Thursday, August 11, 2011

How We're Getting Ready For A Savvy School Year

August is half way over, can you believe it?!

While we've been floating on noodles at the pool, the stores have filling their back to school aisles to the brim with supplies, backpacks, and everything else you could possibly need to start the school year.

And in just 2 weeks, 3 of my 6 will start.

Bring over tissues and brownies and we'll go through pictures of when they were first born, ok?

Over the next few weeks I'm joining some other mama's to talk about what is making the back to school season easier, less stressful, and more efficient for us. Sounds fun, right?

So today I'm going to list some things that I've been doing to help my 3 savvies prepare for school.

- I've started telling them about the new schedule that's coming. Not only is this for them my friends, but it's also a daily reminder for myself that I won't be shuffling to the coffee machine in my pj's at 8am while we wait for the pool to open. I've been telling them when school starts, how long they are there, and when they eat lunch or go to recess.

- I have been assuring them, the younger 2 especially, that it's ok to be a little nervous - or in their case, insanely excited! I ask them what questions they have or what they are most excited for.

- I got some note cards at good 'ol Target a while back and have been giving them each one every day. They all have something written on the inside for them to learn each day - they think its so fun to carry them around in their little pockets. For Ella I do a math problem or spelling word, and for Reese and Char I have been doing simple words or short sentences. They are really into learning to read right now so they LOVE it.

- Obviously, like everyone else, we are visiting the school. And sometimes actually when we're out running errands, I'll drive by and point out their "new to Reese and Charlotte" school. They are all so excited for open house and can't wait to meet their teachers.

- And last, I talk it up :). I tell them how much fun its going to be, how much they are going to learn, all the new friends they will make, and how I am so excited to hear all about their day when they get home!

(I try to leave out the fact that I want to hang on to their ankles as they walk up to the entrance screaming "don't go...stay little forever!!" Ahem.).

So there ya have it. Just a few things I'm doing to prepare their little minds and hearts for a new school year - here's hoping they help!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips. So cute. I am sooo nervous about Dustyn starting preschool.

Shannon said...

"(I try to leave out the fact that I want to hang on to their ankles as they walk up to the entrance screaming 'don't go...stay little forever!!' Ahem.)." Hee hee....exactly!!