Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random List's Are Good...


1. I have been busy this week taking lots of pictures for some sweet families...

I know.

The bubbles. The sweet little dresses. Too much cuteness.

2. Have I ever mentioned I don't love insects? Well I don't. At all. But I have recently started killing bugs around the house. I know it seems insignificant, but for me, its huge. Now I might have a broom, my husbands shoe, and vacuum on stand by, but at least I'm making progress. And I know that seems like a lot of gear for killing a tiny bug, but its the only way for me to do it, people. I'm a hockey mask short of a total sissy.

3. We have been at the pool a lot. Obviously. Yesterday it was 97 degrees in my car - 97! I have gone from gracefully helping my kiddos in and out of the pool, to knocking over children on my way to the water when the whistle blows. It takes everything in me to not do a canon ball on my way in.

(oh and I found a swimsuit)

(everyone made it out of the fitting room unharmed)

4. Someone told me the other day to "just think about how much more stressful my life would be with more kids - maybe it's just time to be done anyway...try to think of it that way..."

(Sweet Mercy)

5. So I said I think we'll just let God decide whats best - we'll follow His lead, no matter what others think. After all, His path IS the best path.

6. And then I rolled my eye's a little. I'm not gonna lie. :)

7. I have my (hopefully) last miscarriage appointment on Friday morning. I'm kind of looking forward to finalizing everything, and moving on. Where "on" is, I don't know. But I will keep you posted :).

8. I have an amazing new Spicy Hummus recipe that I can't wait to share - just need to get pics first :).

9. I'm thinking of cutting my hair.

(but I might need counseling after - I've had long hair for as long as I can remember)

(alright, maybe I'm not going to cut it)

10. God has really been teaching me lately about His timing, and really trusting that He will do whats best for us. Love that about Him - always looking after His kiddos :).

I think that's it...for glad? :)

Hope you are having a great week!


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Keep listening to HIM ... and not to the voices of those that have not allowed HIM to determine the size of their families.

If I had stopped at 6 ... at "only 6" ... I would have an empty nest this year. I am so not ready for that. I have so many good years of mothering left. I am so not "old" yet. I am so very glad that we allowed God to decide that we weren't done after "just 6". Oh so glad.

#7 - #12 are such a BLESSING. I couldn't imagine life without them. Seriously. Oh my. The thought horrifies me. What if we hadn't let God determine the size of our family. None of these precious children would be with us. Too sad to even think about.

Keep trusting God. He will show you. He will lead. He will give you ALL that you need to raise these precious blessings up to serve HIM. He will provide for your financially, emotionally, spiritually ... if you will just TRUST in HIM ... daily.

Big Hugs to a WONDERFUL mama!

Laurel :)

Marisa said...

Love this post... to funny about the pool!

You are right, His timing is perfect even if it hurts. I wouldn't have chosen what He chose for us this past year, but He has taught us so much. And it has only strengthened me to walk by faith. He is worthy of our trust!

Sometimes well intentioned people say what they think will help ease your pain. They are trying to help, but it doesn't always feel that way. Hang in there. It does get better.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Oh yeah...I'm totally the same way with bugs. It is a major accomplishment for me to kill a bug ALL BY MYSELF!

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

Listen to Laurel! She knows!!!

I believe that if you trust in Him, you will end up with a family that is just the "right" size. Would you have ever asked to have two sets of twins? I wouldn't. But fortunately, God gave them to us anyway. He knew.

I'm headed your way in a few weeks and if the opportunity arises, I'd love to meet you and your girls!

wonderchris said...

Cutting your hair is major. I need a cut too and I can't decide how much. I'm thinking of 5 inches - and I'm scared. :)

Loved the list!!

Kate @ Bliss and That said...

NO! I'm not glad you're done listin'... :) Love your lists!

Awww... *sigh, sigh, sigh* I see the glory and obedience in letting God choose our family size, but my hubby is sooo not there yet. I guess I just keep praying. So many wise words from others on that, so I won't even try to sound wise, lol! :) And I so would have rolled my eyes too... a LOT bit!

We just got back from the pool, but seriously, it's a lot of work with just me! I'm thinking once a week by myself, but hubby goes with the big kids and our family goes too. That's enough for me.... And what's up with OHIO being hotter than TEXAS!?! Why didn't I know you when I lived there!!?? :( )

Anyways, sorry for the book... Thinking of you and hoping your week is great! :)

wonderchris said...

A perfect solution to #2!!!


Brenna said...

So very sorry for the loss of your precious little one. We know that pain, too.
And I happened to love your random list! :)

becky said...

You wrote about so many things that I can't remember everything I wanted to say. Here goes...

The bubble pics are fantastic--what a cute idea!

Yes, you do hate bugs, and we are the absolute worst bug-fighting team ever! You have come a long way lately, though. I mean, you really took charge of that little situation involving our nachos--I was impressed! :)

We'll discuss the hair thing. Let's not do anything drastic just yet, lady! Maybe our spin pins will help the situation. We'll have to do some more practicing tomorrow night...

And that's all I can remember!