Friday, October 9, 2009

Just When I Was Getting Comfortable

Little Raya...
I know your intentions are good...
You want to play with just your toys...

But you can't resist, can you?
You wedge yourself between your favorite toy and the crib...
And you knock over the humidifier...again!!

Oh sweetie, mommy knows your little plan - but with a chubby little face like yours, it's hard to be mad :)!

Let's just say I've had to soak up water from the carpet twice today :).


We have full weekend ahead - photo shoots, friends, and the inspection for our house.

If any of you think about it, could you pray about the house situation? It is sold - we await the inspection and appraisal...and then it's a done deal I guess. I am so excited to move, but geez, it is going to be hectic! I love this little house - so leaving is bitter sweet.

You know whats funny? I am more anxious about moving than I was over having multiple multiples - crazy, huh? I like order, and I like having a plan. But guess what, there is no definite plan right now - and we are unsure where we will be moving for good. And unless we find a house in the next 20 days, after closing, we will be staying with family until we close on our new home. Moving 7 people into someone else's house is a big deal...they are brave people.

But you know what the great part about this is? I am not comfortable. I am unsure, nervous, and needing to totally rely on God's Plan. It's a growing season for my stubborn, comfort seeking self.

He designed this plan. He knows the perfect place, situation, location, and circumstance. This is the sovereign story for our life, that He has written Himself. God is always on Plan A, there is no Plan B - Or Plan K(ate) for that matter!

So I just need to relax and enjoy this new journey.
After all, it's not like I'm in control.

Now if I can just keep telling myself that - over and over and over again!!


Membership Required said...

Oh my what an adventure you will be on. Is the move for larger space or job related. Regardless, I will pray for peace in your life. ml

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Oh my stars...that last picture takes the cake! She is precious!

I will pray for you during this transition period and your growth through the process!

bass family said...

Love the pictures & story of Raya... our Lauren is so super sweet too... but into EVERYTHING!!

Praying for you in this crazy time. I cannot imagine that stress on top of the everyday stress of "multiple multiples" + 1!! :) Hang in there, and please let us know if there is anything else we can do to support you in this! (even from across the miles - wish I could help you pack/clean, but that would be a wee bit difficult :))

Miss said...

you are now in my prayer time =)

it is "strange" in these times that your house SOLD BEFORE you found another! =) So...thats HUGE =)

dont you LOVE when HE makes is SO SO clear to us how NOT in control we are =) (I say that will sincerity and a bit of sarcasm splashed in! haha)

four4now said...

Very good perspective girl! :)

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

Beautiful pictures, Kate. She is such a cutie. I will be praying for you about the house situation! I really like what you said about God having a plan A and there being no plan B. Isn't that the truth!

This Heavenly Life said...

What a good outlook you have on life! It's so hard to let go of our 'control'. Not like we ever have it to begin with, huh :)

Ugh, those precarious humidifiers. Why can't they be simple and mess-less?

Oh, because then you'd have one less cute story to post :)

Jeremy and Jeni said...

That last one is so cute! Her expression is just precious.

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Adorable pictures and such great perspective on this phase of your life.

It was so nice to meet you yesterday, I hope we have an occasion to get together again sometime! :)

susanc said...

we are living parallel lives just now... I'm moving my family of eight into my mothers this coming Friday! {we are renovating}

I hope you find a house soon..... xx

Laurel said...

I am so right there with you. Half of me is scared that our house will sell ... because we have no idea where we'll live when it does sell. But, we know that we need to move to the island, even if it looks impossible to buy a place to live. We don't believe that God will leave us homeless. We know that He has a plan. I just wish I knew what that plan was.

We don't have any family to live with. And, it is mighty cold in WA in the winter ... to live in our tent trailer. Nope ... no "plan B".

mama of 13