Why do we keep adding children? Don't we know what causes it? How will they all get enough attention??

Well, I'm so glad everyone on the planet has asked :).

So here's our top ten reasons why...

1. We are producing some funny people. And if you know me, you know that that delights me to no end. The world needs populated with more people to make us laugh - we're just doing our part.

2. In a world where kids are viewed as an inconvenience, God tells us in His Word that children are gifts and a blessing. His Word trumps the World. Clearly.

3. Meal time is like a party. There are yells and laughter and tales from the day. It's loud, and wonderful.

4. Newborn babies smell SO good. The labor alone is worth a sniff of that newness.

5. They humble us daily. Us parents live out a sermon everyday in front of these kiddos, they are a constant reminder of how much He loves us, and how much we need Him.

6. Everyone thinks you're Super Mom. Even though the reality is you are 8 loads behind on laundry, you haven't showered since yesterday, there is a mystery substance stuck to the kitchen floor that you continue to ignore, and you're still in your pj's at 3pm.

7. The more arms to hug your neck the better.

8. I now have at least 5 shopping partners for life.

9. Future holiday gatherings with all the kids and their families, with lot's of grandchildren that I can spoil and give back :).

10. And finally, that love. The mommy (and daddy) love that boggles our mind at 4am while you're rocking your baby or sending that same baby off to school. That love that is the only love that comes close (but still so far) from God's love for us - that is what makes us want to do it again. And again. And again. And again.

Did I miss anything??