Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Checklist

1. Try to not think about how Mondays can be a little, well...crazy.

2. Plan our meals for the next week or so - I haven't been doing that and as a result we end up eating cereal for dinner when Eric is working. Cereal is way underestimated, it can be the perfect meal for the tired mama.

3. Get started on this...

4. Switch some of the girls Winter clothes out for Spring clothes.

5. Eat another blueberry muffin. (recipe coming, by far the easiest homemade muffins I've ever made!)

6. Go to my Dr.'s appointment with my list 'o questions in hand - you'd think this is my 1st delivery. How do you forget almost everything from previous pregnancies??

7. Order a car seat.

8. Continue to swoon over my flip flops that do nothing but make me smile every time I put them on.

9. Call and make an appointment for Kinley and Raya's 2yr check up. I know, they turned 2 in November - I am completely on top of things these days, I'm not behind at all. 

10. Find new bottles. The bottles we used for all the girls have been discontinued :(. I will be breastfeeding, but he will also take a bottle.) Any suggestions on which are best these days??

Maybe I'll get half of this list done? Someone remind me not to sit down in between tasks - I have realized that when I sit to rest, the chances of me finishing the list goes down by at least 50%. :)

Happy Monday, friends!


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I have a long list of things to get done. I am selling a carseat stroller combo. Wish we lived close. It is in great shape and great colors for a boy. :)

Ruth said...

Happy Monday to you! I'm right with you on the flip-flops. I started wearing mine about two weeks ago, and refuse to take them off! Even if I have to put on a jacket too.

Double the Giggles said...

I don't know about you, but I'd postpone that laundry. It'll still be there tomorrow, right?

Rana said...

Do not sit down! I'm not even pregnant and when I sit down after doing housework the last thing I want to do is get back up again.

Hey will make it fun, we could have laundry races. I think I have about as many baskets as you do. First one to get done gets to let their husband take the kids out for a day long trip. On your mark! Get set! Go!

*Ross and Katy* said...

Don't sit down! I "sat down" on Saturday and woke up three hours later :)

Good luck getting everything done. If it were my list I could guarantee that at least one thing would get done-that muffin would be eaten. I need you to post the recipe because I'm a muffin addict :)

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

You think you've forgotten everything from past pregnancies? It's been 9 years since my last pregnancy ... and all of the "rules" have changed.

We used to have to wait until 12 weeks to have an ultrasound (and, actually, with my first 3 babies I never even had an ultrasound). Now .. they do ultrasounds at 6 weeks???

We used to have all of our babies sleep on their tummies. I don't think I can change this one for my 11th baby. I really don't. I think mine will be the only tummy sleeping baby in the year 2011.

Our toddlers all loved their "walkers". I believe those have now been outlawed as "dangerous".

We didn't used to have cute little clips for our kids binkies. Nope. We just attached a piece of yarn to a big diaper pin to keep the binky attached to baby.

Oh yea! Diaper pins. You young mommies don't even know what those are. We used good old cloth diapers for our first 7 babies. Big diaper pins. Saggy plastic pants. I have NO CLUE what I am going to use to diaper this new baby. There are just way too many options now.

We used to have big Playpens ... instead of the cute "Pack-N-Plays".

And, car seats? Those have changed a LOT in the last 27 years since I had baby #1.

Fun memories ... but, it's a whole new world out their in Babyland.


Nikki said...

The first three items on your list are the same as mine. Why are Mondays so busy? Is it because we try to relax on the weekends because our husbands are, too?

wonderchris said...

I do not envy your laundry. :)

Eek, so excited for his arrival!!

Sarah said...

oh friend, this sounds so much like my life too!! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one :) :) As for bottles... we used Gerber NUK (because we also used Gerber NUK pacifiers) for the twins... and Playtex for Lauren.

jenny said...

It seems like Mondays are always filled with "catch up' from the weekend! I did tons of laundry yesterday. It had gotten slightly out of problem is the folding and putting away. Can't believe you'll be doing the little guy's laundry SOON!

The Beaver said...

I LOVE Dr. Brown's bottles and they fit onto a Medela breast pump.

Thanks for your sweet comment. I thought I had you on my reader, but I guess I didn't b/c each time you comment I virtually smack myself in the forehead and go, "Duh!"