Monday, April 30, 2012

All Things Glamour

We celebrated Reese and Charlotte's birthday with a Glamour Party. They wouldn't have it any other way. So we decorated with pink, sparkles, and glamour goodies as far as the eye could see...

I am not a fan of pixie sticks, but sometimes you have to give in to what the kiddos want...

I ordered some more cupcake toppers of Etsy that turned out fabulous. I'm seriously shopping there for every party...

My little ladies had a blast...

 And their favorite ladies seemed to have fun as well :)...


I'm pretty sure I always over do it with the cake and cupcakes - but leftovers are a good thing, right??


 We even got up early and made Marshmallow Pops. Easiest decor ever, and they were a huge hit...

I can't get enough of watching these funny little women. They are best friends and hold a bond that I'll never understand (and they love making silly faces in an effort to crack each other up)...


 All in all it was a glamorous day :). We had loads of fun celebrating 2 of our greatest gifts, and it seemed that all the girls had fun. Ella helped me put together these goodie bags for everyone...

So that's what we were up to this weekend, when we weren't traveling :).

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

All Together Now...

Happy Birthday to you (two)...

Happy Birthday to you (two)...

Happy Birthday to my sweet, savvy, and sassy Reese & Charlotte...

Happy Birthday to you (two)!!

Oh girls, how is it possible that you are 6 today?? You two are such a joy in our lives, and the bond you share warms my heart every single day. We love you, sweet girls!!

A Weekend To Remember

This weekend with my oldest gal has been so great. Nike held nothing back, and truly made us feel like we were part of a team there at their amazing campus.

And I mean, really amazing campus. 20 minutes into our tour I asked if they were hiring.

Did you know that the Nike Headquarters has 2 childcare centers on campus? Moms can leave their desk to go nurse, take a nap with their child, and there are even highchairs in all the lunch areas so you can eat with your little love(s).

That’s impressive.

I don’t know about you, but if I was in corporate America, a company that valued family like that would be my first stop.

The passion, the community, and the energy was incredible. You could feel it everywhere - and not just because real legends have walked those halls, but because passion for what they are doing there literally exuded from every person on the campus.

It was contagious.

Nike made lockers with all the kids names on them, and then stuffed them with goodies. I don’t know why, but I cried when Ella opened it. It was just one of those moments (one of many from the weekend) when you get to see your child experience something so incredibly cool - and well, my emotions ran completely over.

Truly, friends, I was on the verge of the ugly cry.

She got to go rock climbing, swimming, and behind the scenes to see how Nike works. And I got to spend time with and listen to the dedicated minds behind this incredible company.

Look at my little athlete :).

Oh, and they also fed the kids really well. Please don’t make Ella talk about the cupcakes they served, it still hurts her to know that she had to leave them in Portland.

We made some forever memories this weekend at the Youth Innovation Summit.. We even ate pizza in bed one night because "that's what you do at sleepovers, mom!!". I am forever thankful to Nike for the chance to spend this time with just my oldest girl. This trip was a gift in so many ways.

So we are heading back to our crew today, and I am so excited to hug everyone! We brought back some goodies for them (especially the birthday girls, post coming later!), and I have a whole lot of snuggling I want to make up for :).

Again, if you haven’t tried these incredible shoes, it’s time you did! Kids Nike FREE Run: If your feet flex, shouldn't your shoes flex too? Must-have flexibility for young feet.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Nike via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nike

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

These (Sweet) Feet Were Made For Walking (And Some Other Things)

Ella and I are getting ready to fly to the other end of the country - my stomach turns in knots a little when I say that.

I am so excited though, it will be great for the two of us. I love to go, but I loooove to come back to all my babies :). You feel that way too, yes??

Lincoln started walking the week of his birthday, which is actually the earliest of all the kiddos. He's not walking all the time, he's still in that "looks like he's had one too many" phase, and it is so cute. Here is this little video for my mommy memory and for your viewing pleasure...

I'm just glad that he'll eat less off the floor now. Mercy, its like a buffet under our kitchen table for that child.

I should mop more. If I had time. Or the desire.

He's been a (sweet) stinker lately when it comes to sleeping. He thinks that we should all rise at 5am or maybe even just a few minutes before. His clock is stuck my friends, and we must come together and do something about it. He wakes up bright eyed and ready to roll, though. I on the other hand tend to roar and breath fire before 5am.

Not really. But I feel like I could.

Did I mention we are having a Glamour Birthday party this Sunday for Reese and Charlotte?? Oh yes, the weekend is packed full :). They are almost 6, can't believe it!!

So anyway. I'm off to pack a bit more (yes, I am an over packer). I will be updating Twitter and Facebook with some of our adventures. Pray for a smooth flight and a fun filled trip with my girl, ok? I would SO appreciate it :).

Till later!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We're Leaving On A Jet Plane

It's true, we are. Just Ella and I!

And oh are we excited!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a semi-anxious flyer. So you can pray for my nerves if you'd like :). I used to love to fly, but we haven't traveled much in the past 10 years for obvious reasons, so I'm a tad out of the traveling loop.

That's what happens when you spend the better part of the past decade making babies. Well, that and we just haven't been brave enough to board all 8 of us on a plane yet.

Someday, friends. Someday.

So anyway, we are heading out to Portland, Oregon to visit the folks at Nike and participate in the Young Athletes Innovation Summit. They are bringing a group of mama's out there with their oldest child to take part in it. Ella and I are really blessed to be going - it's truly a gift to have this special time with her!

Ella can hardly wait. She's had a list of what she's taking on the plane for a week, and she keeps saying, "Its a trip for just you and I, mom! I can't wait!". She's actually never been on a plane or stayed in a hotel, so she's pretty pumped! She can not believe that there will be a tv in the room where we'll be sleeping, or that we could possibly order room service...aka, pizza :). Not to mention she gets to do some really fun stuff at Nike on Friday.

I'm super excited to do a little exploring around Portland, and because of my love for sports and running, I'm insanely excited to spend some time at the Nike Campus. I am a huge fan of running clothes and cool kicks, have I ever mentioned that? Well, it's true. Embracing my sporty side has never been an issue for me. In fact it is not unusual for me to spend birthday money or gift cards on such gear.

Oh, and check these out, I might have to keep on the look out for some good deals! Kids Nike FREE Run: If your feet flex, shouldn't your shoes flex too? Must-have flexibility for young feet.

We will be arriving there Thursday afternoon and spend the rest of the day navigating our way through the city and hopefully do some site seeing until the summit starts on Friday. Anyone know that area? I would love some tips or suggestions on cool places to visit or what is a must see while we are out there. Please &Thank you!!

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Nike via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nike

Monday, April 23, 2012

Super Easy Chicken Crockpot Tacos & Baked Shells - Our New Favorite!

So I have a new favorite crockpot recipe. It is, in my opinion, a new staple just like our Chicken Chili.

I warmed this up for days following the night I made it. The leftovers are great! It is so easy, yet it is so good. And the fact that I have learned a simple trick to make regular ol' tortilla shells into baked tortilla shells - well, the combo is magical.

Magical, I tell you.

For the baked shells I just turn the oven on to 300 degrees, sprayed the shells on both sides with Olive Oil cooking spray (I'm sure Pam would work too), and then draped them over the oven rack for about 10 minutes (or to your desired "crunchiness") like so...

I don't know how I didn't think of this a long time ago.

Onto the Easy Crockpot Chicken Tacos. All you need is:

1 pack of taco seasoning (although I keep an extra pack on hand in case I want to add extra)
6 pieces of boneless chicken breast or about 2ish pounds
1 16oz jar of salsa (I used regular Chi Chi's)

Cook on low for 8-10 hours (Especially if chicken is frozen. You might want to even cook on high for a few hours in that case.) Or you can cook on low for 4-6 hours if the chicken is completely thawed.

They are fantastic. Truly the best, and most importantly, the easiest taco dinner I've made in a long time!

Here is a pic from the original recipe website, ours didn't last long enough for pictures :).

They are a tad messy, which is proof that they are fantastic. Messy foods are always the best, right??

It was great in hard shells, soft shells, and even in a mexi-salad!


Friday, April 20, 2012

To My Only Son & My Future Daughter In Law (Yes, This Is The "Controversial" Post)

I love all you ladies out there. I mean, for real. Thanks for your encouraging words. I was talked into reposting the post about my little Lincoln and his future wife. Hopefully some other mama will find the humor in it like I did :)!


They all say I favor you.

And they all speak a small amount of truth.

Even one of my best friends says that 20 years from now I will no doubt be sitting across from Dr. Phil on some Meddling Mother-in-Law show where I will be arguing that I am not "pushy", I'm just "really involved".

It's not that I actually love you more or have placed you as my "favorite" child, it's just that my connection to you is far different than my connection to your sisters. So many people told me the bond would be unique, but I just didn't believe it.

From the moment you were born I knew our relationship would be different.

You see, your sisters and I have the same hormones running through our veins which basically binds us for life. We'll hopefully have that "mother/daughter/best friends" relationship as they get older just like my mom and I do. They'll call me to talk about everything and nothing. We will talk about clothes, complain about pms, shop for prom dresses, plan weddings, and wait in line for $5 crockpots on Black Friday.

Lord willing, we will always travel in a pack. I already look forward to those future memories with my girls.

Oh, we also will talk about your new girlfriend that you bring to dinner when we all go to the bathroom together. You might as well know that now.

But deep in my mothering heart, I know that won't be the deal with you. I know that boys leave their moms for a girl that has stolen their heart. That's why I have eaten up every single second of you while I can.

I know that I will blink and you will be running around with the neighbor boys, playing in the mud, working out in the garage with dad, joining the football team, and then ultimately find some know-it-all girl who thinks she knows more about you than I do.

Keep in mind that I spent 9 months carrying you, gained almost 50 pounds, endured swollen ankles, and then had my abdomen cut open to bring you into this world. Maybe you should write those facts on an index card, have it laminated, and always keep it in your back pocket. Just in case you ever need a refresher.

It's probably best that you make sure any prospect is strong enough to embrace 1 mother-in-law and 5 sister-in-laws. She's going to need tough skin. And a sense of humor.

So I thought I'd help you and your future bride out by drafting up a set of vows for her - I will work on yours in the years to come. Please know that these are subject to change at anytime, especially as your wedding gets closer...

I, girl who is 2nd place to your mother, take you Lincoln, to be my husband.

(I also take your mother to be my mentor and go-to girl for all life questions. After all, she does know everything.)

To have and to hold from this day forward.

(And speaking of holding, she should hold all of our children as soon as I deliver. She does have tons of experience and she did raise exceptional human beings like yourself and your beautiful sisters.)

For better or for worse,

(Although I just would like to say that life will always be better when your mother is right smack in the middle of our business. She has earned the privilege of knowing everything about me and my ways. I should probably give her access to all my social networking sites.)

for richer, for poorer,

(Which by the way, money will never matter because my new savvy mother in law can guide me on big purchases, shopping trips, and help me find the best deals on the latest trends...she is after all such a fashionista.)

in sickness and in health,

(And when you are sick, I think your mom should come take care of you because she is the only woman that will ever be able to truly comfort you. She's your world.)

 to love and to cherish;

(Even though I will never cherish you like your mother does. You should call her everyday and remind her how much you and I adore her. Schedule weekly lunch dates with her too so you can get her opinion on important decisions we are making at the time.) 

from this day forward until death do us part.

(Now lets go to the reception where your mom should have the first dance with you.)

I think that is completely appropriate, don't you?

Good, sweetie, I'm glad we agree :).


Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

All Together Now...

Happy Birthday to you...

happy birthday to you...

happy birthday to my sweet, lovable, squeezable, snuggly, little Lincoln...

happy birthday to you!

Oh I love ya, babe. I couldn't even begin to tell you how much joy you have brought to our little family this past year. Your daddy is so proud to have a "little buddy", your sisters adore you more every day, and I could snuggle into your sweet little neck and hear you giggle all day long.

You're a gift, and you turn 1 today! It is unbelievable!

We love you, sweet boy!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Mommy Wars

I kinda want to share something that's on my heart.

I posted a funny, light hearted post about Lincoln yesterday that I think was taken out of context. All the sudden I am a crazy mother who loves my boy more than my girls, and who is too attached to my children.

I'm not going to do any of that nonsense justice by posting the comments or the link to the forums where there was a thread started to basically run my blogand myself through the mud. I'm going to swallow my pride (and my comebacks) and just say this - 
it was hurtful. 

LikeI shared a week ago, I'm just a fellow mom trying to keep my head above water just like everyone else.

You spoil your babies, and I'll spoil mine, ok? I love each one differently, and I have special bonds with each child. And if you've been reading this blog for even a week, you know I love all my kids the same. There are no true "favorites".

Sarcasm. I have it. And I use it.

I have grown weary of all the judging, competition, and gossip that can come along with a group of ladies. I feel like this year I have seen a lot of people lash out at each other in ways I've never seen - like on Social Networking sites. Please, don't try to prove something by putting it on the Internet. That is just so petty, not to mention hurtful.

I can no longer stomach the whole, "who's the best mom, who has more money, nicer things, bigger homes, more kids, more time, less stress, more patience, a better figure..." Oh, the list could go on, right?

The mommy wars. They're exhausting.

Second guessing myself is unfortunately something that comes very natural to me - especially when making decisions about these little loves that God has entrusted to us. So for example, when I have to drag a crying child out of the store because we aren't buying an icee, I don't need the mommy mafia standing there questioning or judging if or how I discipline my children. I already question myself, my patience, and my parenting when I get to the car.

My kiddos and I can be a hot mess, just like everyone else...

(Sorry, that pic is a MUST post, wouldn't you say??)

Let's go easy on each other and remember that every child & every situation is different. Not to mention it's really not anyone's business.


I am who I am, dealing with what I've been given, trying to be the mom God wants me to be, making decisions that we feel are best for our family. And I'm cracking jokes along the way. A lady has to survive somehow, right?

So if I want to joke about how my future daughter-in-law will have special vows written by yours truly, then I will joke about that :).

He's my baby, and my only boy. I may never cut the cord. Deal with it, folks.

Now don't get me wrong. I have been that person who said something they shouldn't have, I have done it, I have been there, and I have said that. Everyone has.

But I'm just tired of moms picking on each other, and I wanted to voice that.

So why don't all of us moms and women uplift each other, include each other, and spend more time on our own lives instead of judging others? Let's try to stop the petty competition, and start asking ourselves about our own motives. Is that to much to ask?

There is nothing like a good girls day/night out filled with laughter and encouragement, you know, when you walk away feeling good and refreshed.

We need more of those times, don't we?

Monday, April 16, 2012

One Fish, Two Fish (We Threw A Party)

We had a little party over the weekend for Lincolns upcoming 1st birthday (it's not till Thursday). We did a One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish theme - the kiddos loved it!

I may have gone a tad overboard on the decor and goodies considering Lincoln doesn't really know its his birthday. But I know, and isn't the 1st birthday really for the mom anyway? Yes? I agree :).

Not to mention my little ladies had so much fun helping out, they had a blast.

He did great and seemed to enjoy all the festivities and company. I am over the moon for this kiddo, you may have picked up on that at some point over the past 12 months...

I ordered some things off of Etsy and I was thrilled with what I got. It was super cheap and super festive...2 things I thoroughly enjoy...

Of course we had balloons, Lincoln thinks they're hilarious. Although he looks a little afraid here...

We will be eating cupcakes for the rest of the week - no one is complaining...

Yes, you may reach in there and squeeze the party boy...

Another great idea I found online that ended up being price savvy were popcorn party favors. I went to the popcorn place at the mall and bought an embarrassing amount of red, blue, and yellow popcorn. Another thing that the kids thought were fantastic...

So that's a small glimpse of what we were up to in this neck of the woods. Can not believe that child will be 1 on Thursday. Is it ok if I talk about him a lot this week? Yes? Thanks.

Love him :).

Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Taking Care Of The Inside

I've taken some deep breaths. I know, you're so proud.

And I literally poured over your encouraging words. For real. They kinda made me think of this quote...

I love that. And oh is it true.

So I've been thinking. You know, after I confessed that motherhood was about to send me off the deep end - I tend to think a lot after publicly declaring my insanity.

I started thinking maybe its not just the kids. Maybe it's not just the housework. And maybe it's not just my endless to do list that's making things a little nutso. 

Maybe a good portion is due to me not taking care of myself on the inside as much as I do on the outside (that outside part includes the house and children).

Isn't that just like us women? We are always quick to hit that class at the gym, on time for our hair appointments, and fast to fill our bags with "fulfillment" at a clearance sale at Kohl's.

(They do have some pretty good sales though, don't they? And their return policy?? UNBEATABLE.)

(Sorry. I'm passionate about good deals. Moving on.)

But finding time to spend with the Lord? Well, I've been a bit of a slacker here lately.

I fill my calendar with lots of things, yet I still struggle with fitting in my quiet time with the One who gave me all I have, and the One who can help this chaotic feeling I've got going on inside.

I am known to set my alarm for that morning run and my feet hit the floor right on time because heaven forbid I miss that "me time".

I'm quick to complain that I get no time to myself when I can't get out for that run, an appointment, or a relaxing stroll through Target. But I don't seem to talk about how I missed my quiet time and how that might be affecting the 'ol attitude. I don't know, sisters, I'm just convicted about it.

A friend reminded me recently that while it's good for us to take care of ourselves on the outside, it's most important to take care of ourselves on the inside. What is going on in my heart is what matters most.

I need to be setting my alarm to spend some time with Him before I set myself loose on the battlefield of motherhood.

Filling my heart with His promises is top priority. And you know what the bottom line is? My kiddos need a mom whose heart is full of Him. Because that is where my patience, love, hope, and grace will come from.

So that's what is on my heart right now. Not profound, but the truth :).


On a side note, we're off to the store today to get ready for Lincoln's 1st birthday party this weekend. I CAN'T believe it! And am I going over the top with our theme?? Um, absolutely! Pics to come!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The One Where I Get Honest

Motherhood. I love it. Its not at all what I expected it to be, but I do obviously love it.

The hugs around the neck, the forgiveness they give that I myself haven't even learned how to give, the way they throw caution to the wind, the confidence they carry, the lack of judgement they have for others, and the way they love me without hesitation or boundaries.

Those are just a handful of things they teach me that I never expected to learn from someone who couldn't even tie their own shoes.

Its humbling.

My love for them is so passionate and so strong that its painful sometimes. I can't believe that I can love someone so deeply - and more than that, I can't believe that God's love for me is even deeper than that.

It is truly a love that knows no bounds, this mother and child bond that we share. But there is another side to it sometimes.

The pressure. The nonstop demands. The time when being annoyed turns into anger.

The angry mom. That's me lately.

Our days start out just like normal. But 3 hours later I find myself yelling at them somewhere as they stare at their frazzled mother, confused as to why I am at the end of my rope. All while some well intentioned stranger in the middle of the freezer section at the grocery is telling me, "how fast this time goes" and "how much I'll miss it."

I'm sure I'll miss it. It's just that right now that's hard to see since I'm having trouble forming full sentences come bedtime because my brain is so fried from the day.

These little people that I love so dearly can walk me to the edge, and then push me right off with a little nudge.

If its not them fighting, it's them whining. If they aren't running through the kitchen, they're destroying the basement I just cleaned. And if they aren't asking, "how come!?", they're saying, "that's not fair!".

(And for the love of all that is holy, can I just sit down and take one bite of my meal before they ask for something else!?)

(Deep breathe in.)

The tension builds, the arguing escalates, the noise level rises.

And all of the sudden it hits me. That overwhelmed feeling . I start to feel like I can't take another second of the fighting, and like I'm going to pull my hair out if I have to clean another another load of laundry...break up another fight...wash another dish.

The angry mom sets in, and the patient mom that they need goes away.

There are days when I should be fired.

Sometimes I can't believe the harsh things that come out of my mouth. I don't mean them, I'm just tired. I'm just trying to learn as I go. And I'm just trying to do this 6 kid thing without much sleep and without fail.

But deep inside I know that failing is part of motherhood. Deep inside I know that trial and error is part of the journey. And deep inside I know that He has already gone before me and paved the road I'm on.

Mothering is a constant reminder of how much I need Him.

He knew what He was doing when He put each little life in my womb. He knew when He placed each hair on their head that this would not only be a journey for them, but a huge learning journey for me.

He knew that He was going to use motherhood to mold me into a woman that reflects Him more.

(Although sometimes I think I reflect someone who should be taken away by men in white suits to a padded room where I can scream and punch the wall freely.)

(Again, just being honest.)

I don't have to have all the answers, and I'm never going to be the perfect mom. All I have to do is get through today. All you have to do is get through today. We will worry about tomorrow when the sun comes up.

Raising 6 (or any amount of) kids is stressful. And hard. And incredibly exhausting.

I want to add how wonderful it is as well - but today, and this week, and the past month, it's been more hard than wonderful. I hate admitting that.

I'm tired of the impression that so many other moms are always running a tight ship and raising perfect children every single day of the week. So just in case you're wondering, I don't. I get angry, I'm struggling with keeping my attitude in check, and there are times when I text a friend and say, "I just want to get in the car and drive away". Not everyday, but some days.

This is a season of survival.

I keep telling myself that I can't possibly be alone in feeling this way sometimes. That every other mother must feel something similar at some point. And if you've never felt this way, then you're either lying, or you should write a parenting book.

My kids don't need that angry lady yelling and barking orders, they need their mama. And honestly, friends, I clearly need them just as much as they need me.

I love them with my whole being. And I wouldn't trade this life for anything. But it's not always pretty. So if you're in the same boat, know that you're not alone :).

Here's to a new day, with new mercies, and fresh beginnings. All of which is grace.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Humor Me (Again)

You remember when I was so entertained by our first set of super hero pj's, right?

Well, over the weekend I got my first tie.

I mean, Lincoln had his first tie.

Sure, it was just stitched onto his onesie. But I laughed and laughed at my little businessman :).

Seriously, I know I need to get a grip. But after years of all pink and ruffles, the little boy clothes are so much fun for me!


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Mom Quiz

These are the questions of our lives. Or maybe just my life. You can decide.

1.) You go out for a morning run and upon arrival home you have 4 minutes before you need to wake the children. Do you...
A. Brush your teeth
B. Take the worlds quickest shower
C. Wait 5 minutes till the baby starts screaming then shower with him on your hip.
D. Wait till all the children are up and available to stand in the bathroom to confirm you have no privacy.

2.) Breakfast is over for the kids and now you have 90 seconds to eat something before the first fight of the day breaks out over who holds the remote. Do you...
A. Eat the leftover scraps from the table.
B. Eat the half eaten granola bar that's in your pocket from yesterday (yes, you have the same pants on).
C. Pray that Starbucks has started delivering breakfast to moms across the nation at 8am every morning.
D. Eat Cheerios out of the no spill bowl that you poured for your baby while one child hangs on your leg.

3.) There are 47 loads of laundry to do and only 24 hours in the day. Do you...
A. Pack the washer way beyond capacity and hope the water reaches every piece.
B. Drag it all to goodwill and start over.
C. Eat a donut.
D. Ignore it and wait for it to wash itself.

4.) 3 of your kids have soccer. The oldest has soccer at 5:30 and the middle 2 have soccer at 6pm. They all need to eat 1 hour before and will want to eat again within 1 hour of being home. Then all 6 need baths before the 1st bedtime at 7:15 and the 2nd bedtime at 7:45 which is basically impossible. How do you go about this without losing your mind?

Explain your solution & show your work.

5.)  "Me time" is now defined as...
A. Sitting in the car by yourself during soccer practice.
B. A root canal on a sunny afternoon.
C. Walking to the mailbox.
D. All of the above.

6.) The FedEx guy rings the doorbell and you are still in snowman pajama pants. Your one pair of jeans are hanging dry cause you NEVER put denim in the dryer, so you change into...
A.) Black yoga pants
B.) Grey yoga pants
C.) Navy yoga pants
D.) Your old maternity sweat pants

7.) You were just ripped from your sleep by (please note that the offender is subject to a don't-wake-mama outburst followed by a heartfelt & half-asleep apology)...
A. A child who has peed in their bed
B. A child who has peed in your bed
C. A child who has thrown up in their bed
D. A child who has thrown up in your bed

8.) When driving alone in the car Dora the Explorer comes on your Ipod and it takes you how long to change it...
A. 5 seconds
B. 10 seconds
C. 15 seconds
D. Before you know it, you realize you are at a stop light with the window rolled down and you have sang along to the whole song. (You know you don't know any adult songs anymore.)

9.) You tell the children to sit at the table quietly, but it translates into kid language as...
A. Run around the table till someone falls and cries.
B. Act like your sippy cups are bowling balls.
C. Say you aren't eating what is cooking before you've even seen it.
D. Start making fake crying noises cause mom hasn't heard enough actual crying and whining today.

10.) 67 is...
A. The amount of times someone yelled "mom!" in the past 10 minutes.
B. How many diapers you changed this week.
C. The amount you spent at Target after going in for only 1 thing that cost $3.99.
D. The amount of times you've said this week that your car should have one of those dividers that can go up and down like in a limo.

11.) You can't get anywhere on time. For this you blame...
A. Shoes that won't tie themselves.
B. Someone inevitably always has to go potty the moment you're ready to walk out the door.
D. Not being able to find your car keys that have been clipped to YOUR OWN belt loop for the past 20 minutes.

12.) While on the phone, one of the children is saying, "". Their important question is...
A. How tall are you?
B. Can turtles jump?
C. Is Ohio a country?
D. Can you flush a barbie doll?

(insert me banging my head against the nearest wall after that last one.)

13.) You still have 45 minutes till the husband gets home. 2 children are fighting, 2 are crying, and 2 have the tv volume turned up to 84. You...
A. Consider scheduling a tubal.
B. Consider scheduling a vasectomy.
C. Eat another donut.
D. Call your mom and apologize for anything you ever did as a child.
*Bonus option!*
E. All of the above.

14.) While changing clothes, with all the kids in your room of course, you hear...
A. Total silence. Just stares, wide eyes and looks of confusion and wonder on their face. You might get an occasional self esteem boosting, "you're really big" or "what is that???". (please note that the test administrator decided there was only one answer for this question)

(Its shocking that mothers get out of bed in the morning sometimes, isn't it?)

15.) You're life is...
A. Busy, but so blessed.
B. Completely exhausting, but fulfilling.
C. Chaotic, but packed full of sweetness.
D. All of the above.

Sigh, what would I do with all my extra time if I didn't have to answer these pressing questions all day long :)?

Your life is filled with these same questions, right?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chicken Nuggets You Aren't Afraid To Eat

The kiddos love their nuggets, don't they?

But what the processed nuggets are made of these days? Well, I can't bring myself to serve them at my table anymore. I stopped buying them months ago.

(Not that we don't run through chik-fil-a now and then.)

(The movie Food Inc and this video always remind me why I don't buy them at the grocery.)

SO, I found a good recipe and started making my own. It is super easy. Here are the details...

You will need:

- 16oz of skinless chicken breasts cut into small, bite sized pieces
- Salt and Pepper to taste
- 2 teaspoons Olive Oil
- 6 tablespoons of Italian seasoned breadcrumbs - I buy whole wheat when I can find them.
- 2 tablespoons Panko
- 2 tablespoons grated Parmesean cheese
- Spray Olive Oil

The nice thing is you can add more or less flavoring, or mix in what you think sounds good.

Preheat oven to 425°. Spray a baking sheet with olive oil spray. Put the olive oil in one bowl and the breadcrumbs, Panko and Parmesan cheese in another. Season chicken with salt and pepper, then put in the bowl with the olive oil and mix well so the olive oil evenly coats all of the chicken.

Put a few chunks of chicken at a time into the breadcrumb mixture to coat, then on the baking sheet. Lightly spray the top with olive oil spray then bake 8 - 10 minutes. Turn over then cook another 4 - 5 minutes or until cooked though.

That's it! It really is a quick meal if you have thawed chicken ready to use.

They store well in the fridge, and I am going to investigate how they can be properly frozen - cause how convenient would that be!?

I promise you will not be let down, our kiddos loved them!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Command Center

I was shopping at Target, I know, you're surprised.

I was actually there by myself the other night, which for me is like a vacation. Is there anything better than being able to roam the aisles aimlessly without having to stop to pick up popcorn, or haul everyone to the bathroom for the 3rd time?

I usually go in for a few things, but then somehow end up looking at new towels and shower curtains. Then something leads me into the beauty section where I stand and wonder if I should start buying the anti-aging face lotion that would make me look like I've had a full night of sleep at some point in the past 8 years. That IS what it promises, right??

I'm rambling? Sorry.

The bottom line is this...

And my answer to that question is, "Yes, I would love to." (if I had money to waste, that is.)

Anyway, I found these wipe boards on the end of an aisle, you know, where the red sale stickers live. They were 4 bucks and I just knew they would fit perfectly above our coat rack. So I bought 3 and Eric hung them for me and I could not be happier.

I now have their coats, backpacks, shoes, and details or reminders I need for the week written right above it all. I call it our Command Center.

Not too shabby, huh?

I'm all about some good organization, and I'm kind of on a mission to get the ol' family running a tad smoother. We've seen some crazy days lately - I need order, people.

So that's something that we did this weekend. We live on the wild side. Gone are the days of staying up late and sleeping in, now are the days of kids in our bed at 6am and Saturday morning trips to Lowe's.

I love Lowe's. I want to repaint rooms and build swing sets when we go there. They inspire the handyman within.

(rambling again)

Hope you had a great weekend!