Friday, November 12, 2010

The Next Thing

Thats what I'm doing today.

Some days are harder, crazier, busier than others. And this week, I've been overwhelmed. So today I'm going to take Lisa Jo and Ann's advice.

Just do the next thing.

Thats it. Whatever is next in line. Just do that for now.

God gives you the strength to get through any and every crazy day - moment by moment.

I'm going to take a shower after I drag myself out of bed and not analyze the checklist that I've created in my head.

I'm not going to worry about the laundry that is waiting for me after breakfast, the errands I need to run after I get everyone dressed, or what I'm going to fix for lunch.

I'm just going to do the next thing.

I'm not going to think of how I lost my bank card at the park on Wednesday, for which the bank froze the account, thought I'd just pick it up at the Park Office and have my card unfrozen, but found out that the ranger cut my card up. He cut it up!

Deep breath.

I'm going to let that go and not think of how it will take 2 weeks to get a new one. No need to worry about it because it's already done. (let's all laugh about it and make it seem better, k?)

Just do the next thing.

I'm going to take today one step at a time. I'm not going to skip to item #6, or project #11 - there's no reason to stress over those things when I'm not even there yet.

When I'm preoccupied with all my "to-do's, I don't enjoy the real time moments with my girls. I smile less when I'm checking my list, and I snap at the kiddos more.

Just do the next thing.

I don't want to be mentally exhausted when I finally get out of the house tonight for my "date" with my oldest savvy.

We are going to pick out things for Kinley & Raya's birthday party on Saturday. They will turn 2 on Tuesday, can you even believe that!?

So no stress. Ditch the list. And take some deep breaths.

That's what I'm going to do.

Just the next thing.


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Love it! I need to take that advice.

:) :) :)

jenny said...

I have thought of this SO much since reading Ann's post.....I so often get paralyzed by all there is to be done and then end up doing nothing.....I have been working to change my mindset to this idea....just do the next thing and eventually the other things will get done. Thanks for the post....enjoy your "date" with E tonight!

Marisa said...

Those are tough days! Such good advice. And it's true, if you just keep plugging away you'll be amazed at all you can accomplish by the end of the day!

Lenae said...

Yep, you're my hero today. I will be saying this to myself all day: "Just do the next thing... just do the next thing..."

thegypsymama said...

Kate - yes, me too. This week I slowly put one foot and one thing in front of the other. Only one next thing at a time. The other favorite phrase I have adopted from Ann is, "life is not an emergency." I repeat that to myself every time I feel the panic and frustration of too many things in too little time rising in my chest. And like you, I try to only focus on thing #3 and then 4 and then 5 without getting overwhelmed already by 23 and 27. And it really changed my week as well :)

Thank you for adding your encouragement to this way of keeping track of our days.

Wishing you a list free weekend,

jules p said...

Thank you. This post says volumes to me. I think way too far in advance. Today I had a lot of important things to do (set up a surgery date for my daughter for one) and I read your post, and took one task at a time. And guess what?!?!
It all came together so smoothly! :)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Oh, with you today.

Anonymous said...

Love this. Great advice, that I need to take too. Hope you have a fantastic, stress free weekend.

Elizabeth said...

Such fantastic advice. Thanks for sharing it and I hope your days get smoother or a little less stressed.

Jenn said...

EXACTLY!!! It is so easy to stress out about the to-do list. Have a great day!

susan said...

great advice :):)

Melanie said...

We had a women's event at our church several weeks ago. All of the pastor's wives were sharing & one of them said that was the best advice she had received when her children were little...Just do the next thing...and it has stuck with me since then & I find I'm frequently reminding myself, wait, stop, just do the next thing! Great post!

becky said...

Those are words to live by!

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

I have been struggling with the same thing, especially lately with all of the things to do before the holidays! Great advice, mama. :)