Friday, November 19, 2010

Makin' Some Crafts and Fighting A Bug

The girls love crafts. I mean, a lot. So I'm trying to pull some out more often - it keeps everyone busy, and it's just a great time for us all to do something together.

Even though I don't always love the clean up.

So the other night I picked up some plaster and wood ornaments from Hobby Lobby for the girls to paint. At .99 cents a piece, with 40% off that, I couldn't go wrong...

It was such a hit!

(and maybe I feel a little redeemed from my "not so great" day yesterday)

I now have 3 new favorite ornaments to hang on my tree, and the girls are just so proud :)...

Pretty cute, huh?


Also, I am still sick with this stinkin' chest/sinus infection stuff - although I can't really rest or go back to bed because...well...I'm the mom. :)

The worst part is that I can't really take anything - I am really picky about things during pregnancy, I have to be really bad to even take a Tylenol.

So now I'm on the hunt for some natural remedies for a sore throat and congestion that really work. Any suggestions? Any proven methods out there??


jenn said...

I can't wait for my son(s) to be old enough to enjoy crafts!!

I **tried** to have my son decorate paper pumpkins for Halloween, but he's just not there yet!

Hope you start feeling better soon! I don't know how you are keeping all 5 going w/o help during the day! Hopefully you will start feeling that 2nd trimester relief SOON!

Jennifer said...

Kate, My dad always boiled water for us and added honey and lemon. It was amazing how much it helped with the sore throat. Not sure how you feel about honey while your pregnant....but it might help you to be more comfortable. If not, try a cookie from Dorthy Lane. *Smile*

Marinewife1111 said...

you're such a great mom! the thought of craft clean up frightens me! ;)

Nikki said...

I would like to do more crafts with my children, too, but at four and a half years old and not-quite-three, I don't think I'm ready for it!

I hope you feel better soon. When Mama's sick, well, it's just BAD!

wonderchris said...

A humidifier?
Not 100% sure - I hope you feel better soon. I know there have got to be some natural remedies.

Love those crafts!!! Super cute!!

bass family said...

you are an awesome mom every day :)

And I hope you feel better SOON!

Sarah said...

Love the ornaments! :-) I'm really bad about craft messes and clean-up too. Trying to work on that.

Sorry that you are sick. Lemon and honey tea is good. And eat lots of garlic! Also, if you want, check out this post I just wrote on healing colds's too much info to try and put in a comment.

I hope you feel better soon!

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

I hope you feel better soon! Tea with honey and lemon helps a cold. I use a neti pot when the congestion is bad. Sometimes I use essential oils too. I can't remember if I took it during pregnancy or not, but there's a mixture of herbs called Resp-11 and I took that too when I had pneumonia.

Anonymous said...

I agree... clean up is SO not fun. But that's some pretty neat crafty-ness right there!

As silly as it sounds, after a really hot shower, have someone kinda pound on your back.- not super hard, of course. It breaks up the congestion. A doctor told my mom that when I was a kid!! So... I do it with my own family now.

susan said...

boo... my sons all hate crafts..... :(

my congestion advice is the same as others... hot water, lemon & honey plus a vapouriser in the room as you sleep with tea tree & lavender... and sleep propped with an extra pillow.

and I would just take the medicine... if it helps and it won't harm baby just take it. You have five other children to mind plus you...... plus hubby..... that's a load and a half.... you need to function XX

becky said...

Love the ornaments! I'm sure you guys will treasure those for years to come.

Sorry you're still sick. Man, this one won't go away, huh? Hopefully you were able to get some more rest this weekend to help fight it!

Marisa said...

Love the ornaments! I know that raw honey helps to stop a cough. Works like a charm with my kids! I'm not sure if it would help with the sore throat/ congestion and I don't know if it's a problem that it's not pasturized being preggers and all.

Beth said...

For the congestion, try rubbing a little Vicks Vaporub under your nose before you sleep. Breathing in the menthol smell really clears things up. And I agree with the hot water part, though i usually just make a cup of tea - i'm not a honey fan. love your blog and can't wait to hear that you're having this time! hope you feel better soon!