Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Multiple Baby Carrier??

I have seen some online that I'm not to impressed with. Has anyone used a carrier that holds 2 babies that they really like?? I am looking to "wear" the new babies in certain situations, like when I need to run to the store with all my little I can push a cart instead of the double stroller. Now, I know it's a little crazy to take them all to the grocery, but either mama gets out...or mama goes crazy. Also, I feel like I am the queen of run-on sentences.


hurk said...

I Found your blog from twinsanity and I love reading about more multiple families. I have four kiddos, just one set of multiples.

The double carriers are really terrible. I used two slings criss crossed over each shoulder with one baby in each one either on the front or to the side.

What really works well is two mei tei's or two ergos with a baby on the front and a baby on the back.

there is a local mom in my city who has three great girls (& twins) and a babywearing shop. She is excellent at being able to explain which two carriers can be used together comfortably, and why. www.milkface (dot) com

Erin mom to ds 11, dd 8 and dtwins 5,5

Amber said...

i have been researching carriers (it is strongly recommended for an adopted baby, for attachment). I also have read awesome things about the ergo, and about using it for multiples. but, they are pricey! i guess everything is with multiples though, right?

mandbrid said...

I read that you can use one MOBY to carry two babies...I haven't tried it though.

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

I always do 2 Mei Tais... one on te front, one on the back. My favorites are my Babyhawks although I recently discovered the Belle Baby Carrier for the front since the baby can face out. That's the only thing that's worked for me!