Monday, October 26, 2009

Do We Trick? Do We Treat?

Oh my, I was so thankful for your views and thoughts on Trick or Treating - I love hearing others think about these type of topics.

So - For the record, we do let the girls Trick or Treat, and plan on doing it this year as well. I do avoid really scary things when we are out, and I do explain how we might take part in the festivities a little differently than a lot of other people.

I totally respect every ones personal decision for their family, I think everyone needs to follow their convictions - and I understand why people don't take part, and ignore it completely.

But for us, I personally feel like it is a great way to get out in our community, and really meet our neighbors. They see that we don't go to the extreme, that we have different boundaries for our kids, and I think that's important. I am really passionate about our family being Light in the dark...not just Light in the light. I want them to be able to tell non-believers about our faith - at school, at the park, at church, and yes, possibly on Halloween.

For now, since our girls are young, they think of this time as just "Fall Fun." (However this year has brought more explaining and talking with Ella, which I expected.) And as they grow, we will continue to explain and talk through the acceptable and unacceptable events that this "holiday" brings. Oh, and since we trick or treat...

...expect some pics of tutu's :).


In other news, our 4th born is a little under the weather...

Sweet Kinley has come down with a case of the Croup :(. I hate hearing that "barky" little cough - it makes me want to just rock her for the rest of the night.

Hopefully everyone is better in time for the weekend. Oh, and for Thursday as well, we will be doing family pictures...
You think we can get a good shot of the 7 of us!?


bass family said...

I can't wait to see pictures! :) I bet you will get a GREAT one of all 7 :) Hope your little one feels better SOON!

This Heavenly Life said...

I'm excited for the pictures too! You take beautiful ones :) Hope your littlest one feels better soon - croupy coughing is no fun.

four4now said...

Hope you guys are healthy and feeling better!!!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

"Light in the dark, not a light in the light" YES! Amen sistah :)

We trick or treat too -- just like you said, nothing scary though I do respect those who have convictions against it.

Hope your baby feels better soon!