Sunday, July 20, 2008

About Me

My name is Kate. I am wife to Eric, and mama to 5 little girls and one little man. While those are 2 of my favorite titles, I am also a daughter to an amazing mother, sister, foster mom, photographer, and a friend to some of the funniest ladies around.

I started this little blog back in 2008 when fellow friend bloggers insisted that I needed to do this seeing as I was about to have our 2nd set of twins. "You'll have so much to write about" they said. But I argued, "I won't be able to stick with it....when will I ever make the time??" But I found out quickly that I loved the community in this big blog world, and the rest is history.

I gave birth to Ella in 2004, Reese & Charlotte in 2006, Kinley & Raya in 2008, and Lincoln in 2011.

It's was a busy 6 years.

Oh, and yes, they are 2 sets of twins, no they don't run in our family, and yes I do have my hands full. But I love it, thankyouverymuch.

We are currently fresh into our foster to adopt journey. Strap in, cause it's all kinds of crazy.

Anyway, I love my many little loves, a girls night out, organic groceries, diet coke w/ crushed ice, taking pictures, weekend shopping trips, cookouts, bright colors, hummus...mmmm, laughing till I cry, and the smell of laundry out of the dryer. But most of all, we love the Lord. After all, He is the reason that we have what we do - and He is the One that loves us most.

And if you're wondering - I don't enjoy traffic, long lines, jello molds, strawberries, bad attitudes, muppets, or the circus. Random, but true.

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I would love to hear from you!!

I'm so glad that you stopped by, and I look forward to getting to know you!