Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rounding The (Delivery) Corner

Well, we truly are in the home stretch!

37 weeks and counting down the days.

The Dr says I'm dilated to 1.

He also says that he will not let me try a vbac even 1 day past my due date, once I hit the 27th, we will do a c-section

Unless we opt to do a c-section instead of a vbac, then he will do it on the 20th.

Which is only 15 DAYS AWAY.

Reese and Charlotte's birthday is on the 28th, 1 day after my actual due date.

I'm being a little obsessive about not wanting all 3 birthdays on the same day.

Am I throwing to many dates and numbers at you?? :)

The doc also says he doesn't think I'll make it much past 38 weeks before I go into labor...but who knows, right? :)

I am already having contractions off and on.

So my Target habit will be reinstated. You see that crazy lady running up and down the aisle with her cart? Yea, that's me.

I have 22 days to produce a bouncing baby boy before the vbac is off the table.

(but again, it's totally OK if a c-section is the plan, as long as my little man gets here safely...a successful vbac would just be an added bonus!)

22 days or less till we meet our little love...

till we hear his sweet little cry.

Goodness, I can't wait!


Tell me...

When did you go into labor?

Please tell me many of you went into labor a little before 40 weeks. Tell me there is a chance that I will go into labor before the due date. Lie to me if you must.

Have you done anything to naturally, you know, move things along? (will running laps around Target help??)

I would love to hear!

Happy Tuesday!


Double the Giggles said...

Wishing you luck! I never actually went into labor. Went to my scheduled c-section date at 38 weeks (with twins), not even dilated one bit! Part of me is a little happy I never had to experience labor pains, however, if I let them, I think my boys would have stayed in for a few more months!

*Ross and Katy* said...

HOW EXCITING! You'll have to let me know how to speed the process up so when I get closer I can speed it up :) Can't wait to "see" that healthy baby boy!

Marisa said...

So close! Missed seeing you this weekend!

You know how I got my labor going... the best results from a workout ever!

Julia said...

Lets see...I walked like crazy. I did LOTS of house work, suddenly my house had to be clean! Both times it gave me contractions, once it was false and the 2nd time, the real deal! You could do lots of squats...if you can get back up! :D

Hang in there. My first singleton was due two days before my twins birthday! I totally understand how you feel! (He was born 2 days over due) But my last baby came 10 days early!! So there is hope for you! :)

Ruth said...

My baby #5 is due on September 3, my child #1's birthday. I want my kids to have their OWN birthdays!

Closer to your due date (this doesn't work if your body's not ready), drink concentrated red raspberry leaf tea BY THE GALLON! Like, so much that you're peeing every 10 minutes!

mandbrid said...

I'm so excited for you Kate! Good luck on getting things going early...I like Ruth's suggestion about raspberry leaf tea.

cowartclan said...

I walked Costco, the samples were motivating (because I was HUNGRY!) and the babes happy! Plus they have carts big enough to hold the munchkins!

My kids came 14 days early.

Jennifer said...

Kate, You don't even want to know. Let's just say, when you combine a body that won't go into labor on it's own and military hospitals, you see a 3 week time difference between your babies due date and their actual birthdate! But I'm with you, if they aren't twins, I like them to have their own birthdays. Praying for you!

Nikki said...

I'm not any help because I was induced with all three of mine. (Wonderful experiences!) However, I did learn in pharmacy school that castor oil can start contractions. You may or may not want to try that, though. Good luck!

Ruth Anne said...

I tried castor oil, but it didn't work for me. Although it did for my friend!

Also, ask the doc to strip your membranes. With both my boys it worked, but only if my body was ready. With Christian (my first son) I think we stripped them 3 times, and with Owen (my 2nd son) it was twice. And when my body was ready, it started contractions that led to labor!

With my daughter (her name is Kate, too!) I ate spicy Thai food and that did the trick. ;-)

I love your blog and read it often. =) Your girls are beautiful and I can't wait to meet your little man!!

Anonymous said...

I had twin girls for my first pregnancy. I was having a lot of preterm labor with them and on bed rest. They told me to come in at any cramp cause I didn't feel any contractions. I went to the ER at 33 weeks with cramping and I was dilated to a 5 and didn't even know. They were a c section cause of their positions. With my 3rd I was at 39 weeks and dilated to a 1, having no contractions. My doc stripped my membranes Tuesday morning and I had her by VABC the next morning at 12:34 AM! So thankful I was able to do a VBAC!

I love your blog and read often! You have a beautiful family! Congrats on your little baby boy!! Can't wait to see pictures! :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Ours have all come early! With Cloe, I told the nurse I would give her a $1 if she broke my water. Then she accidentally did! My body really wasn't ready--not even dilated! BUT the doctor got the show on the road and she came 24 hours later, 10 days early!
With the boys, I was in such a funk that they had said I could safely have twins anytime after 34 weeks...so at 38 weeks and one day, I think I thought my mind a little! My blood pressure went high, so they broke my water and out they popped!
Hoping baby boy gets here safely on just the exact right day!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

I have had no luck in delivery babies on or before their due dates. So I have no advice except my midwives always said what got you into this will get you out! ;0)
Also, caution on the castor oil. I tried that with Nugget. One of the risks is potential meconium aspiration for the baby and she had that. Besides, the other option is more fun. Just sayin'.

{The Christian's} said...

I remember running into to you (at Target) the day I went into labor with Addison. I was walking out to the car and saw you in the parking lot. You had just found out you were having twins (again). I will never forget that day. Go to Target...it was lucky for me! :)

Steph said...

I think there is nothing better than running around like a mad woman around Target!

While I was pregnant with Clara (#3), I was pulling my daughter AND my husband in a wagon around our block. Talk about looking a little psychotic!

If you can reach your cervix, I like evening primrose oil.

Oh, and what about a bouncehouse? Do you have one of those? Bounce! Bounce! Bounce! that baby out :)

Of course, they say if the baby isn't ready you can try everything until youre blue in the face, BUT you can certainly have fun trying!!!!!! :)

I certainly do :)

hdearth said...

Reagan's birthday is the 28th. I think if you hang in there you will go into labor on your own. the doc stripped my membranes with my last 2 but it pretty much just brings on bleeding and contractions that dont go anywhere without pitocin. I had a wonderful labor with Hayden. No pitocin and went into labor completely on my own which made me feel like he was ready. Im sure your water will break or you will go into labor. Also there is nothing wrong with letting the Lord know your hearts desire. Isnt doesnt mean you are asking for too much. I really struggled with that when asking (ok begging) for a girl. Until after a great conversation with a faith filled woman let me know that God wants to know our hearts desire. hope all goes well for you.

Anonymous said...

I was in labor with my youngest for 3 weeks (he was one week late), so my mom and I tried many things to move him along. It seems that the stomach flu I had the night before did the trick. Not much help huh? My other son came exactly between the two due dates we were given.

Lauren said...

My third son came on his own 2 days before his due date. I felt like I was going to be pregnant forever as my first two came 3 and 2 weeks early. I'm not really convinced that there are any tricks that work to get labor going. But maybe I just don't know what works for me?

And I've also rounded the delivery corner. I can hardly stand the wait!

The Beaver Bunch said...

With Elizabeth (our oldest) I was induced at 41 weeks.

With the twins I was INDUCED again at 38 weeks (b/c my BP was up and I was w/ a BY THE NEWEST TEXTBOOK Dr who believed that inductions were best. And I was the size of a small, albeit beached whale so I agreed.

With Ella (our last) I was INDUCED at 42 weeks 1 day.

I was SURE that after having carried TWINS I'd never go past my due date, right?

The good news is that Aaron (age 2) and Olivia (also age 2) were both EARLY! But I didn't birth either of them.

But I'm SURE baby Boy will come early. I mean, really. He will. I'll pray you have that baby while I'm in Africa! That'd be a nice welcome home for me!

Erinne said...

I went into labor at TARGET while running around chasing a bunch of little kiddos.

No, I am kidding. But that would be a good story :) Like Where the Heart Is. Sort of?

Can't wait to hear all about your little man. Praying for you in the next week!

Tiffany said...

I went into labour at 38 weeks with my second! My fingers are crossed for you and I will be sending good labor vibes your way!

Cindy said...

First son,born (don't read this-LOL!) 2 1/2 weeks late,2nd son born 1 week early. Daughter born about 8 days over BUT she was born on my mom's birthday.

Lenae said...

You're so close!!! I am thrilled for you already :)

Becky said...

My son was a week late (2 weeks late by an earlier due date)....I tried what seemed like everything. He was just happy in there I guess. So, sorry, I'm no help! Good news, it was a quick labor when he was ready! But I'm with you...I'm 36 weeks...only with baby #2 though! And yes, I think a huge appetite goes with boys! I might be wrong if mine's a girl though...but it was true with my son!

I think I missed it, who was the lucky Boba winner?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything. I had to be induced. I am hoping you will go before though. Keep on walking!

Sarah said...

you're almost there! yay!! I too had c-sections, and never even dilated, nothing... I think mine would've stayed in as long as I would let them! :)

Annika said...

both of my labors have been early! I moved an entire room down 3 floors of our house, and yip it set me off. Not that I am recommending that, but it does work :)