Friday, May 15, 2009

6 Months!

I can't believe my babies are 6 months old! They are such amazing little loves. I simply can't get enough of their sweetness.

Kinley, you: are super sweet
quiet, and content to play on your own
weigh 16 pounds
laugh when your sisters talk to you
smile even at strangers
love pears and peaches
love sweet potato's
are just now moving into 6-12mo clothing, and can still wear a lot of your 3-6mo clothes
sleep all night
take about 3 naps a day
get excited when you see mom or dad
are always kicking your legs and squirming around
love taking walks in the stroller
love looking at yourself in the laugh every time
love chewing on play rings/links

I bought these little monkeys when I was still carrying you both. I had no idea that you would love them sooo much!

Raya, you: are a true, and total Mama's girl (and I love it)
smile all the time
weigh 18 pounds
wear 6-12mo clothes
sleep all night
take about 3 naps a day
roll over
smile at strangers who stop to see you
love sitting in your Bumbo chair
love apples and pears
love being outside
think your sisters are hilarious
smile when you see mom or dad
grab for anything you see
love chewing on your blanket

We love you, our sweet baby girls!

Also, Eric's birthday is today. We are just going to have a little family celebration. Just the 7 of us :). The girls are looking forward to celebrating daddy, and can't wait to give him their little surprises. I'll post pics later :)!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!!


4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

WAY too cute! I love those jammies. Ozzie has the same monkey with a handmade cape on it... he calls it his super monkey. He has a super froggie too.

beautiful beautiful girls!


mandbrid said...

So sweet! I love those jammies too...

Heather Marie said...

Beautiful baby girls! :) So precious and I LOVE your photography.

Brittany said...

Are your twins identical or fraternal?