Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh Happy Fall Day

Alright, alright...I have been slacking a little on blogging - I need to get my behind back in gear!!

Today we took our 5 little loves to the local Pumpkin Patch/Farm. Seriously...plop me down in the middle of a Farmers Market with tons of Fall colors and yummy homemade treats, and I am one happy girl. But maybe I shouldn't be "plopped" down right next to the bakery display know, because of the whole "lack of self control" issue. Anyway...

We had a great time!

The homemade honey, jams, candy, salsa, oh my!

Oh - and the eager, curious, sweet, little savvies that also want to get a look at all the goodies.

The babes did great too - even if Raya just wants Mom to hold her all the time...I don't mind :). She is truly a Mama's girl.

And speaking of my amazingly adorable, 11 month old, belly laughing, sweet, blue eyed loves...
They are almost 1! I am having such a hard time believing that!

I guess it's time for more babies!?
Nooo, c'mon. I kid, I kid.

I feel as they grow, they look even more alike. Can you tell who is who?? (and no, they are not far as we know.)

Oh, and for the record - the striped pants did come from Baby Gap. I just couldn't pass them up. Can you blame me???


bass family said...

What great pictures! Fall is my favorite time of year :) And I think you have every reason to be behind on blogging. :) Hope you're having a great weekend!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I can barely find time to blog with one baby, I can't imagine finding time with 5!

And I think we must have the same taste in baby clothes -- that coat that one of your "savvies" (I think Reese?) has on in the picture directly above the one of you holding Raya -- I have that very same coat for Lily -- I think -- another Baby Gap :)

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...


four4now said...

Pumpkin Farms are the BEST! :)

megan edelman said...

love the pics of the pumpkin patch!!!!...i have such weakness for all that market stuff too (and baby gap....sigh)