Friday, November 11, 2011

They Have 2 Requests...

that everything is pink and purple at their birthday party.

They insist.

When I ask what kind of cake they want, they say pink and purple. And when I ask what they want for their birthday, they say pink and purple things.

So I'm taking that party theme and running with it for my almost 3yr olds this Saturday.

I've done a lot of pink parties in the past 7 years...

This time though, I am determined to do it on a budget. I can get carried away when it comes to having a party and I want to change that :)! I've got a big meal I'm going to be cooking and I even am going to venture into some cake baking...and yes, they want that pink and purple too.

Its sort of like a challenge to see what I can do and for how little. I like a challenge. Bring it on.

I love, love, love celebrating birthdays, which is why I can go over the top :).

Simple is sometimes better, right :)?


victoria said...

After celebrating many boy themes birthdays I have so far had Fancy Nancy (when you are 8-12 months old and drag around said book you chose the theme) 2nd birthday was Hello Kitty....of which she is still obsessed a bit. This year not sure yet...but I have until March. I can hardly wait for you to be able to do Linc's though!!

Thoughts for the day said...

We do very simple birthdays always have and probably always will. Rarely do I make a cake, when the children were little I am sure we did and presents too but couldn't tell you what they looked like. Our March was usually low on money because both of them were six days apart then they married and now we have birthdays on the 3rd plus an anniversary, the 10th, the 16th and the 19th. I guess we could have ONE party for all of them in March.
Have fun!!

Tammy M said...

well, as you know, since just been to a certain 1 year old's birthday, that I LOVE parties. I try to not go overboard with "every" b-day, but it's just so much fun. I "try" to keep things managed within budget (give or take a few bucks over) I just have to show some restraint... like, cutting out a few trips to Target!! Whatever you decide..I'm sure your precious girls will have a blast!!!

Ruth said...

Simple as far as fancy decorations and invited guests go. My MIL decorates cakes, so she always makes whatever the birthday child whants.

We decorate with ballons, streamers, and sometimes stuffed animals; and now that the kids are older they can invite one guest/family. All of the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are automatically invited, so it's always a full, fun house!

I do tend to go overboard on the presents, but I think I usually find just the right balance!

*Ross and Katy* said...

pink and purple are my favorite colors! and we most definitely won't be seeing them in our house, so I can't wait to see the pictures! happy birthday Kinley & Raya!

Jeni said...

Love the cupcakes. I am scaling way down this year too :)! Simple is better for sure.