Friday, March 4, 2011

Dear Teen Cashier At Lowe's,

You can stop calling me "Ma'am".

I heard ya the 1st time...and then the 3rd, and the 5th, and so on.

"Ma'am, are you ready to check out?" Ma'am, can I help you find something? Ma'am, is there something you need? I'm sorry, Ma'am, I'm just really bored."

Bless your young little heart.

I get it.

You think I'm old.

This is all very new to me.

Yes, I might be in sweats. Yes, my maternity shirt is getting a little small. And yes, I'm walking up and down the aisles with a slight limp because I feel like I have a 25 pound boulder sitting on my pelvic bone.

(check-out girl in lane 2, you might want to keep that image in the back of your mind while you're flirting with my cashier. Simmer down a bit, would ya? Sheesh.)

But I still have a really cool air about's just taking a little break right now because it's really tired.

(or maybe it's gone completely but that's not  the point.)

I obviously have "I'm turning 30 next week" written on my forehead so you all can make the transition from calling me "Miss" to calling me "Ma'am" in a timely manner. You should be jealous - I hear my 30's are going to be the best years of my life so far!

You might think that I'm old, but I actually have entourage of 5 if you will. They live down the street from here in a house where animal crackers are always in abundance and Juicy Juice flows like water - and in that place, I'm kind of a big deal.

SO. You can call me ma'am all you want, but for the record, I haven't lost my cool. I am still young and trendy just like all the other 20 somethings running around here..

(except for the fact that I'm not 20, and I'm in sweats like I mentioned above...oh and I have almost a half dozen kids.)

But besides those facts, I'm still cool.

I've still got it.

I'm glad we could clear this up. I may be seeing more of you since we're painting the baby boy's room this weekend and we may need more supplies.


The (almost) 30y old pregnant lady that hasn't lost her cool and is still young and trendy and is not at all in denial but is actually excited about this upcoming birthday. (aka, Kate)



Tina Michelle said...

That was a neat post. Getting closer to 30 and being called Ma'am makes one feel older. I remember when I first began to be called Ma'am. It was such a weird feeling.

Marinewife1111 {Marcella} said...

You wouldn't survive in the South, I was called ma'am from the time we moved there and I was only 24... ;)

Marisa said...

Your 30's are going to be great! At least for me it's been my favorite years yet. In my book you are still pretty darn cool, but I'd take genuine over cool any day, which you are!

jenny said...

Too funny! Getting older is a strange phenomenon. When I turned 30, I figured I might as well be 30....I drove a minivan, had 3 kids, and didn't get out just kinda made sense to be 30 :) You look great for 30 and your 30's will be filled with many wonderful memories with those wonderful 6 blessings!

Sarah said...

haha, this cracks me up!

*Ross and Katy* said...

I love this! I got called ma'am the other day and I'm only 25..and I look younger! I almost fell over. I was like dude, I'm probably 2 years older than you. And I understand the boudler on your pelvic bone...I really think our little dude thinks my bladder is a trampoline. He's going to have a rude awakening when he comes out! ha!

Please post pictures of the baby boy's room when you have some :)

Thoughts for the day said...

This is a great post and very funny too. You look great and don't let any one discourage you.
Wait till you are my age 56 by then the kids will all be in college. Life does get better as you age. Looking forward to the 'news' about the little boy in blue.

wonderchris said...

I wouldn't be offended if people would call me Miss until I'm well into my 80s!! :)

Happy early B-day and I hope you get to do more "supervising" than actual painting this weekend. :)

The Beaver Bunch said...

OH man, I hate it when teenagers (or 20 somethings) call me Ma'am.

Seriously! I'm NOT that much older than you - ate least years wise.

I realize 6 kids ages me QUITE A BIT more than if I were 31 and without kids but I'M STILL COOL BY GOLLY!

Except when I'm having a hot flash. Then, notsomuch.

trooppetrie said...

I am so going to start calling my kids my groupy. I love it

Anonymous said...

You go, girl! And yes, you've heard right: 30's rock. I was worried about turning 30 last October, but so far it's been great! Those 20-somethings? They should be jealous.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

You crack me up! I think Lowe's advertisement department would get a kick out of this! :)
I'm apparently only cool to my little groupies and the old guy behind me at the grocery store who couldn't get over that I had a coupon for every single item. Yes, that's what I want to be cool with!

susan said...

Your thirties are cool..... But your forties are even better. BUT, just do one decade at a time.
I never, ever thought about having "half a dozen" children.... How did that never enter my head? Must be my age (don't answer that!)

I'm totally calling my four smalls my groupies too.... Absolute classic!

becky said...

Even though we clearly thought we were the coolest at like 17/18, I definitely think (hope?) we keep getting cooler. It's all good as long as we THINK we're cool, right?

The ma'am thing doesn't bother me anymore, but when I first moved down to TX it drove me nuts!

Sarah said...

30 is fabulous!! You will see!

Jennifer said...

Just a thought....because we are military, oh and living in the south....we teach our kids that the way to get a ladies attention or when using their manners, "Ma'am" is always the right thing to maybe the teen was raised by a military family who at one point lived in the south ;)