Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Good Times At The Doctors Office

Lincoln seemed fine when he woke up.

Through the night he was up a tad and I wondered if he was getting sick, but he seemed to go back to sleep and wasn't showing many symptoms of a bug.

We all rose this morning and I took my littlest ladies to Tuesday School. It's a Preschool that is only one morning a week at a local church - the girls love it, they were ready for a little something of their own.

So I took Lincoln with me to the Dr.'s for a little check up for myself. The short story is, I've been having some heart palpitations. The long story is, well, there isn't one. It's been worrying me, and even though I know it can be totally normal, I wanted to have it checked out.

They decided to do an EKG on me just as a precaution (it all turned out fine), and while I laid there, the nurse was telling me that stress and anxiety can cause these - all while picking up my crying baby and laying him on my chest during the test.

I have a screaming child. On my chest. During an EKG.


I can't even get an EKG by myself!

But that wasn't the end of it. They wanted to draw blood just to check some levels. So I head into the other room with my little guy and sit down in the chair. Have I told you that I hate needles?? I do, I really dislike them. I think nurses are hero's.

But I had myself pretty calm and ready for that tiny prick when all the sudden Lincoln starts throwing up. Everywhere. As in, the thighs of my jeans were soaked completely through. It was even inside his shoes.

Too much info? Sorry.

You know those mommy moments when you just stop and watch whats happening for a few seconds before you react because you are also stunned just like the bystanders? I had one of those moments.

I felt so bad for him, even though I was completely unsure as to how I was going to pick up the girls with "throw-up jeans" on. I expressed this to the insanely sweet nurse who was in the room with me and she said this...this was so great...

"Honey, you go clean him and yourself up in the bathroom, then we'll take your blood, and then if you have time you go home and change before preschool pick up. You're dealing with kids, just take it one step at a time."

I love when God shows up in the doctors office. When He uses a random person to speak some truth into my chaotic soul.

"The next thing", I thought to myself. Just do the next thing.

It's humbling to walk out of the office with your pants soaked down to the knee (I'm actually laughing now that I'm thinking about it!), but it's all part of this humbling calling of motherhood, right??

I wouldn't trade one stressful minute of it.

I just had to share my crazy day with you. He's napping right now and has refrained from puking on me in any other public place. He's good to me like that :).

Here's to crazy Mondays...I mean, Tuesdays :).


Mama D’s Dozen said...

So, so glad that you had a sweet nurse. :)

"Just do the next thing." Oh.My.Yes.

I remember clearly when I had 5 kids under 5 years old. Life was crazy, chaotic, fun, stressful, insane, hilarious, all wrapped up in one. :)

When the twins were newborns, and the "older kids" were just 2, 3, 4 . . . I clearly remember having to break my day down into little chunks of time.

There was no way I could think, "What should we do all day?" That was way too overwhelming. Nope. At breakfast, I would think, "What should we do until lunch?" At lunch, I would think, "What should we do until nap time?" After naps I would think, "What should we do until Daddy gets home?"

Yes. Just do the next thing. Sometimes it is just too much to think about all that lies ahead each day.

Keep up the good work! You are an AWESOME Mama!!!

mama of 12

Jenn said...

Aww, sorry y had to go through that!

Hope you are okay & Lincoln starts to get better soon!

Sadly I keep fresh outfits for myself in the car because a similar Thomas happend to me MORE THAN ONCE. Ahh, motherhood.

Glad You had a nice nurse. Yesterday when my car broke down a cop told me to get it towed right away, not to wait for my friend to show up with a car that could take car seats. I asked what to do with my toddlers, and he said "keep them on the side of the road". Helpful, right?

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Thanks for the encouragement :).

Jenn, I can't believe how rude that cop was!!

Robin @ Pink Dryer Lint said...

You poor thing! I'm quite terrible when it comes to a child throwing up. I alternate between paralysis, squeamishness, and nervous laughter.

It sounds like you handled yourself admirably given the extreme situation!

Marisa said...

Love your new look! So glad you had such a sweet and comforting nurse...obviously a momma who know what it's like?