Friday, February 27, 2009

Backpacks, Haircuts & Wraps

If you are looking for a new baby bag, I highly suggest a diaper bag backpack. It has lots of compartments, and is one less thing that I have to carry...kinda, it is strapped to my back. It frees up my hands though so I can deal with other things, like trying to catch 2 two year olds running down the middle of the mall while I try to feed the babies and push the stroller at the same know, normal everyday tasks. My favorite thing is that it doesn't need to be under the stroller, which obviously gives me so much more room to store things. Here are a few of my favorites (one I actually carry):

You can read more about all this at Multiple Bliss.....

Head on over there!


I was out shopping yesterday with my mom and all the girls. I decided in the middle of Elder Beerman to take Ella into the salon there and get all her hair cut off in to a cute little bob style. The stylist did an awesome job, and Ella looks darling...not that I'm partial. (I will have to post a pic.)
When we got up to the counter to pay, I was expecting to hear something like "that will be $22", or somewhere in that range. You know how much it was?? 4 Bucks! What? Apparently, the Arden Salons in Elder Beermans charge by the age of the child up to 5. Fantastic, huh!? Reese & Charlotte's are only $2 a piece! I love it. Just had to share this great deal.


Tonight Eric and I are going to rent a movie and I'm going to cook up some yummy food. One of the menu items is Asians Lettuce Wraps. I found the recipe from this site. While searching for different ways to make them, I came across the recipe for the P.F. Changs lettuce wraps! I might try that one too. Anyone ever tried it before? Here is the link to that one. I'm also going to throw some guacamole and hummus in there on the side. I love hummus, I would eat it on just about anything. Hopefully everything turns out good...1st time recipes are always a fun time.

Anyone have some new or classic recipes that are a family favorite? Kid friendly meals? I would love to get some new recipes in our house!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Just wanted to do a quick post to tell everyone about Blogalicious Designs. These ladies are great at what they do and fun to work with. They hooked this blog up with some fun little gadgets, and I love them! (Thanks again!) If you are looking for someone to update your blog, head on over here or click on the Blogalicious button on my sidebar to check out what these blog designing moms are up to!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This isn't going to be exactly "Wordless", but mine never are. At the grocery store last night, I found this, the Easter Candy Aisle. And yes, people stared as I stood there and took a picture of it with my phone. You may remember from this post, that I have a deep, faithful love for peeps. Please, for your viewing pleasure, go to the peeps website....I laughed quite a bit. Apparently there is a big following, and let me tell you, they mean business. You can play games, join the fan club, and even order online. Peeps are a big deal people.

Anyway, you might also remember from this post, that I am dedicated to getting totally back in shape, completely toned, and in the best shape of my life...never going to happen, but it's fun to think about. So...that means I am staying out of the holiday candy aisles...a girl can try can't she? I had to be strong, I had to resist the temptation, and I couldn't let myself be lured into their goodness by the new colors that they come in this season. I have a rigid "get in shape plan", and peeps just don't fit in at the gym. (ok, it's not that rigid, but it's working.)

And then it happened, happiness took form in the shape of a yellow marshmallow chick when I saw this:

Is it true? Peeps with no sugar, and half the calories?? After I pulled myself together, I cleared the shelves into my cart and checked out. Well, not the entire shelf, but I thought about it. So there it is, wishes do come true, the candy companies are listening, and now I can enjoy my peeps this season guilt free. It's a wonderful thing.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Homeschool Advice

Thanks everyone for your comments and all your emails. I am so thankful for all you had to say, and the advice you have to offer. It is such a big decision and we will continue to pray through it. I am completely planning on emailing everyone back, and responding to comments some point...hopefully. I do have more questions and look forward to hearing more about your experiences. Thanks again!
I am wanting to pick some of your brains out there about Homeschooling. Like I have mentioned before, we are looking for a new home for our growing family. As we look through homes in different towns, 1 thing is always on our mind..."what are the schools like here?"

I have to be honest. Every time we pass the elementary building in each neighborhood, I get a knot in my stomach. My sweet Ella is almost 5, and will be heading into one of these big buildings this Fall.....unless I homeschool. I know that this may be a "letting go" thing, and that I will most likely have trouble when I watch her walk in that 1st day with her backpack and cute little ponytail. Seriously, I'm tearing up.

If you would've asked me a year ago if I would consider homeschooling, I would of said something like, "No way! Definitely not for me...not a chance." I guess time has changed my mind...or has God changed my heart?

So, what are your thoughts? What is your view on Homeschool vs. Private/Public Schools?
How do you manage many small children while homeschooling?
Am I really "wired" to homeschool? Can I do it?
Would she benefit more in a classroom?
Don't kids need the social part of being at school? Don't they need that interaction with other kids?
Does every mom go through this when their 1st child starts school?

I would love to hear your advice, experiences, and thoughts. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Beautiful Couple...Target & Popcorn

Well, it all started when the alarm didn't go off this morning.
Or did I turn it off? Either way, we're late.

Oh preschool...are we ever on time? Are we ever completely prepared? Sometimes we are, most times we're not...or I'm not...or, whatever. I ended up getting Ella to the door and realized we were missing a game that she had brought home that was ready to be passed on to the next kiddo. So the 4 younger girls and I are on our way back home to pick up the game that I shamefully forgot. Because that's the most convenient thing for me to do.....It's not like I have 2 babies to feed.....and two 2 yr olds that are now crying because they thought we were going straight to a playground.....It's exactly what I had planned.....and that next kid is going to need counseling if he doesn't get this game to take home today.

Alright, enough complaining.

We get home, get the game, and return it. Preschool is back in order. And where do we go?? Obviously, Target. I got them all out in the rain, and hauled them into the store. Just when I thought I had completely lost my mind for taking all 4 of them in, I saw it...the reason I had gone there in the first place...Starbucks. I started doing my "happy dance" for the girls. They thought it was hilarious. The employees on the other hand? I think they thought I had been eating my make-up...and that my mind was completely gone for good. Thats ok though, I am for some reason, completely fine with the "she has gone a little crazy" label. I will wear it like a crown.

I buy the largest Latte they will sell me...why it doesn't come in "super size" or "mega size" or "why would anyone need a gallon of coffee size" is beyond me. I decide to appease the girls with some 10am, nothing like a bag full of "Blast 'O Butter" popcorn this early in the morning. I head to the back of the store to rummage through the 75% off Valentines Day stuff...I love 75% off sales. I will run, tackle, and fight for a good 75% off sale. There are deals to be had my friends, and I am a woman on a mission.

And did you think we were going to get out of the store without spilling a whole bag of popcorn all over the floor?? Can we all say, "clean up in the infant clothing section." Tell me, what does a mom that has 4 children 2 and under with her in Target do with the popcorn on the floor? I can't walk away, there is a fellow shopper standing right there watching the whole show. You know what this mom did? I picked it up, and looked for a trash can...but no such luck.

So I ate it.

That concluded my preschool morning. I figured eating popcorn off the floor was a good sign that it was time to check out and go home. So with one baby screaming, I paid for my items, and loaded the bags on the stroller. The check out lady actually said to the customer in front of me, "this lady has 2 sets of twins, and another one in preschool!" The Target employees know me. "It looks overwhelming, but she has it under control."

If you only knew lady, if you only knew.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On The Menu

I found this recipe for Simple Low-Fat Chili w/ Corn in one of my new Crock Pot Cookbooks I got for is sooo good! Thought I'd share in case you were looking for a new chili recipe to warm up your meal! Here are the details:

- 3 pounds of lean ground beef (I use ground turkey)

- 2 cans (14.5 ounces each) diced tomato's, undrained

- 2 cans (14.5 ounces each) chili beans, undrained

- 2 cups sliced onions

- 1 can (12 ounces) yellow corn, drained

- 1 cup chopped green bell pepper

- 1 can (8 ounces) tomato sauce

- 3 tablespoons chili powder

- 1 teaspoon garlic powder

- 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin

- 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano

Cook meat, drain, and put in 5 quart (or more) crock pot. Add additional ingredients and cook on low 4 hours.

I actually add extra corn and bell peppers just for more flavor, and a can more of tomato's and beans. You can alter a little in a lot of ways which is great. Add sour cream, cheese, crackers, or whatever sounds good! It makes a good amount, so you can have left overs or freeze it for another day. Enjoy!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Real Deal On Our Love

I can't count the number of times I have been asked, "what are you guys doing for Valentines Day!?" Well...

We went on a weekend getaway.
We had no kids to tame, no diapers to change, and had absolutely no schedule.
We stayed in a nice hotel with an amazing view that looked out over the water.
We slept in and ordered breakfast in bed.
We took long walks on the beach, held hands, talked about life, and listened to the waves hit the shore.
At night, we watched the sunset and had quiet, romantic dinners by the fire.

Not Really.

In all honesty, we had a busy day of running errands, and a normal night of baths, pajamas, snacks, feeding babies, and bedtimes. I was in bed at 9:45pm, no joke.

With 5 small children, those "getaways" are not always practical. Instead, we spend time as a family. We eat chips & salsa and rent a movie after the kids go to bed. We currently like spending time together searching for our new home...when we can get a Sunday afternoon to do so. I have also noticed that our "date nights," have turned into "day dates." And truth be told, I don't mind.....I thought I would, but I don't.

I'm not going to lie, it's not easy to stand outside the "Social Norm." And to be brutally honest, as a mom, it's lonely sometimes. It can be tough to watch other couples with smaller families go on weekend trips, spend time alone, and have date nights. But would I trade it for anything? Never. And does God make mistakes? Definitely not. And is it possible that our Sovereign God chose this road to make us more make a stubborn, independent girl like me rely more on Him? Absolutely, there is no doubt in my mind. Praise The Lord for my 5 sweet girls...I don't feel like I could breathe without them. I've always been one to jump on board with the saying, "a baby will change your life," and I still do think that. But having 5 children in less than 4.5 years, has not only changed my life, it has changed who I am. I am not the same girl I was last year, or 6 months ago for that matter.

Now, due to all of the above, I'm OK without a super-charged, expensive, romantic, Hallmark Valentines Day. I really do love all the fun little holidays, they are always fun. Ours just may be a little different for awhile. I need to be remember everyday to love my husband with all I have, and we need to remember everyday to celebrate each other. With this many small children, we have to be thankful for any time we have alone, even if we're just running errands.

With all that said, I hope everyone had a fun, sweet Valentines Day! Anyone do something super fun? Any fantastic presents?? Do tell!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Help You Can Trust

I usually don't offer much advice, probably because I am always looking for some. But if you have small children, whether you have 2 or 20, you need a break now and then. We are currently finding out that just one person can't babysit anymore. I feel like we have to bring in a small team, haha. The dynamic of 5 under 4 is enough to send a person straight off the edge or running from our front door screaming. Especially if you didn't carry them for 9 months and don't have that maternal bond to them, I think that's how I do it alone...God chose me to be their mom, and for that I will maintain my sanity and stay home with them, day in and day out.....and soak up this time that I will never get back. I'm rambling...anyway...

Ideally I would like to have everything in place when the babysitters show up. Laundry put away, floors swept, kitchen cleaned, kids in their pajamas, and me showered, completely ready to go. This never happens when I'm trying to get out of the house. In fact, the exact opposite happens. Laundry baskets sitting out, kitchen is a mess, girls are in princess dresses, and I had just finished drying my hair after showering with a bouncy seat in the bathroom. I'm just trying to get one stinkin' minute by myself without someone yelling my name, whining, spitting up on me, peeing on their pants, or swallowing Lite Brites...that's a whole other post, but believe me, they can swallow multiple pieces at one time.

The Bottom Line? It's really hard to get out...and do you ever have those times when you wonder if the time by yourself is worth all the work it takes to actually get out the door??

Last night for example, I had a meeting I had to be at, and I enlisted my Mom & her husband, and Eric's mom to come watch the girls until Eric could get home around 8:30pm. I get out the front door 10 minutes later than I had planned, which is actually pretty good for me. My cell phone isn't charging right, so I told them to call if there was a problem, but that I might only have 20 seconds to talk about it. 10 minutes after I left, my mom calls.

Mom: Kate, the powers out.

Me: The power is out!? Like the lights are off?

Mom: Yep, completely dark, the girls are freaking out, and I can't find a flashlight.

Me: Up on top of the cabinets in the kitchen there are 2 you are going to have to stand on a chair, in the dark, and feel around for them.

Mom: Got it, don't head home right away, they might come back on soon, and Cheryl is already on the phone with the power company. I'll call you in a few.

I seriously sat there and thought, "Of course the lights are out, I'm out by myself, why would the power stay on!? Now not only are they dealing with chaos, they are doing it in the dark." My mom called 20 min later and said the power was back on, and that things were fine. I couldn't help but think of how amazing and wonderful it is to have our families here to help us. So we can get out a little, and not have to worry about anything. We can relax and enjoy our time out knowing that they can handle the kiddos, even when things get a little crazy. We are completely grateful for the 2 women that literally always take over when Eric and I need to be somewhere, I don't know what we would do without them.

Although it takes a lot of planning to get out for a few hours by myself, it is totally worth it in the end. I feel refreshed and de-stressed...even when there is a minor crisis while I'm gone.

Oh, rumor has it that there is a great new article that has just been published over at Blissfully Domestic...hee hee...go check it out!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Most Random Post You Will Read All Day

Instead of staring the elliptical in the face today like I was last week, I was staring into the speaker at the Wendy's drive-thru and into the Tupperware bin that held the many Valentines Day cupcakes we made for Ella's preschool class. Why do I buy the bags of Valentines Day hearts? You either love them or you hate them...and I just so happen to fall into the madly, deeply, truly, forever committed, in love with them group. Why don't I just eat sugar right out of the bag? To top it off, when I took Ella to Target to get her little cards for her classmates, I saw the heart shaped guys.....I thought I was going to fall to my knees. Easter Peeps, Valentines Peeps, Christmas Peeps.....fantastic no matter what holiday. Note to self.....stay away from the holiday candy aisle, and never volunteer to bring the class snack again sign up to bring the napkins for the next party.


While feeding my sweet, new, smiley, compliant babies today, I noticed the older girls were real quiet. I went into the Bathroom and found our small, humble bathroom had been completely "toilet papered." I thought Eric had made the Varsity Team, and the Cheerleaders had been by to celebrate.


Early this morning in the drive-thru. Prepare to be confused.

Tim Hortons: Can I help you?

Me: Umm, yea, I want one of those new low calorie breakfast things you have out...the one with eggs in it.

Tim Hortons: Complete silence

Me: Uhhh...I saw it on TV, like a pita or something?

Tim Hortons: We don't know how many calories are in any of our breakfast items.

Me: Ok, that's crazy, it's on the commercial. And every fast food place has a nutritional even if you don't have the low cal pita, you would still have a packet to tell the nutritional value of your other menu items.

Tim Hortons: We have a sausage, egg & cheese biscuit.

Me: Hahaha, what? Ok, but nothing that is low cal?

Tim Hortons: Umm, ma'am...we have low-fat yogurt.

Me: Ok, but no pita right? I'm real focused on this pita thing you all are promoting. I know I saw it on a commercial.

Tim Hortons: We have yogurt.

Me: Can I just get an egg w/ cheese, but no biscuit?

Tim Hortons: Dannon yogurt.

Me: Great, I'll have a yogurt.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3 Months!

Remember when we were here?? Just hanging out, taking fun belly pics at the salon after hours.

And now we are here!? And these sweet little girls are 3 months old!

Kinley is quite the little ham. If you're talking to her, shes smiling. Well, unless of course shes hungry, or sleeping. Other than that though, she is happy all the time.

Oh our little Raya. And when I say little I mean the one that weighs 3 pounds more, and the baby that is in the 95th percentile. She has the most amazing, most scrumptious chubby cheeks, which makes for one seriously cute chubby smile.

Ah the joy that these 4 little feet have brought us. Before we know it, they will be running around the house with their older sisters. God has taught me so much since I delivered these girls.....about love, patience, character, and so much more. Today, I am one thankful mama.

Time, Please Slow Down!

I am uploading some pics & getting ready to blog about 2 sweet little girls that just turned 3 months! Stay tuned!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wait...You! Who Are You!?

I know some of you, but who are the rest of you? C'mon...who are all you readers out there that stop by to check out this savvy blog, but don't comment?? Where did you come from? How did you find us? I know there are many, many, many of you out please, pleeaase, let me know! I would love to "meet" you, and read your blog too!! Isn't that how we all stay connected in this big bloggy world?! Alright, let's go...role call...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blissfully Domestic

I am super excited to announce that I have been asked to join the writing team over at Blissfully Domestic! I will be joining the Multiple Bliss writers where we try to help, encourage, offer advice, and laugh together about raising multiples. I know many of you have already been over to Blissfully Domestic, but if you haven't yet, head on over! This magazine has a section for everyone. From cooking, weddings, and finances, to raising kids and homeschooling. You can also check out articles on the latest fashion trends, photography, healthy living, and home decor. There is a sold out conference called Blissdom'09 going on this coming weekend in Nashville, TN. If you have a ticket, you are one lucky lady! I am really excited about this opportunity and will be writing my first article early next week. Happy reading!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Love You, And I Hate You

The Elliptical Machine that is...

It's time. I have decided to get back to the gym, and reclaim my body. I need some tone in my life. Target gave me the violent shove I needed when I walked in the other day and saw it, the enemy, this seasons swimsuit collection. It's been 11 weeks since the babies were's time to face the music, it's time to stare the elliptical right in the face.

I love, love, love an elliptical machine, a cardio theater, and my ipod. Without an ipod, there is no workout. I refuse. The music helps me forget that there are 10 other machines right behind me with people on them watching my every move. My silent accountability. I know that they know when I got on that machine, and I don't want to be the first to stop. Especially since one of them is an elderly man that looks to be about 85 whose already been on 15min, (I always peek at every ones screens...don't act like you don't) and he doesn't look like he is stopping anytime soon. I respect my elderly, but he's not winning this one. I realized today that mid-morning workouts give a whole new meaning to "Sweatin' to the Oldies." Thanks to Justin Timberlake, the retired are bringing "SexyBack."

Anyway, I turn on the ipod and start jamming, I mean, exercising to my favorite tunes. I've got some old school, like Billie Jean and Ice Ice Baby, and some classic workout music like this song. Totally kidding, but laughing so hard that everyone is now singing along listening to Eye of the know you love it. I currently like to kick my workout up a notch with some Beyonce and J. Timberlake. Don't judge. I know many of you out there are sweating to "Single Ladies" and "LoveStoned"'s ok, embrace your hip-hop side. Today I did my warm-down with Beautiful Life by Fisher...this is totally on TLC right now, and I am completely embarrassed not at all embarrassed to admit that I love it.

Before I knew it, 30 min had passed, and I had more energy than before. Sure, I couldn't feel my legs, but I was back in the gym, and back to feeling more like Kate. Swimsuit season, here I afraid, be very afraid.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Wonder...Do You Wonder??

  • 6 years ago today, life was a little different. (By the way, that's me in the white...hee hee...) I was walking down the aisle to the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We had big dreams, big plans, careers to chase after, and a ton of ambition. We were going to travel, go out on the weekends, and be Eric & Kate to the fullest. I was a mere 21.

Little did we know, God was about to start us on a radical journey that we could have never dreamed of.

"Wondering" is something I have been really struggling with over the past few months. Letting my thoughts get the best of me, and failing to focus on what is truly important.

Many thoughts run through my head as I look back over these 6 short years. I wonder.....

Were would we be if we had ignored God's Calling and not married so young?

Where would we be if I hadn't ended up pregnant 6 months later?

Would I have a big, important career to brag about?

Would I be like that girl I see at starbucks every week that is obviously always on her way to her very important job? The one who always looks put together, who almost looks at me with pity while I try to tame my children. The one with her hair done, makeup on, with those amazing stilettos that I've been eyeing at Macy's for months.

She has a meeting to get to, I have to be at Preschool in 15 min.

She has important deadlines to meet, I have diapers to change.

She drives a little sporty looking thing, I'm in that huge 8 passenger know the one that sounds like a school bus?

She travels every month for business, I haven't been on a plane since '03.

She's meeting clients for dinner, it's kids night at Chick-Fil-a.

She goes home to her amazing studio apartment in the middle of town with that fantastic balcony...the one that overlooks all the stores and restaurants. I am the privileged one that gets to go home to a dedicated husband, and 5 little girls that yell, "mommy's home!!" (well, actually only 3 are yelling so far...the other 2 are cooing... )

That life may be filled with money, luxury, and time alone. Mine is filled with giggles, smiles, chaos, hugs, unconditional love, and some serious chubby cheeks.

I start to remember how green God has made the grass on our side. I started to think how I have never had more peace about where we are in our life. How for the first time in a long time, I feel like I'm right where I should be.

There is nothing that could replace the journey that we've traveled these past 6 years. Hearing the heartbeat for the 1st time, 5 times. Hearing "it's a girl!" and "it's another girl!" 5 times. Not only being married, but becoming almost like a team of 2 trying to raise all these girls in a way that is honoring to Him, and navigate our way together through this amazing hand that God has dealt us. We have been blessed beyond measure, and I feel truly unworthy for what we have been given.

In the past 6 years, we have had many good times, and some really hard times. I look forward to spending many more years together, and can't imagine what God has planned next! Love you, Eric!!