Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random Talking

I tried to clean our toys out today. Why do we have 1000 pieces to different toys that we don't even own anymore??

It's time for a trip to goodwill - to drop stuff off, and maybe even look around. Although I usually try to make it a rule that when I "drop off, I won't "pick up" as well. :)

Reese and Charlotte are supposed to be taking a snack tomorrow morning to preschool, and I just now remembered - where is my mind!?

I am making the Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup that I was talking about tomorrow - it sounds SO good! I will post the recipe as soon as we give it a test run.

I read a quote today over at Raising Olives that I just love, "You don't have 6 (or any amount) children so that you can pursue personal peace and affluence - trust me. But what you find out is that this is the richest thing you can have."

Kinley and Raya will be 2 in 12 days.

12 days!

I can't believe that.

I'm off to go grab an english muffin with hummus - spicy hummus from Trader Joe's to be exact. Yes, I often eat a late snack :).



Lenae said...

Love the quote from Raising Olives!

And an English muffin with spicy hummus sounds really good right now... :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Oh, our first Trader Joe's here opens tomorrow...six blocks from my house! Yippee! Hummus is now on my list, too!

Laura said...

We pull random little toys that go with something else out all the time... we randomly pack up all the toys and only put out minimal things... trade them around and then they think they are new again!

can't believe your girls are going to be 2... that does go fast!

wonderchris said...

I'll have to give their spicy hummus a go....sounds amazing!

They are turning 2!!!! Wow!

Hope the preschoolers like the English muffin triangles with hummus dip for snack. ;)

Anonymous said...

Crazy they will be 2 so soon!

Rana said...

Great quote! Yeah it's about that time to do a toy clean sweep around these parts too. Ooooh Trader Joe's, I could so go for a bottle of 2 Buck Chuck!