Friday, January 16, 2009

Wait...What Is That?

While folding laundry on the couch today I caught a glimpse of Charlotte taking some chapstick out of the drawer and begin to apply.

Me: Charlotte, stop. Let mommy put that on you.

She continues.

I get up from the couch. (which I don't like to do while folding because lets face it, the odds of me folding the laundry at all is if I have to get up mid basket, those first odds of getting all the clothes folded just dropped another 50%.)

I approach her and realize it's not chapstick, it's a gluestick.

So today I figure that if no one has their lips glued shut by the time hubby gets home, I've done my job. :)


Tricia said...

I realize you are a mother of 5 with MUCH more experience than I. BUT. Is there a reason that you are discouraging your children to NOT glue their mouths shut? :)

Seems to me one day Charlotte is going to come back and read all of this and say - "Mom, I was just following your direction and keeping my lips shut!"

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Hee, hee! I agree with Tricia. That is pretty funny.

Stacey said...

Oh my gosh!!! A secret fear of mine has been realized through you! Girls and their lip-gloss. And for the record, coloring the glue sticks blue and purple, you know those that tell when its dry kind, only exacerbates the problem. Blue Raspberry or Groovy Grape?

Glad everything came out okay in the end. Though it might be a good idea when those teenage years approach and they've offically gone boy crazy!


Membership Required said...

On a very tired saturday that just made me smile and well giggle out loud loudly! Thanks I needed it.

Miss said...

not only is the story hilarious..I love that the odds of you finishing the laundry goes down 50% if you get up! LOVE IT...and so true!