Thursday, January 15, 2009

The New Normal Part 2

*****I write my "New Norms" with a light-heart and I can not only laugh when these things happen, but look back and laugh yet again! I feel very blessed, and am very thankful for our new normal :). Feel free to join in!!*****

The store with 5 small children. First, why do I do this to myself? Is there a reason that I can't remember that the time before was like being a sideshow at the circus? Does anyone else have to put groceries in the basket under the stroller? Then wonder if management thinks you're trying to steal by putting it there?? Is there a better way since I can't push a cart and a double stroller at the same time while trying to reason with 3 other small children?? Please let me know.

Is there a good reason for a man to literally yell from outside the mall playground (on the opposite side of where I'm sitting), "you have 2 sets lady!? Are you going to try for a boy for your poor husband??

Me: I nod my head like I don't understand him.

Man: No?? I feel sorry for him. You don't "make boys"?! You should really try for a boy.

Me: Ummm, could we please leave the decision for us to conceive another child and whether or not we "make boys" to my husband and I...could we leave my fertility out of the playground area? -In my head I said that- In reality no words came out of my mouth, I just nodded again like I didn't understand.

When did it become normal for me to pretend like I don't hear or understand what people are saying just to avoid the same question or comment??

Even though there is a playground at Chick-fil-a, why are my girls drawn to the unlocked cabinets under the condiment station that hold many boxes of many different sides & condiments.....I'm sure you can imagine what that looks like :).

It is now normal for me to see 2 little faces smile back at me. Oh the joy.

The other day I actually said, "do you think anyone will notice the spit-up on my shirt, or should I change?"

Why do I keep saying, "I'm sorry" when my kids are just being kids. I feel like those words come out of my mouth a 100 times when I'm out with all of them. They are little and who cares anyway if bystanders think it's a wild situation. I should just assume that people see that they are young, and that children touch & knock things over.....which sometimes includes an entire shelf of dog treats.

Oh, and the new normal & favorite movie in our home? In the words of my sweet Charlotte, "Seeping Booty."

Anyone else experiencing some "New Norms?!"


Helene said...

Kate, I can totally empathize with you! I think we feel like we need to make excuses for our kids b/c people stare at us as if they've never seen a large family before, esp multiple multiples. No one notices the one child squirting the ketchup packets all over the place but they certainly notice the 2 sets of twins doing it! Then all the questions follow...the very personal questions that a stranger should never ask!!

Membership Required said...

I use my stroller basket for shopping all the time. Worst part is if you have to run to the bathroom and the looks you get there. Oh my. All I know is that you dont need to worry about anything anyone says or thinks...their just jealous! I know I am jealous...sounds like you get out a heck of a lot more than I do and I only have two. Man you are my hero! Stand tall!

Teri said...
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Teri said...

You asked if anyone is going through a New Normal. I am. Silence. An empty house.

There was a day (seems like yesterday) that I was babysitting six to eight kids Monday through Friday. The only silent time was if I was fortunate enough to get them all down for an afternoon nap at the same time, or, when Travis came along, I was able to put four in front of "The Little Mermaid" and rock Travis to sleep.

Remember Melissa and Nathan? Melissa just graduated from Purdue last year. She's an electrical engineer. When she came home for Alex's high school graduation, she thanked me for all that I did for her and reminded me that I was the one that taught her to tie her shoes. Hmmm . . . and Nathan? He's in his second year at Purdue (mechanical engineering). Both Christopher and Jennifer are in college, too.

Two of my own three babies have flown south (Cincinnati and Kentucky). I'm left with my baby boy . . . who TOWERS over me at the age of 16!

I know you are so tired of well-meaning people's advice. This advice is heart-felt Kate: Enjoy every second of this crazy, loud, insane time of your life. It will get better. And soon? All five will end up being your best friends.

We are bless, aren't we? There was never any doubt in my mind that God chose the right parents to handle your savvy little women.

Aunt Teri

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Wow, honey! I can't imagine all you're going through. I pray for grace in the face of rudeness/thoughtlessness. I pray for joy in the chaos. I think your kids are great! :)

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Thanks ladies! I am never tired of advice, I can use all I can get these days!! Hope everyone knows that I write my "New Norms" with a light-heart and I can not only laugh when these things happen, but look back and laugh yet again! I feel very blessed, and am very thankful for our new normal :).

Marisa said...

Love, love, love this post! I think you are doing a fantastic job of handling the pressures of some who believe the social "norm" is having 2 kids- 3 maximum. I think big families are wonderful! You have such a great perspective on it all! Keep laughing!

bass family said...

How many times have you heard "you have your hands full"!!!! :)

Miss said...

YES YES YES!! I ALWAYS want to ask people "are you REALLY asking me about my sex life right here in the middle of all these people that I dont know..including you?" =)

I also do everything with my kids...even Black Friday shopping! =) (and I only have 4...but will do the same when I have 5!)