Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

I'm changing the rules this week for Wordless Wednesday, because well, I would rather write. We are getting tons of snow, preschool is cancelled, Eric can't get to work, there is a level 2 snow emergency, and we are out of diapers. While I have so much to do at home, and it's nice to have him here to help while I get stuff done, why not pack them all up, go against all the authorities advice to stay off the roads, and head to Target. We pulled into the parking lot at Target, we were there with 2 other customers and the employees...I'm ok with that. I ran in to get our stuff and jumped back in the car.

We decided to go across the street to Chick-Fil-A to get some lunch and let the kids play on the playground...which was great cause they were the only ones there besides one other family. It was great to get out, and was actually a quiet lunch due to the kids eating, babies sleeping, and Eric and I not talking much since we had a small dispute over where to put the kids place mats...I couldn't even try to make that up.

The manager walks up and asks something I've never heard before, "are all these little kids yours?!"

Me: Yep, all 5.

Her eyes now the size of baseballs, the color runs out of her face, she passes out cold, the teenagers behind the counter have to pull out the smelling sticks...

Not really, but she was surprised.

The girls got some energy out, and we had lunch without a ton of chaos. It was a good afternoon. Snow advisory? Ha, we laugh in the face of a snow storm...we are fearless that way.


jenny said...

Oh, this made me laugh. Glad you survived your adventure out. We ventured out for pizza tonight. I had to get out of the house...was going a little stir crazy. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Personally, I love all the snow and the excuse to stay at home. I would have to say, though, 5 girls will make you fearless, or crazy, but we'll call it fearless for your sake. ;-p Thanks for all the smiles your blog brings!

Miss said...

thats EXACTLY how we are! We always load the kids up and drive around in the feels all cozy and quiet! =) haha

and I use to live in TN where we had Chik-Fil-la and I LOVED it and miss it! =)

Helene said...

It definitely sounds like you all had a fun day!!!

I'm always surprised by people's reactions when they see we have 4 kids and they say "are they all yours?" I usually smile and say "haven't you heard....large families are the in thing right now"

Membership Required said...

you had me going with the manager. funny!

Marisa said...

The snow is absolutely beautiful, but I have a huge case of cabin-fever! I'm thinking I might have to bust outta here sometime today! True confession: I know I've probably asked a seemingly innocent question to a large family about the size of their family. I will now refrain :) I know from my viewpoint it's always been out of total respect. I marvel at parents who are able to pull it off because it obviously takes a lot of selflessness, which is not something we see in today's society.

bass family said...

Good times!!! :) I LOVE days that my husband is home... it feels like I can conquer the world! Then he goes back to work and reality hits ;) You're doing a fantastic job!!!!! Hope you get some snow :)

{The Christian's} said...

I believed you too about the manager! I can't wait to get out. School has been closed the past 3 days...we all have cabin fever and can't wait to get out! Maybe once all this snow melts we can get together? Lets have a play date...I will talk to Cara too, that would be fun.

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

stumbled onto your blog... crackin' up at the "are those all yours?" ... If I had a nickle for every time I heard that.. we have 4 biological and 3 adopted from China(so far. ;) ), so we get that question ALOT!!!! And you are very brave to have headed out with them all.I give you props. we are snowed in, and I am liking it!!

Thanks for letting me pop in. Your family is adorable!