that tomorrow is a better day.

Leslie said...

I remember going for about 6 months without a vehicle when my kids were really little. Yep, that can make you crazy! (And I only have 2 kids!)

Laurel said...

I went 2 months stuck in the house with 6 kids under age 7. Not fun!

Oh yea ... when you decide to trade in that SUV for a 12 passenger ... get the 15 pass. instead. When we had our 6th, we outgrew the minivan. My husband really wanted a 12 pass. but I pushed for the 15 (which can seat 11 and still have LOTS of room for "the gear"). Well, dear hubby has thanked me many times for getting the 15 pass. We are now on our 3rd 15 pass. in 20 years, because we love them so much. And, now, we even fill it all the way up.

mama of 13

Kelly said...

I'm going crazy being home all day too. We had some nice weather for a week but now it's raining and we have nothing to do

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

I do love our SUV, but a van would be fantastic! Can't wait till summer gets here so we can hit the pool!

susanc said...

I'm hearing you about the bigger car...we are jammed into our eight seater...being that there are eight of us!! If one of our children wants to bring a friend, we need to take two cars!! crazy!! and as Laurel says then there's the "stuff" you take along too...all too soon I can see a convoy of two large cars, plus trailer, plus roof storage thing {whatever it's called I have on the top of my car;)}

hope you get your car soon but great idea with the walk!! and you still took the time to photograph it in true blogger mommy style :):)

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

Oh yeah, you definitely need the big van. My husband wanted the SUV too but thankfully I won and we got the 12 passenger van. Good thing too, since we had the babies the following year!