Monday, April 11, 2011

Mondays Are For Lists, Don't Ya Think?

1. It was a busy, but good weekend around here.

2. We decided to do Reese and Charlotte's birthday party yesterday just in know...I get to go into labor in the next 14 days.

3. I felt a little guilty for doing it 2 weeks early, but it turns out they don't care if the party is on their actual birthday, or a month before. As long as there is cake and presents, life is good!

4. Can you believe I made that cake all by myself???

5. Alright I didn't, but I did eat a big ol' piece all by the party...and then again at 11pm...and then maybe again at 6am.

(but who's counting?)

6. I fully expect to pay for it on the scale this morning at my check up. And it was totally worth it.

7. It was 81 degrees here which makes this pregnant lady a little nervous...excited for summer, but nervous because like I've mentioned before, I have been known to swell when I'm with child.

8. Swelling as in people point and say, "maybe you should have your doctor look at that..."

9. But the good news is that up till now, I haven't really had much swelling. The little man has been good to me already in that way. In my last pregnancy my ankle bones waved goodbye at about 25 weeks.

10. I was telling my mom that I needed to get out some of my summer clothes, like my capri's and such. And then I realized that when you're 38 weeks pregnant, that basically just means trading your sweat pants out for sweat capri's.

11. It's all good. Sweat capri's are cool , right?  Riiigghht.

12. Sooo, our little almost 5yr olds had a blast at their unseasonably warm birthday party - and they are super excited to eat cake and ice cream on their actual birthday with their new little brother who will have joined us by then :).

13. I'm heading out for my check up with the Dr. Here's hoping we have some progress from last week!

14. And here's hoping we have a baby next week!

(or, you know, whenever he's ready to come :))

15. Oh, and I laughed and smiled and laughed some more at your "what it's like to have a boy" comments, they made my day :).

Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Monday!


*Ross and Katy* said...

3 pieces of cake sounds like Heaven to me :)

Oh, and to make you feel better about the swelling-my hubby had to use vaseline to get my rings off my fingers yesterday...and it was a LONG process. I decided it might be a good idea to not wear them for a while :)

wonderchris said...

Yay - Happy Birthday, sweet girls!!

C'mon little man....we are ready for you!! :D But whenever you are ready - just like your mom says. :)

Happy incubating, Kate!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girls! Thinking of you these last few weeks! :)

Nikki said...

Three pieces of cake? At 38 weeks? Sounds about right to me. I figure at this point you've got to pack on a little extra weight to carry you through labor and delivery. I don't know about you, but I'm always STARVING when I'm in labor.

Mondays are for lists? I make lists everyday or I would forget to do half of the things I need to.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Mmm...cake! Yeah for birthday girls!
Ankle bones...losing them by the hour. Crazy! Going to try to eat tons of watermelon and hopefully get those bones back!
Sweat capris...yes, please!
Have a great week! Can't wait for some "Baby's here" news!

Lenae said...

I can't believe it's almost time to meet your little guy! Oh, he's going to be so cute and so, SO loved!

(P.S. That cake looks amazing! Good job, Mama!)