Friday, September 28, 2012

We're Ready

I really think we are.

Right after Lincoln was born I said I'd never add another child to our family. Eventually that new baby-no sleeping-what has happened to my body-will I ever shower again-stage wore off and I returned to normal life.

But still, that distant memory of foster care and adoption that we had laid to rest was still just that, a distant memory. But as you know, God has brought that desire back to life. Last night we officially made Lincolns room roommate ready :)...

I never thought I'd see 2 cribs in one room again. I mean it friends, I stood and stared for a moment. Feels so crazy, yet so normal!

We have been so busy with details and meetings and paperwork that I have had little time to just think about everything. I put the sheet on and got out some blankets and remembered that this most likely will be a bumpy journey. I felt joy as I thought of wrapping and rocking a new addition to our family, and my heart ached a tad as I thought of the potential not so warm and fuzzy outcomes that come along with this calling.

Deep breath in. Just do the next thing, right? One day at a time :).

We are licensed to take 0-18, but for obvious reasons will only be taking children in the 0-5 age group right now - which means that Kinley and Raya will also be up for a new roommate and will be getting bunk beds just like their older sisters. The new bunk bed is still in the works, but the girls are always open to rearranging furniture so that should be easy. Our older 3 are in a room, and the younger 2 girls are together, it's like a permanent slumber party...

What is that you say? That's a lot of pink? Yea, I know.

Rooms are changing, hearts are anxiously awaiting, and God seems to making room for more. Not everyone will understand all of this, but that's ok. We honestly don't understand it sometimes. But God gets it, and that is the only thing our little family needs :).

Wonder who He will put in that crib (or bed). A boy? A girl? I'm sure we will see both come and go - hopefully one will be able to stay down the road.


Sorry for the rambling. Today our caseworker comes for the final walk through of our house, and I tend to ramble when I'm stressed or nervous. We are SO excited to be at this point, but as expected, we're also a tad anxious. If you can, could you pray for peace today as we close this part of the process? I know all is fine, but I'm still a tad on edge :). Thanks, friends.

Feeling so very thankful for His blessings and this journey that He's unfolding. Praying that He is always glorified through this process, and that we cling to His plan and His vision, not ours. That may be hard to do sometimes so feel free to remind me, ok??

Well, I'm off for now. Happy Friday, all!


Angela Moore said...

You are truly an inspiration! God bless you!!

Hunter said...

You add to the prayer of thanks I give to the Lord for making us all fit a need among His creation...specifically the creations in his image. I love your family and the desire to add to it. It is inspiring. Perhaps we will follow in those steps...if God should call us to the blessing of many more arrows. Until then I enjoy the precious arrows He has already given us of 1 pls one coming... and I will continue basking in the heart God has placed in you and Eric and your precious arrows (Psalm 127:3-5 is the arrow reference. love this verse)

So very love your heart girl!

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Thanks so much, girls! We are thankful for this whole process even though there are no solid guarantees. We know He has a plan and look forward to the many ways He will work in our lives through this!

Dianne said...

Woohoo! Welcome aboard! We've had 18 foster kids (2 still here, room for 2 more). It's been wild and crazy. And stressful. But good.

We Are Family said...

Looks a lot like things around here :)

jenny said...

Love the expectancy behind these much heartfelt preparation for your new one! Cannot wait to see what God has in the coming months for your family! Praying for you guys!

Lenae said...

Kate, I just love your heart and that you guys are willing to go where our Father leads. I'll be praying for you: for peace, for strength, for direction. .... And that you'll be able to grab onto those things that confirm you are right where He wants you, especially during the rough moments.