Thursday, October 28, 2010

These Hand-Me-Downs...

Have seen a lot of playgrounds...

And crawled on a lot of floors...

Ella wore both pairs, then Reese and Char, and now Kinley and Raya...

They are my favorite hand-me-downs, I just can't let them go!

It's probably time to pack them away for good, but I think I'll let the girls wear them a few more times :).

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Now Thats A Slide...

Oh your sleep remedies were great. I'm trying them out, and looking forward to catching some much needed zzz's :).

I've been taking the girls to this new park that our friends introduced us to - and let me tell ya, it's a real hit...

Yea I know, thats the longest slide I've ever seen!

And they loovve it! Even Kinley & Raya go down, it's hilarious. Here's hoping we can get a few more times in before the weather turns really cold.

Fall is definitely still my favorite, but I did see some Christmas placemats at Target the other day, and it got me pretty excited for the holiday season. It's to early for Christmas music, right?

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Remember When I Thought I Was Tired...

I love being pregnant.

But you guys...

I'm so tired.

I mean, exhausted!

It's a fatigue like I've never felt.

This pregnancy has been SO different than any other.

The sweet little babe is kicking my tail!

It's surely a boy :). (although we'd love another savvy!)

I always want to sit down.

I love sitting down.

It's my favorite past time.

The bladder calls almost every night around 3am, and I just can't get back to sleep.

Isn't 14 weeks a little early for this to be starting??



Sleep remedies??

Saturday, October 23, 2010

These Little Cheerleaders...

have had so much fun this season. Laughing, cheering, and goofing around - you know, what little girls do :).

Ella's team is in the tournament this weekend, here's hoping they keep winning - I don't think I'm ready for the season to be over!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Can You Guess...

what we did...

with the older girls...

after we...

put the babes...

in bed???

Boy, did they have fun with those necklaces, and it made for some pretty cool pics too!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Babe...

Is growing great! He or she is actually measuring a week ahead!

Here's a little profile shot...

We are so happy that everything seems to be coming along just like it should. Everytime I see the ultrasound, I'm amazed again at how God can create such a miracle. So amazing!

I'm off to pack a dinner and head to the park with the little ladies. Dad is working late (again), so PB&J at the park seems like a great idea :)!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


lined up a sitter...

arranged pick-up for Ella...

had Eric take off work...

pushed back a photo shoot...

had butterflies in my stomach just thinking of the ultrasound...

prayed and prayed that everything would be ok...

walked into the OB office...

went to check in...

and my appointment was NOT on the schedule for today!

That's right, it's not today, it's tomorrow.


I couldn't believe it - I felt SO silly!

Oh well, I guess it happens all the time, right? No? Sigh...

So hopefully tomorrow I will have some pics and info to share of the know, if my appointment is indeed tomorrow :).

Monday, October 18, 2010

Things I Forgot, But Remembered Today...

1. It is completely possible to eat entire sleeve of Ritz crackers in one afternoon. Not that I (almost) did that.

2. Sitting down while pregnant is not an option - unless you want to fall asleep in 60 seconds.

3. Sam's has the best crushed ice - ever.

4. It isn't the best idea to let two 4yr olds go into the Sam's bathroom alone - even if you are standing right outside the door with the cart and babies. You would never believe how many paper towels those dispensers actually hold, and how quickly they can empty them.

5. Cake. Is always a temptation. STOP baking them.

6. Editing photos can get lengthy, but is also sorta therapeutic for me.

7. A Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks only makes your day better.

8. Dinner is hard to make when all you feel like eating are poptarts.

9. It's been years since I've bought a box of poptarts - but all the sudden I'm totally ok with them again - processed filling and all.

Half of this list was about food. Nice.

Sooo, I'm off to figure out what to whip up for dinner. I'm really wishing I would've put something in the crockpot this morning! Tomorrow we have an ultrasound to check on the babe. The Dr. wants to do a scan since we've had such a rocky 1st trimester. Although last week I crossed over into my 2nd trimester - Praise the Lord!

Here's hoping for a healthy ultrasound and some little pics to share of him or her! I kinda wish they could give us a guess at what the gender is - I know, patience.

I'm workin' on it.

It's probably another little lady, right? :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This Time Last Year...

I took these pictures of my ladies...

But I haven't taken them out this Fall for another little "photo session."

My oh my, have they grown. Would ya look at those baby cheeks!?

Someone tell me to get out there and take updated pics of them!?

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, October 15, 2010


the girls had a day off school...

they made necklaces...

I chased the babies around the couches because they laugh SO hard when I do...

I also lost my cool a couple times, and then felt bad...

Ella offered to take us all out to lunch with the 50 cents that she got for her lost tooth...

and I edited some pictures...

we went to the park...

spilled juice all over the picnic table...

laughed with friends...

ate a late lunch...

Raya kept saying my favorite phrase that she has, "Idunno", while she puts her hands in the air...

and came home so the babies could take naps. (oh how I wish I could get one too!)


I am going to the grocery...

considering looking for some new jeans (Lord help me)...

and getting my hair cut.

It is a much needed breather for mom.

I kinda want to cut a good amount off my hair, but it's been long for SO long (no pun)! Should I? Or should I keep it long? I would loovve to add a little bit of color, but I'm a little worried about that since I'm pregnant (even though the Dr said it would be fine). Do you color your hair while pregnant??

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Play The Mom Card

And I hover - a lot. I do. I can't help it.

In fact, I swear when Ella's school see's me coming they say, "Oh mercy, here comes Mrs. P, again. Wonder what she is over analyzing now??"

But just for the record, I don't care if they do. That is my child that God has entrusted to me. And I will ask questions and show up when I want to. Know why? Because I'm her mom, that's why!

I play the mom card all the time.

When I was a senior in High School, my friends and I gave my mom, Judy, a nickname - The Judge. Judge Judy to be more specific - I laugh even thinking of it now. We always knew where she stood, and she played no games, but we all loved her - she was fun, and genuine. If you knew me all those years ago, you might remember that a good amount of parental control was a good thing for me. I was a good kid and all, but...let's just say I had a wild streak.

I rarely got away with anything - and even when I thought I did, she really knew all along. I would've never tried to hop out my window cause I knew that woman would be standing in the yard on the other side. I was annoyed and there were definitely times I thought she was crazy, but I never doubted once that she had my best interest at heart. I knew she followed me close cause she loved me.

And when I asked her to back off, she played the mom card.

I can't thank her enough for that.

And now, I have Ella. This little girl who still falls into the "one of my babies" category, is growing - fast. She is only in the 1st grade, and yet I feel sometimes like I'm talking to a 12 year old. She's always been mature for her age, and she has always been very articulate - and I love that about her, she is such a big help. But it's like I'm having trouble accepting that she is growing, coming into her own, and letting go a little. She wants more privileges and a little less hovering by mom.

I feel her independent will pulling away a little - ready to grow, and ready for more.

So I hover - and hold on tightly, and play the mom card, and tell her what to eat for lunch and what kind of milk to buy. I don't even like to let her go on a play date because I don't know what she's doing exactly, or what snack they're eating, or what might come on the TV while she's there.

I know. I'm crazy.

I tell myself that it's good to follow closely, that that's what "good mom's" do. But can I follow too close? Try to have to much control? Make her feel that she just wants a breather from me as she gets older? Oh I hope not. I want that healthy combination that my mom had with me.

So I keep going. Trying to figure out this raising kids gig as I go. Hoping I make some good decisions somewhere along the line, and pray that God will guide me.

I guess the good news is, is that I have a lot of other mama's who feel/or have felt the same way, right??

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bath Baby

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Things I Learn

I came across this post this weekend and I just had to share. It's from Lot's Of Scotts, which is such a great read - you should definitely check it out if you haven't before! It really has hit home with me - I, like so many, have learned the hard way that relationships can just get messy sometimes. I actually emailed her and said, "I think I'm going to print this out and hang it on my wall!"

So anyway, here it is...

"Here are the things I learned/relearned today:

1- Always tell the truth. Sooner or later it all comes out in the wash.

2- Speak the truth in love. People are much more apt to 'hear' you when they are convinced of your genuine care and concern for them.

3- Go directly to the source whenever telling someone their zipper is down, it is uncomfortable initially but worth it in the end.

4- As much as I detest 'drama' it comes with the territory of loving people. Pushing through the muck is worth it for people you care about.

5- Listen more than you speak. Pray even more than that. Pray specifically that as you listen God will give you the ability to really hear what is going on beneath the surface and the wisdom and discernment to respond in a way that is pleasing to Him.

6- Remain humble and full of grace. At the end of the day we are all sinners dealing with other sinners.

7- Some of life's most uncomfortable lessons are the ones we most need to learn.

8- The two greatest commands: Love God. Love one another."

(Thanks again, JMom - I really appreciate your wisdom!)

And now, I'm off to get the kiddos ready and head to the Dr for a check-up on the babe :). Here's hoping we get to hear that sweet little heartbeat!

Friday, October 8, 2010

An Afternoon At The Park...

Just hangin' out while we wait to go get Ella from school.

I think Fall is the best time for the park, don't you??

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh The Dreams...

Ever since about 7 weeks into this pregnancy I have had the most vivid dreams - good, bad, and crazy.

The other night after I finally got back to sleep after being ripped from my slumber by a puking child - you know when they wake you, but before you know whats happening they throw up all down your side of the bed? Yea, awesome.

Anyway, I had this dream that I had an ultrasound appointment to check on the baby. When I was laying there I said, "does the baby look ok?" And the tech said, "Baby? You mean, babies? Sweetie you have 3 babies in there."

And I was stunned! I laid there thinking of everything that was to come and all the changes we were going to have to make - not to mention what everyone else would say!

But again, then I woke up and it took me a few minutes to really realize that it was a dream. They feel SO real. Sometimes I even have to get up and go get a drink of water or something to really come out of them. Crazy, huh?

Anyone else have vivid dreams like this during pregnancy?

There Was A Time...

when no one was as excited about my Fall flowers as I was...

Until now.

And they just climb up on the table to check 'em out.

They know they are not allowed to climb on the table, but how can I be mad when they are giggling like that?? Sheesh, they are good at getting away with things :).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Might Be Addicted

Just for a minute, I want to laugh at the fact that I am actually embarrassed when the clerks at Target see us coming - because we are there a few mornings a week due to our preschool schedule. As you all know well, my girls and I frequent the local Target(s), Chickfila's, and parks on school mornings. I know, we are really exciting - try to contain yourself.

But yesterday, I almost kept my sunglasses on when we walked through the doors so they didn't know I was there...yet again. Like sunglasses are going to disguise me and my crew. Geez, good thing I don't work in undercover operations. I actually thought, "Maybe I should go to the Target south of town."

I know, I can't believe I'm admitting that. I think confessing this to you all takes our friendships to a new (funny) level - we're friends for the long haul now people. Come rain or shine...or Target rehab. Don't be afraid. :)

I thought I'd post this poem again, I wrote it over a year ago. Am I really the only one???

The morning is crazy,
And the babies are tired.
I’m needing some coffee,
And my 3yr olds are wired.

Off in the distance,
There is a small sign of hope.
That big Red bulls eye,
That always helps me cope.

The doors pull open,
And there’s a feeling of peace.
Target and Starbucks,
“Mommy, your favorite!” says Reese.

Your deals draw me in,
Like a new wide eyed pup.
And now there is the new Target brand,
The affordable, Up & Up.

I try to stay focused,
Stay true to my list.
But we all know the holiday candy aisle,
Can never be missed.

I cruise the end of the aisles,
Where the best deals are found,
“Perimeter shopping”,
I am red sticker bound.

So off to the checkout,
Where the cashiers know us well.
Do you love Target like we do?
Oh please, do tell!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I Love A Random List

1. I know I've been saying it - but it really is Fall, and I have the best new candle to prove it. It's dark brown and smells like a fireplace...or something.

2. I love my old fleece (yes I will only wear that "one") as much as my hoodies - it's just the best.

3. I have been drinking lots of Hot Chocolate.

4. I buy the "light" kind, but then use 2 packs. I don't know why I do it.

5. Fall is my favorite time of the year to take pictures...

6. I wanted to steal those dresses for my own girls.

7. I didn't though - that would be bad for business.

8. I worry about this pregnancy. A lot.

9. My morning sickness has been a bit better, although I'm still pretty sick at night. Anyone else have it bad at night??

10. My heart overflows when I think of another little love. Oh Lord, please keep this baby safe and healthy!

11.A lady in the Doctors office said, "you have 5!? You ARE crazy!"

12. I felt for sure that we had the "crazy" title in common. (I just smiled)

13. We got a new Area Rug for our main floor (thanks, mom!), and I absolutely loovve it. I'll have to take some pics and show ya.

14. The girls have asked me for something 14 times while I typed this.

15. Yes, I counted.

16. One of them just asked me, "can I borrow some money?"

17. And now I'm off to play with those little ladies, and figure out what all this borrowing money business is about!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shadow Boxes

I posted a pic a few weeks back that had these in the background, and I got some questions about them. "What are those things in the background!?"

They are Shadow Boxes that I made after the girls were born. (sorry the color isn't great - it's rainy here and I'm low on natural light!)

They were super inexpensive, yet for me, they hold SO much value. I got these at Kohl's I think on clearance for like $12 when I was still pregnant with Reese and Char. I actually haven't been able to do Kin &Ray's yet because I haven't come across any like these lately, and I've already accepted that I probably won't find a deal as good! But I am on a mad search because I really want one in their room, and eventually (Lord willing), one in the new babe's room :).

In Reese & Charlotte's I have their Bassinet cards, hospital bands, and those teeny socks we put on them when they were brand new. And in Ella's I put her hospital band, Bassinet card, hat, and a pic from the day we brought her home. We were advised to lay her in front of our glass screen door so she could get some natural sunlight - she had a pretty good case of Jaundice.

I can't believe they are 4 and 6.

They are some of my favorite things in the house - they actually got their own box with bubble wrap when we moved :).

So there they are! I love 'em!

And The Vintage Pearl Winner Is...

...#51, Marisa! Congrats, girl!

Email me at so I can send you all the info!

Friday, October 1, 2010

I Think It's Finally Fall...

So I have pulled ALL our hoodies out. Because I just love 'em so much. For me, for the girls, for everyone...

Please tell me someone else loves a warm, cozy hoodie as much as I do??