Monday, April 6, 2009

How Did It Get To This Point?

Clearly, I'm a little behind. I have been focused on Potty Training, and the laundry has a big, 4 overflowing baskets, no idea where anything is kind of way. This truly may the situation when it might be easier to just drag all these baskets to Goodwill, and buy new.

The up side to this? We now have 2 new members to the Potty Trained club! It was chaotic (still is a little), but worth it. However, I may be changing less diapers, but I'm in a public restroom 3 times more often than I was before. And if you know me, you know that I hate public restrooms. I'm the one that doesn't touch anything, and opens the door with a paper towel.

I won't touch the sink in a public bathroom, but I will eat popcorn off the floor at Target. I don't get it either.

You know what makes me a little crazy? The girls don't tell me when we walk in the store that they have to go, that would be too convenient. They tell me when we are all the way in the back of Target, while I'm trying to feed the babies in the Patio Section, and I have 15 things piled on top of the stroller. Since they are new at this, when they say they have to go, I have to get them to the potty, quickly. Insert me running through the store, pushing the double stroller, both babies crying cause they didn't get to finish eating, yelling, "do not pee in your underwear!!" Haha, I can only imagine that we look somewhat like a traveling circus. Oh the joys of motherhood...wonderful and insane all at the same time.

It's amazing that I haven't pulled my hair completely out.

Patience...I need to get me some of that.


EH said...

I love envisioning the story. You should be proud of yourself... at least you have your 2 year olds in underpants and are taking them to the public potty. {my two year old is in underpants at home and in trainers when I leave because I don't want to have to take him to a public bathroom}... eventually I'll have to do it too.
Oh, and as far as the laundry goes... I only have 1 kid 2 and under and I didn't find the time to do the laundry {had six large piles yesterday... two are still there today}.

Hope you feel a little more encouraged. None of us are perfect. :-)

Leslie said...

Congrats on the potty training! Um, don't feel so bad about the laundry. There are weeks I have that and we are only a family of four! (And my kids are 14 & 11!)

I was just in Target today and felt so badly for the lady in line in front of me. She had twin girls that looked to be about 4 and then a 2 year old daughter. The twins were getting a little rammy and the younger one was crying and throwing things out of the cart. I kept trying to put things back in the cart for her. Then the poor woman's check wouldn't clear! So you're not the only stressed out Mommy in Target!

Miss said...

I just went to post on your complaining 101 post and it is gone!!! hmmm...suspicious.

I was going to say, I have been talking myself thru those same thoughts the past few months

prayers for you from me!!

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

I am partly jealous of the potty training and partly relieved that I don't have to take girls into public restrooms yet! LOL And I have been known to carry a tiny potty in my stroller for such emergencies...