Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Do You Have A Melissa?

Last night 3 friends were coming over to hang out for a bit. On the way, I get a call from Melissa, and she says she is on her way...with a surprise.
A surprise? What is she up to now? For those of you who know Melissa in real life, you know she is the surprise queen, so this all shouldn't surprise you at all. Wow, I'm saying surprise a lot.

Anyway, I had been on the phone with her earlier that day talking about the stress of selling the house, keeping it clean, and how the outside still needed a little love here and there. How on earth will I manage all this and take care of the 5 small kiddos at the same time??

She assured me that,

"this will work out...the house will sell...and this is only a season. I know you're overwhelmed, but you will look back and laugh at this...just be patient."

Melissa gets to the house, orders me back into my own living room, and pulls one of the other girls outside. Which by the way, Beth helped Melissa carry out this plan...love her for being a willing accomplice :). When I was allowed to come outside, I saw all the bushes trimmed, 6 new flower pots, and freshly laid mulch!! Can you believe that?

I am so thankful for friends that care that much, that want to help in ways I would never even think of. Who love me for who I am, even when that includes complaining and frustration...the good, the bad, and the ugly. What a weight off my shoulders this gift was, you have no idea!! Melissa is fantastic at staging a home, she owns a Home Staging Company called, Show It Staged. Check it out here!

Thanks, lady!


Ashley said...

That is awesome! You're so lucky to have Melissa and all of your friends! I'm fortunate, too, because my mom and my sister are both Melissas!

Helene said...

She does sound like a sweet friend, indeed!!! Everyone needs a friend like that!!

I was just telling my hubby today that I could not imagine trying to sell this house while buying another. How would I keep the house clean and manage to get all 4 kids out if a realtor called to come over for a showing?? Everytime we think moving is a good idea, I'm blinded by the headache of having to figure it all out. I may have to keep checking in with you to see how your move is going!! You can be my inspiration that it is do-able!!

BTW, I'm having a fun twins book giveaway on my blog...come check it out if you have a chance!

Miss said...

Hmmm.. thought maybe you were talking about ME for a second...but them I remembered we don't talk on the phone and I would have no idea how to even deliver a surprise to you...and I am pretty sure I am not "that kind of Melissa" anyways! =)

but, It was fun reading about the one that IS "that kind of Melissa" =)

p.s. although it is SUPPOSE to be summer here TOO, it has been in the FIFTIES for the past week or two and I am so jelous of your pool lounging days! =)

Anonymous said...

Would you believe I only know two Melissa's--- and they both live at a distance. :)

What an awesome gesture. Friends are so precious.

EH said...

What a sweet friend.... lucky you... she's a keeper.